Cyber attack by Stuxnet?

new cyber attack by Stuxnet
The Age
An Iranian semi-official news agency says there has been another cyber attack by the sophisticated computer worm Stuxnet, this time on the industries in the country's south. Tuesday's report by ISNA quotes provincial civil defence chief Ali Akbar ...

The Age

Iran foils new cyber attack on industrial units: Report
Times of India
TEHRAN: Iran has repelled a fresh cyber attack on its industrial units in a southern province, a local civil defence official said on Tuesday, accusing "enemies" of non-stop attacks against its infrastructure. "A virus had penetrated some manufacturing ...

Times of India

Iran Thwarts US Cyber Attack: Report
by IANS 26th December, 2012 in Security. Iran thwarted a "cyber attack originated from the US city of Dallas via switches in Malaysia and Vietnam on one of Iranian culture ministry institutes," Xinhua reported. According to the Fars news agency, the ...

Defeating the cyber criminals
BBC News
Cyber warfare is all hype. That's the belief of a number of critics. But it is also the aim of technology experts active in the field of cyber security to take the hype out of so-called cyber warfare. Gareth Mitchell talks to the former US air force ...

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Obama executive order on cybersecurity - January

Obama likely to issue executive order on cybersecurity as early as ...
Among the changes, the White House included language stating that its cybersecurity guidance does not prescribe one type of security technology over another ...

Cyber Security Special Report
Emergency Management (blog)
Cyber security is going to be "the" hot topic, right after someone takes out a piece of critical infrastructure somewhere. There is no hiding the impacts of a cyber attack when water stops flowing or the lights go out. These events are not some piece ...

Huawei Founder Ren Zhengfei Comments On Cyber Security - Forbes
Ren Zhengfei has never granted an interview to the media. He's managed to build Huawei into ...

Top Ten Tips for Companies Buying Cyber Security Insurance ...
This article covers the important points that every counsel should consider when reviewing agreements for cyber security insurance coverage.

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How Hackers Protect Themselves From Getting Hacked

How Hackers Protect Themselves From Getting Hacked: "Cybercriminals are finding new ways to bypass traditional security methods like passwords and antivirus software. Hackers are now using free software that tests millions of commonly-used passwords in seconds. One tech writer who was hacked this year proclaimed that passwords are now obsolete. And many security pros say they don’t use anti-virus software because cybercriminals are testing their methods first against popular antivirus software. So, if traditional cybersecurity methods are no longer enough, how does the average computer user defend himself? Jeffrey Moss, a well-known hacker who goes by the online nickname "Dark Tangent," recommends disabling Javascript -- a popular programming language -- in Adobe Reader, because hackers often insert malware into PDF documents. Moss also installs an extension for the Firefox browser called NoScript, which only allows trusted websites to run JavaScript. And he uses two Web browsers, reserving one solely for sensitive activities like online banking in case the other browser becomes infected. "The trick is to never have a dangerous web page and a banking web page open at the same time," said Moss, the creator of the DefCon and Black Hat hacker conferences.  . . ."

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White House Cyber Security Order

Does the White House have the cart before the horse?--

'Leaked' Draft of White House Cyber Security Order Not Worth the Wait | CIO Blogs: "If it’s so serious why is it that the rest of the order does little more than ask various agencies to issue reports and make recommendations about what to do next? Should the President have received those recommendations before issuing the order? The first action called for is the "timely production of unclassified versions of all reports of cyber threats to the U.S. homeland that identify a specific targeted entity." DHS is in charge of doing this so you know it will be a cluster[BLEEP]. (Also, why are they calling it the "U.S. homeland"?) How is that different than the plain ol’ U.S.?) The otherwise powerless Director of National Intelligence gets to track "all of these reports and notifications." I guess he finished painting the White House fence."

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Hacker of celebrities' email accounts gets 10 Years

Hacker Who Leaked Scarlett Johansson Pics Gets 10 Years | News & Opinion | "A Florida man has been sentenced to 10 years in federal prison for hacking into email accounts belonging to actresses Scarlett Johansson and Mila Kunis, singer Christina Aguilera, and other celebrities. During a hearing yesterday in Los Angeles, U.S. District Judge S. James Otero sentenced Christopher Chaney to 120 months in prison and ordered him to pay $66,179 in restitution. Otero said Chaney's actions demonstrated a "callous disregard to the victims." Chaney, a 36-year-old Jacksonville resident, stole nude photos, scripts, financial information, and other personal data from the email accounts of more than 50 celebrities. The judge yesterday heard a videotaped statement from an emotional Johansson, according to a report from the Associated Press. "I have been truly humiliated and embarrassed," Johansson said, according to the AP. "I find Christopher Chaney's actions to be perverted and reprehensible.". . . "

Cyber Security in 2013: What the Experts Predict
2012 has been a momentous year for cyber security. From the rise of state-sponsored cyber espionage to the explosion of malware on the Android platform, and the naming of Anonymous as one of Time's 100 most influential people of the year, the past 12 ...

