Iran to Hold "Cyber Security Maneuver"

Iran to Hold "Cyber Security Maneuver"
Head of Iran's Passive Defense Organization, Brigadier General Gholam-Reza Jalali said Sunday that the Islamic Republic planned to hold a massive "cyber security maneuver" to increase readiness against possible cyber attacks on the country, ...
Hacked cybersecurity firm HBGary storms back after ridicule fades
Sacramento Bee
By Dale Kasler For years, few people knew about HBGary Inc., a Sacramento tech firm working on the esoteric frontiers of cybersecurity. Then a bizarre episode turned the 30-employee firm into a combination global laughingstock and villain. ...
Programs aim to get the word out when cyber attacks occur
Federal Times
By ZACHARY FRYER-BIGGS | Last Updated:August 20, 2011 It's not the loud pronouncements by hacking groups or the highly visible denial-of-service attacks that scare cybersecurity experts. It's silence. In the escalating battle against cyber attackers, ...
GOP presidential contenders reject leading from behind
Washington Post (blog)
Questions have been raised about his wooing of China's technology firm Huawei that has been repeatedly investigated as a cybersecurity threat. (A campaign spokesman said that any security concerns should be examined.) Nevertheless, he is not one to ...
Ten students from SLIIT transfer to Southeast Missouri State University, USA
... a leading overseas education consultancy firm announced that ten students from SLIIT recently transferred to SEMO to complete their degrees in Electrical Engineering, Telecommunication and Networking, Computer Science and Cyber Security...
" HACKED: Wisconsin State Elections Board Website "
Brad Blog (blog)
The BRAD BLOG has been warning about the manipulation of e-voting for systems for years, along with members of the world's computer science and cyber security communities, and even the CIA, as our own Ernie Canning noted just last week. ...
Biden says China and US share global responsibilities
Washington Post
He said there needed to be more exchanges between their civilian and military leaders over security issues, especially on cybersecurity and maritime issues where the sides view matters from different perspectives. “The fact is, China and the United ...
NIST Seeks Comments on National Initiative for Cybersecurity
NIST Seeks Comments on National Initiative for Cybersecurity The plan, "Building a Digital Nation," outlines NICE's mission, vision, goals and objectives.
Launch of New Cybersecurity Programs at Excelsior College ...
Cybersecurity BA and MS degrees and certificate programs are ideal for active duty personnel and veterans seeking new career paths; Excelsior also launches ...

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