Sandia creates cyber security institute
Albuquerque Journal (subscription)
“Sandia's responsibility for the cyber security aspects of the nuclear program, providing computer security for weapons, goes back decades,” said Senior Manager Ben Cook. “But now there's a more general, national need for these capabilities …We want ...

Albuquerque Journal (subscription)

Five-year plan in the works to revamp cyber security
Times of India
NEW DELHI: In its bid to meet the growing challenge of ever-increasing threat to the virtual world, the government has set in motion a five-year project to revamp the cyber security apparatus of critical sectors in the country. India has suffered 13 ...

Cyber attacks on the rise worldwide
ABQ Journal
In fact, cyber warfare may have reached a turning point this summer, after unknown attackers used a sophisticated virus that destroyed 30,000 computers at the Saudi Arabian state oil company ARAMCO. The virus ... In October, U.S. Defense Secretary Leon ...

IT security trends in 2013: cyber war not on the horizon
RealWire (press release)
Bochum (Germany), December 17, 2012 – At the end of the year experts at G Data SecurityLabs are taking a moment to look both back and forward at IT security, attacks and cyber crime. In 2012, online criminals were opting for particularly intelligent ...

Public Private Partnership Confronts Cyber Security
Government Technology
Les Rose, president of information security firm L3's national security solutions group, describes an evolution that's taken place over the past several years that has elevated the Internet to the most attractive target for cyber criminals ...

Government Technology

Champlain College expert: be vigilant for cyber criminals during holidays
17, 2012) – A cyber security expert at Champlain College is advising people to be on the lookout for online hoaxes and fraudulent e-mails designed to capitalize on their vulnerabilities in the wake of a tragedy like the Newtown, Conn. shootings and the ...

Openness is key to the world's cyber woes
Sydney Morning Herald
In opening remarks to the conference, the ITU secretary-general, Hamadan Toure, emphasised cyber security should come first and, implicitly, it should come under his purview. For all the commitments to openness, the conference is about the national ...

Sydney Morning Herald

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US banks fend off hacker activists cyber-security threat

US banks fend off hacker activists cyber-security threat
Technology Spectator
A financial services industry organisation and several cyber security companies said a group of "hactivists" that impeded access to some major US online banking sites in September had so far failed to gain traction in a second campaign that began this ...

International cyber security experts to hold malware analysis workshop in Dubai
Gulf Today
“I am pleased the TRA and aeCERT are participating in this event; hands-on and knowledge-intensive workshops such as this are invaluable as we work towards reinforcing the nation's cyber security.” “Cyber security is not a 'one-man' job, it is ...

Sunday Papers: China telecoms giant could be cyber-security risk to Britain
... Britain could face a damaging multibillion-pound trade war with China if an intelligence report, due out within the next two weeks, finds that the UK operations of the Chinese communications giant Huawei represents a threat to the UK's cyber-security.

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Malware steals credit card data from point-of-sale terminals

POS data being stolen--

“Dexter” malware steals credit card data from point-of-sale terminals | Ars Technica: "A researcher has uncovered new malware that steals payment card data from point-of-sale terminals used by stores, hotels, and other businesses. Dexter, as the malware is called, has infected hundreds of point-of-sale computers at big-name retailers, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses, according to a report issued by Aviv Raff, chief technology officer of Israel-based security firm Seculert. Businesses infected in the past three months are located in 40 different countries, with 30 percent of those compromised located in the US, 19 percent in the UK, and nine percent in Canada. Malware that infects point-of-sale terminals can be one of the most efficient ways to carry out payment card fraud because it targets machines with access to large amounts of the required data. "Instead of going through the trouble of infecting tens of thousands of PCs or physically installing a skimmer, an attacker can achieve the same results by targeting just a few POS systems with specially crafted malware," Raff wrote. "Dexter is one example of such malware." . . . . "

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US Banks are cyber targets

Financial institutions will always be a primary target for cyber attacks--

Cyber Terrorists Threaten Fresh Attacks Against US Banks
Fox Business
PNC said in a Facebook post that it is "aware that some U.S. banks may be the target of a potentialcyber attack." The company said that it was not experiencing any issues, but warned clients that "this potential threat could result in high volume of ...

Solid ideas of improving state government's cyber security
Charleston Post Courier (subscription)
Accountability and oversight demand a responsible central authority. And such an authority has been clearly lacking in our state government's woefully inadequate cyber security system, according to S.C. Inspector General Patrick J. Maley. In his recent ...

Smart-grid cyber-security sales to exceed $600 million in 2020
Sales of cyber security products for smart grid industrial control systems (ICS) are set to exceed $600 million in 2020, up from $369 million this year, as “the cost of complacency becomes more apparent”. Such is the headline finding of a new study by ...

Cyber attacks on Gulf infrastructure seen rising
His comments came a few months after a virus infected 30,000 computers at Saudi Arabia's national oil company, Saudi Aramco, which said on Sunday the attack was aimed at stopping oil and gas production at the world's biggest oil exporter. ... "There is ...

Aramco cyber attack targeted production
Financial Times
The same cyber virus that targeted Saudi Aramco, known as Shamoon, was also used to attacksystems at Qatar's RasGas , one of the largest producers of liquefied natural gas, industry executives and internet security experts said. The wave of cyber ...

10 security stories that shaped 2012
Summary: From a major malware attack on the Mac OS X to state-sponsored cyber-espionage attacks, IT security in 2012 will be remembered as the year that piqued the imagination. Ryan Naraine. By Ryan Naraine for Zero Day | December 10, 2012 -- 19:22 ...

Attorney-General Nicola Roxon boosts arsenal in cyber war
The Australian
CYBER security operatives at the Attorney-General's Department have kicked off a major program to both improve a system used to detect fraud and identity theft and open it up for commercial use. The national document verification service forms a ...

Hong Kong cops open £700k cyber security centre
The Hong Kong government has thrown HK$9 million (£730,000) at a new Cyber Security Centre in a bid to tackle the growing threat to critical infrastructure in the Special Administrative Region of China. Police commissioner Tsang Wai-hung said at the ...

European renewable power grid rocked by cyber-attack
Electric Light & Power
The association is understood to be communicating closely and regularly with the European Commission about potential cyber-security threats to Europe's grids. However, beyond flagging their critical systems protection working group, ENTSO-E will not ...

Cyber warfare 'fifth realm of war': Abizaid
The News International
... face challenges in cyber warfare due to compartmentalising of various departments that should be working together, said John Reid, a former British defence minister. Both men were talking at the Gulf International Cyber Security Symposium in Dubai ...

Beyond Cyber Monday – How Businesses and Consumers Can Protect ...
Business 2 Community
In fact, there is a great deal of symmetry between consumers and business owners when it comes to online security, as both must ensure the integrity of the networks, partners and resources that they use while conducting their cyber activity. Without ...

A new brand of cyber security: hacking the hackers - Los Angeles ...
WASHINGTON — As head of the FBI's cyber crimes division, Shawn Henry often had to deal with exasperated company executives after his agents informed ...

McCaul: Cybersecurity legislation is 'top' priority next Congress - The ...
One of the top priorities for new House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-Texas) next Congress is to bring a cybersecurity bill to the ...

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8 Computer Security Predictions

Cyber Security in 2013:

RSA's Art Coviello: 8 Computer Security Predictions For 2013 - Forbes: "I abhor the phrase “Cyber Pearl Harbor” because I think it is a poor metaphor to describe the state I believe we are in. However, I genuinely believe we are only a whisker away from some form of lesser catastrophic event that could do damage to the world economy or critical infrastructure. 5. It is highly likely that a rogue nation state, hacktivists or even terrorists will move beyond intrusion and espionage to attempt meaningful disruption and, eventually, even destruction of critical infrastructure. If all of this sounds depressing, well, it is. This isn’t fear mongering. It is a plausible extrapolation from the facts. But we can change the trajectory. There is already a tectonic shift underway from a perimeter to an intelligence-based security model. . . . "

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Tumblr hit by worm

Those pesky worms!--

Tumblr hit by worm - The Washington Post: "Tumblr hit with posting worm: Tumblr confirmed Monday that a “viral post” is spreading quickly through its platform and that it is trying to resolve the issue. In a message posted to the company’s official Twitter account, the blogging site said, “We are aware that there is a viral post circulating on Tumblr. We are working to resolve the issue as swiftly as possible. Thank you.” Users who click on the links in the viral post, which promotes the anti-blogging agenda of something called the GNAA, might wind up with the message posted to their own blogs. Tumblr disabled posting on the site as it worked to stop the virus. . . "

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US and UK informed of huge Swiss spy data leak

The greatest cyber security risks are from the "inside"--

U.S., U.K. caught in middle of huge Swiss spy data leak -- report | Security & Privacy - CNET News: " . . . The U.S. and U.K. have been warned by Swiss spy agency NDB that some of the information they had shared related to counter-terrorism has been stolen, according to a new report. Last summer, a disgruntled NDB IT technician who believed he wasn't being taken seriously over the way in which data systems should be handled, allegedly downloaded terabytes of counter-terrorism information shared between the NDB, Central Intelligence Agency, and MI6, and had eyes on selling it off to "foreign officials and commercial buyers," Reuters is reporting today, citing European national security sources. According to those sources, Swiss law enforcement arrested the person, whose name has been kept hidden, before letting him go as Switzerland's Federal Attorney General office continues its investigation. Prior to his arrest, the person was reportedly found to have storage devices containing classified counter-terrorism information. It's believed that he allegedly downloaded "millions" of pages of information on counter-terrorism efforts. . . . "

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ITU and WCIT threaten Internet Freedom

ITU and WCIT threaten Internet Freedom

Take action at

Fight for the Future and Access collaborated on this short, informative video about a serious threat to the free and open internet that could have devastating effects for human rights and free expression around the globe.

Internet meeting spurs controversy
Internet freedom could be at stake at a secretive meeting of governments that begins Monday in Dubai. internet. The United Nations International Telecommunication Union will negotiate new international telecom regulations, including Internet issues, at ...

alternative to controversial Anti-Cybercrime Law
Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago has filed Senate Bill No 3327, otherwise known as the “Magna Carta for Philippine Internet Freedom (MCPIF)”. It essentially seeks to provide parameters concerning the use of cyberspace and the internet while containing ...

The UN threat to internet freedom « JoNova: Science, carbon ...
By Joanne Nova
Oh Joy and Goody. Imagine if decisions about the global internet were made by the same institution that thought the rights of the downtrodden would be best protected by Col. Muammar Gaddafi? Hands up who wants another group of people ...
JoNova: Science, carbon, climate and tax

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Security tips for shopping online

Magid: Security tips for shopping online
San Jose Mercury News
Of course, Thanksgiving weekend and Cyber Monday are just the opening rounds of holiday online shopping. I got several pitches last week for "cyber week" sales. I'm fully expecting to see ads for "cyber month," because the holiday shopping season doesn ...

'Around 4.7 lakh cyber security professionals needed by 2015'
Financial Express
He said a number of attempts of cyber attacks of various natures are being observed on the IT infrastructure deployed in various sectors of economy including national security in the country from different sources. "The cyber warfare is indeed emerging ...

Improving cyber attack detection through computer modeling
Key to protecting online operations is a high degree of "cyber security awareness," according to human factors/ergonomics researchers Varun Dutt, Young-Suk Ahn, and Cleotilde Gonzalez. In their Human Factors article, "Cyber Situation Awareness ...

Cyber security could improve mimicking public health strategies: report
Outcome Magazine
11/30/2012 Mimicking public health strategies, such as maintaining good “cyberhygiene,” could improve cyber security, according to a new paper by a team of economists and public health researchers at RTI International. Brent Rowe, a senior economist ...

Outcome Magazine

ViaSat nets cyber security contract for Marines
U-T San Diego
The cyber security software for smartphones and tablets also would enable personnel to communicate securely over 3G/4G/LTE cellular and Wi-Fi networks, store sensitive data on their personal devices and protect their devices against malware attacks.

Cyber security pioneer predicts Apple's closed philosophy will end its dominance
Yahoo! News (blog)
In an interview with Reuters, cyber security expert and Kaspersky Lab CEO Eugene Kaspersky said that Apple (AAPL) won't be able to sustain its growth following its closed philosophy. The Cupertino-based company is known for its tight integration of ...

Maude: UK is in stronger cyber security position than a year ago
Maude then stated that programmes like Cyber Security for Business which aims to help business leaders in their attempts to tackle the growing threat of cyber-attacks will be integral for the UK to combat cyber-crime. "The private sector is the largest ...


Can Banks Prevent the Next Cyber Attack?
Wall Street & Technology
Comparing a cyber attack to a natural disaster, Andy Ozment, senior director for Cybersecurity, National Security Staff, The White House, said that private industry, not the government, is usually the first responder to cyber attacks. "We are debating ...

Indonesia to establish cyber-defence unit
IHS Jane's
In a conference on internet security in Bandung, West Java, Sjamsoeddin said that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) plans to establish a cyber-defence operations centre (CDOC) that will enhancesecurity and protection of internal IT defence mechanisms and ...

Facebook's "Hacktober" tests employees' security awareness
Help Net Security
Since 2004, October has been dubbed "National Cyber Security Awareness Month," and many security-minded individuals, businesses and organizations make it a point to mark it. For the second time in a row, Facebook has celebrated "Hacktober" by testing...

Help Net Security

Cyber-Security in Health Care: 10 Ways to Fight the Threats
Cyber-security is an ongoing concern for health care organizations. The Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST) has engaged in a written debate with ...

Cyber Security Survival for the Holidays
A couple of days ago, I participated in a Social Video Broadcast about cybersecurity survival ...

Ministries seek to avert cyber security 'crisis' | Bangkok Post: news
The Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) are ramping up efforts to boost cyber security, with one expert ...

E.U. cyber security agency launches study of digital attack traps ...
The European Union's cyber security agency, the European Network and Information SecurityAgency, is launching an in-depth study of 30 different digital traps ...

Digital Agenda: European Commission supports research on Cyber ...
Digital Agenda: European Commission supports research on Cyber security. C ybercrime is a growing global problem that no company or country can tackle ...

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Security Tips - How to Unplug Java from the Browser

How to Unplug Java from the Browser — Krebs on Security: "For Windows users: Mozilla Firefox: From the main menu select Add-ons, and then disable any plugins with the word “Java” in them. Restart the browser. Google Chrome: Click the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the browser window, then select Settings. In the search results box to the right in the next screen, type “Java”. A box labeled “Content settings” should be highlighted. Click that, and then scroll down to the Plug-ins section. Click the “Disable individual plug-ins” link, find Java in the list, and click the disable link next to it. Internet Explorer: Apparently, getting Java unplugged from Internet Explorer is not straightforward. The U.S. Computer Emergency Response Team (USCERT) lists the following steps, which may or may not completely remove Java from IE:"

Philadelphia Federal Credit Union : Phone Fraud: "Tips for handling suspicious callers - Never give private information, such as your Social Security number, account or credit card numbers, passwords, etc. over the phone unless you initiated the call. If you receive an automated call or a call from someone claiming to be a credit union employee and they ask for your account information (such as your credit card number, account number, etc.) do not give them any information. Even if the caller has one identifying piece of information (such as your Social Security number), the call is not legitimate. Do not provide any additional account information or any sensitive or personal information. The credit union will not call you and ask for this information. Don't agree to any offer or prize where you have to pay a registration or shipping fee, or send money, to claim the "prize." Don't be pressured to make an immediate decision."

State without cyber-security officer for a year, official testifies
Greenville News
COLUMBIA — The state has gone about a year without a cyber security officer, according to testimony today as the Senate opened hearings into the massive data breach at the Department of Revenue. DOR Director Jim Etter, who has resigned but will remain ...

As leadership changes, Cyber security remains critical issue for Congress
Government Security News
The intricate, frustrating job of putting together and pushing through the comprehensive Cyber security legislation that escaped Lieberman and the 112th congress will fall to incoming Senate Homeland Security Committee chairman Tom Carper (D-DE) and ...

DEFCON 1: 5 Internet Security Stocks To Consider As Cyber Attacks Escalate
Seeking Alpha
Cyber attacks, cyber crime and network threats are increasing in volume, intensity, and sophistication as 2013 approaches. Such attacks threaten our national security and do billions of dollars of damage to our economy. 2013 will usher a new set of ...

Obama Administration in Talks to Draft Cyber-Security Executive Order
The Obama administration has been reaching out to various interest groups for input on an executive order that would implement some of the provisions of cyber-securitylegislation that failed for a second time in the U.S. Senate. The White House is ...


Real-world cyber city used to train cyber warriors
Help Net Security
... warriors from the U.S. Military how online actions can have kinetic effects. SANS has defined various missions within CyberCity to help train cyber warriors to defend against online attacks and teach them how to secure a city's vital physical ...

Help Net Security

Petri: A Cyber Monday hangover
Denver Post
I frequently forget my parents' birthdays, the president who came after Chester A. Arthur and the words of "The Charge of the Light Brigade," but never my three-digit security code. Those simple numbers are engraved on my heart. I need them to buy ...

Cyber threats raise security spending
EE Times India
"Banks and other financial institutions are always a step behind, despite deploying some of the most advanced cyber security solutions available on the market," says Michela Menting, cyber securitysenior analyst. "The lack of larger-scale cooperation ...

UK cyber security - fragmented and failing
Mark Brown, director of information security at professional services firm Ernst & Young, agreed with Ayers that there is no clear direction from the government as to what the cyber responsibilities of the different departments are. "It is a question ...


Business cyber security measures 'woefully inadequate'
The cyber security measures being taken by businesses are "woefully inadequate" according to a new report by antivirus specialist Kaspersky. Its research shows that only 25 per cent of IT specialists think their company is completely protected from ...

EuroparlTV video: Cyber security: How safe are you?
Euro MPs believe the EU responded 'late' to the threat of state and criminal cyber attacks and are now seeking a fix.

Cyber security according to Winnie the Pooh: new report by EU ...
The EU 'cyber security' Agency ENISA is launching an in-depth study on 30 different 'digital traps' or honeypots that can be used by Computer Emergency ...

EU must bolster its cyber security say MEPs - Computer Business ...
MEPs call for better coordination to protect cyberspace.

Cyber Monday Cyber Security

Cyber Monday 2012 sales require security awareness
More: Bio, Facebook, Twitter, News Team. November 26, 2012 (CHICAGO) (WLS) --Cyber Monday has become an opportunity for retailers to catch your attention with all those ads. Cyber Monday online shopping safety tips · Cyber Monday bargains: apps, ...

Cyber warriors, the need of the hour in India
Times of India
Amidst this cloud of cyber crimes, there is a silver lining that comes in the form of job opportunities for students in the field of information security. Recognising the dearth of trained cyber security experts, the Indian government has expanded the ...

Times of India

Cyber Monday: How to stay secure and find the best deals
According to the National Retail Federation, 247 million people hit the stores and the web over Thanksgiving weekend. That's up 9.2 percent from last year. In the holiday crowd at Mall of America is Linda Beyers. She did some birthday and Christmas ...


Cyber Monday: Five Tips for Safe Online Holiday Shopping
ABC News
... but Cyber Monday comes with its own host of dangers. Online Black Friday shopping was already up 26 percent from last year according to comScore and if you review some of the major online security threats from the past year, you'll realize that...

ABC News

Cyber Monday security
(KFVS) -. The Thanksgiving holiday, with it's Black Friday frenzy, may be over, but the shopping continues on-line with Cyber Monday. A record 247 million shoppers made purchases over the four day holiday weekend, up 9.2% from last year. Retailers are ...

DATCP: Be Mindful of Security on Cyber Monday
Many shoppers are looking for online deals this Cyber Monday. But, before logging on this, you'll want to think about your cyber security. The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection says it's important for online shoppers to ...

Cyber Monday Not Entirely Safe
Black Friday may be over but Cyber Monday is designed to drag you back in for another round of shopping deals! But how can you protect your information ... is for I don't want to deal with crazy people." So be safe and secure and be aware on Cyber Monday.

EPHA Briefing on Cyber Security and Health Technologies
European Public Health Alliance
However, the security risk presented – be it through malfunction or deliberate attack – is less widely recognised. Regulation of security measures has not kept pace with the rapid development of this field, neither in legislation regarding cyber ... – Cyber crime threatens smartphones in 2013
By Liz Klipp-Georgia Tech
The report from the Georgia Tech Information Security Center (GTISC) and the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) was released at the annual Georgia Tech Cyber Security Summit, a gathering of industry and academic leaders who have distinguished themselves in the field of cyber security. ... One possible example is for attackers to use stolen credit card information to purchase cloud computing resources and create dangerous clusters of temporary virtual attack systems.

Cyber Security Expert Says Preventing Attacks Are Key - NJ Today
Cyber security has been on the minds of many who fear an attack could cause major problems. AT&T Chief Security Officer Edward Amoroso told NJ Today ...

Cyber Monday Warning

Cyber Monday Warning
The Monday following Thanksgiving has come to be known as Cyber Monday when people head back to work and do online shopping. ... Longer passwords are moresecure and harder to crack. ... It increases security risks. Beware of deals that sound too good ...


Cyber Security Challenge announces second round competitions
Cyber Security Challenge UK runs a series of national inspirational competitions aimed at attracting talented people to the profession and informing them about cybersecurity careers and training. In the latest round of competitions, professional cyber ...

Save some money to spend on Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday
San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Save some cash, though, for the other spin-off shopping days that have emerged from Black Friday: Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday. In an effort to bring more awareness to small businesses during the holiday season, American Express in 2010 ...

Cyber Corps program trains spies for the digital age
Los Angeles Times
It may sound like a Jason Bourne movie, but the little-known program has funneled most of its graduates to the CIA and the Pentagon's National Security Agency, which conducts America's digital spying. Other graduates have taken ... of HomelandSecurity ...

Los Angeles Times

Cyber Security Expert Says Preventing Attacks Are Key
NJ Today
AT&T Chief Security Officer Edward Amoroso says security experts like himself work to reduce the risk of cyber attacks, which could be harmful since our society has become more dependent on technology. For more New Jersey news, visit NJ Today online at ...

Online Shopping Tips For Black Friday and Cyber Monday
Huffington Post
A quick security sweep to fend off holiday hackers and thieves Cyber-scrooges are out in full force, armed with all kinds of new ways to rob you blind. Before you pull out that plastic and start spending, be sure your computer, laptop, or ...

US prime suspect in malware attack on Sarkozy
The Hindu
Flame is a technically complex malware that introduces secret monitoring capacity into high security computers, including for purposes of cyber warfare. The U.S. became a prime suspect because the malware used to hack into the Elysee Palace computers ...

The Hindu

NSA declines to release presidential Cyber directive
Government Security News
The National Security Agency (NSA) said it will not publicly release a Presidential Directive document that would establish a broader set of standards that would guide federal agencies in confronting Cyber threats. Presidential Policy Directive 20 ...

Cyber Attacks On EU Governments Caused 'Considerable Economic Damage'
TechWeekEurope UK
The report also called for “a comprehensive EU cyber security strategy which should provide a common definition of cyber security and defence and of what constitutes a defence-related cyber attack”. Yesterday, EU cyber agency ENISA encouraged ...

TechWeekEurope UK

Cyber Monday: Productivity Loss Top Concern
During Cyber Monday, however, the number of users that simultaneously bombard online shopping sites exponentially rises — and this has a pretty hefty impact on businesses productivity, securityand bandwidth. The greatest concerns regarding this ...

U.S. First Committee Cyber Security statement » US Mission Geneva
Statement by the Delegation of the United States of America, to the Other Disarmament Issues and International Security Segment of Thematic Debate, in the First Committee of the Sixty-seventh Session of the United Nations General ...
US Mission Geneva

French officials accuse US of hacking Sarkozy computers

Report: French officials accuse US of hacking Sarkozy's computers - The Hill's Global Affairs: " . . . The Obama administration on Wednesday, though, denied those reports.“We categorically deny the allegations by unnamed sources that the U.S. government participated in a cyberattack against the French government,” Homeland Security spokesman Matthew Chandler told The Hill in a statement. “France is one of our strongest allies. “Our outstanding cooperation in intelligence sharing, law enforcement and cyber defense has never been stronger, and remains essential in successfully combating the common threat of extremism,” Chandler added. According to the l'Express report, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano reportedly did not deny the allegations when asked point-blank about them. . . . But an Obama administration official says Napolitano dismissed the question out of hand with laughter because it was “preposterous.”

SMBs face the biggest threats from Cyber Monday shopping
Because of the popularity of Cyber Monday shopping, 59% of businesses were more concerned about loss of productivity than potential security threats to networks, even though hackers are extra busy sending out spam messages promising great deals.

US 'launched Flame cyber attack on Sarkozy's office'
BBC News
The palace has since confirmed a big cyber attack did take place. The US embassy in Paris "categorically denied" the US had been involved in any cyber attack on the French government. US Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, for her part,...

BBC News

Israeli Cyber Warfare: Hackers Create Cyber Havoc On Web Sites – OpEd
Eurasia Review
The vast majority of the cyber attacks were aimed at the sites of the security establishment, the president's residence, the foreign ministry and the prime minister's office, the minister's statement noted. The Law Enforcement Examiner's source in ...

Kudelski establishes new Cyber Security division
Broadband TV News
The Kudleski Group, best known for its media content protection, has launched a new Cyber Security division. Kudelski Security is centered around the privacy and confidentiality of data and analytics within a cloud dependent ecosystem. The portfolio ...

Alabama Among Best in Cyber Security, Revenue Chief Says
WPMI Local 15 News
Magee said she learned through a conference call following the attack Alabama is 1 of only 3 states with its level of cyber security. A hacker, believed to be operating from Russia, gained access to 3.8 million social security numbers of individual ...

The threat landscape: the next trends in cyber security
CSO Magazine
Recent cyber assaults against major organisations including Google, NATO and security companies have demonstrated the ability of zero-day attacks to evade even the most sophisticated anti-virus programs. In the coming ... The Pentagon recently reported ...

BT: Olympics cyber attackers were amateurs
Twelve year old hacktivists and journalists with infected laptops were the biggest info security threats to the London 2012 Games - an event which in the end was notable for the absence of a major cyber attack, BT has revealed. The telco giant was in ...

F-Secure Announces 'Top 10 Most Dangerous Holiday Gifts' for Cyber Monday ...
Marketwire (press release)
SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwire - Nov 21, 2012) - F-Secure is releasing its Cyber Monday Cyber-Watch List today, an annual compilation of the most 'dangerous' holiday gifts to be encountered while shopping online this year based the prevalence of 'poisoned' ...

Businesses Bracing For Security, Productivity Impact On Cyber Monday
The survey found 59 percent of businesses were more concerned about loss of employee productivity from online shopping on Cyber Monday than they were worried about potential network threats. Companies ranging in size from ... In conjunction with our ...

Stocks in Cyber Security Set to Take Off: Analyst — ...
The CNBC Stock Blog is a cross-section of expert opinions and insights from our TV and Web site coverage. This blog includes posts written by and about top ...

US government agency causes cybersecurity risk at NYSE

Need a reason why the US government has no business telling others how to do cybersecurity? Read the story at the link below to see how the US government SEC created a huge problem for NYSE Euronext--

NYSE hires former Homeland Security chief - Chicago Tribune: "NYSE Euronext hired former Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to make sure sensitive exchange data were not breached after U.S. securities regulators left their computers unencrypted, according to a person familiar with the matter. The computers, iPads, and other Apple devices belonged to employees in an office within the Securities and Exchange Commission's Trading and Markets Division that is responsible for making sure exchanges protect themselves from cyber threats. . . . The NYSE, however, has reason to believe other unsecured devices contained exchange data are only now being reviewed, well after the outside forensics firm Stroz Friedberg completed its independent analysis, the person familiar with the matter said. The inspector general's report states that while there were 28 laptops in question, the outside firm conducted forensic testing on "several select laptops" to determine if a breach occurred. The NYSE is concerned the review was not broad enough and did not cover all of the affected devices, the person said. It has been promised, but still has not seen, a copy of Stroz Friedberg's report, according to the source. A representative of Stroz Friedberg was not immediately available for comment. Moreover, this person said, the exchange operator is upset that the SEC knew about this problem for months, but only told the exchange in early October."

Stocks in Cyber Security Set to Take Off: Analyst (blog)
Though worrisome, there is a potential beneficiary set to gain from this threat, explains one analyst: the cyber security industry. “Companies have no choice but to spend on security,” Daniel Ives, senior analyst at FBR Capital Markets, told CNBC. This ...

The Gaza Strip Cyber War
On the Telecomix Wiki, 16 cyber-security and surveillance companies that are either Israeli or have offices in Israel are listed. One such company, Allot, saw its stocks plummet last December when it broke an Israel/Iran trade embargo by selling its ...


Cyber Crime Costs Financial Sector Billions in Losses
Nairobi — The financial sector in the East African region is losing over Sh170 billion every year through cyber crime, according to Cyber Security Africa, a UK-based information and e-commercesecurity provider. The firm's manager for Africa Sammy ...

Basic tips for cyber shopping safely this season
A week from today, the media-created shopping holiday “Cyber Monday” officially kicks off the online holiday shopping rush. FTI Consulting estimates that online holiday shopping will increase by 13 percent this year and online scams are likely to ...

Cyber criminals now going mobile
Hindu Business Line
Cyber criminals never sit idle. They go where Internet users go. With the usage of mobile and cloud platforms going up significantly, cyber criminals seem to have increased their focus on this new, unchartered hunting ground. Internet security ...

Database Security on Cyber Monday
The Data Center Journal (blog)
The Monday after Thanksgiving, also known as Cyber Monday, has become the busiest online shopping day of the year for American consumers. With the influx of online activity, companies should be aware of the higher-than-normal security threats such as ...

The Data Center Journal (blog)

Asahi Technologies Announces 24/7 Cyber Attack Surveillance to Help Online ...
Installing a customized and credible cyber security system is the need of the hour. Asahi Technologies, with its unique capability to measure cyber risk, launches 24x7 security features with round the clock monitoring services that are on par with the ...

Small businesses still underestimate cost of security breaches
Summary: The good news is that more SMBs are shoring up cyber-security defenses, but many worry the measures they are taking won't be adequate. Heather Clancy. By Heather Clancy for Small Business Matters | November 19, 2012 -- 13:00 GMT (05:00 ...

Poolesville High School cyber team scores big in state competition
Gazette.Net: Maryland Community News Online
... Baltimore County at the Maryland Cyber Challenge last month. The team took first place in thecyber security competition. Close Window. Photo by Lindsay Hebert (From left) Science Applications International Corporation Chief Information Officer ...

BBB tips for Black Friday, Cyber Monday
Fall River Herald News (blog)
Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the Friday and Monday after Thanksgiving, are the most popular holiday shopping days of the year. Whether heading to the local malls or shopping online to avoid the large crowds, the Better Business Bureau warns buyers to ...

Capital Business » Cyber crime costs financial sector billions in losses
NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 19 – The financial sector in the East African region is losing over Sh170 billion every year through cyber crime, according to Cyber Security Africa, a UK-based information and e-commerce security provider. The firm's ...
Capital Business

Cybersecurity and cybercrime 2012 review

A year in cybersecurity and cybercrime: 2012 review | ZDNet: "SOPA alone would have allowed Web sites to be shuttered, no matter where they are in the world, by blocking them at server level and starving them of oxygen. Any site even to have allegedly breached copyright could be effectively shut down by the U.S. government with little oversight or process of appeal. Google-owned YouTube, for instance, could have fallen foul of the law if someone uploaded a copyright infringing video, leading to a widespread site block. The Internet as a collective rallied around and protested in a way that had never been tested or tried before. Many major Web sites shut their doors for 12 or 24 hours during 'Black Wednesday' to protest the bill. More than 75,000 Web sites blacked out, including Wikipedia and Google. Days later, it was shelved by the U.S. House of Representatives and ultimately the geeks 'won.'"

Minister Toews Highlights Cyber Security at 2012 Halifax International ...
U.S. Politics Today
HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA -- (Marketwire) -- 11/18/12 -- Today, Public Safety Minister Vic Toews underscored the Government of Canada's commitment to cyber security at the 2012 Halifax International Security Forum, an annual forum that brings together ...

Cyber security a worsening concern for businesses
Foster's Daily Democrat
PORTSMOUTH — “Computer intrusions and network attacks are the greatest cyber threat to our national security,” FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III told a U.S. Senate homeland security panel in September. ... “Banks are under attack,” he said. “It's a ...
Israel targeted in cyber-warfare
The Australian
"This is an unprecedented attack," Steinitz said, indicating that Israel had "deflected 44 millioncyber attacks on government websites" since it began a widespread air campaign over Gaza on Wednesday. "All the attacks were thwarted except for ... down ...
Cyber workers in high demand
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
In suburban Maryland, The National Security Agency at Fort Meade – the center of the cyber galaxy – has thousands of computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers gathering foreign intelligence electronically and defending the government's ...
The Top 35 Strategies to Mitigate Targeted Cyber Intrusions
Wired (blog)
“The Defence Signals Directorate (DSD) has developed a list of strategies to mitigate targeted cyberintrusions. The list is informed by DSD's experience in operational cyber security, including responding to serious cyber incidents and performing ...
Ameren shares security system with Japanese
Peoria Journal Star
Ameren Illinois is sharing portions of its highly regarded cyber-security system with officials from several Japanese gas companies. Japan's natural gas industry is seeking cyber-security systems assistance after a large amount of data was stolen from ...

Obama Secret Directive Gives Cyber-Control to Military For National Security
Axis of Logic
Google is stating in their most recent Transparency Report that the US government has stepped up their surveillance on civilians. According to the Internet giant, more personal data is being profiled on Americans and their habits on the Web. Dorothy ...

Axis of Logic

Black Friday and Cyber Monday: How to Stay Safe Shopping Online
Decoded Science
... the Christmas mood. Instead of braving the shops, why not shop online from the comfort of your own home? Cyber Monday is a convenient alternative to the crowded stores, but before you start handing over your credit card number, you need to be aware ...

Decoded Science

Cyber gaming raids
Daily Express
In the first raid, at about 4pm on Monday, 40 computers and 40 Internet modems were seized at a premises in Cyber Square. Police also detained two suspects who were working in the premises at the time. Meanwhile, 20 gaming consoles and two suspects ...

Mile2: Attacking Cybercrime From The Inside Out
There are increasingly more dangerous instances of cyber security breaches which involve government and military data bases being breached along with information that is sensitive to national security. Businesses are now faced with the constant threat ...



US cybersecurity report points to China

US cybersecurity report points accusing finger at China - "While it is still unknown who in China, specifically, is doing the hacking, technical gains are helping trackers trace cyberespionage "campaigns" back to the country. Among the culprits, according to the annual report to Congress of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission: The People's Liberation Army. Informal "cyber warfare militia" composed of workers with high-tech day jobs that focus on military communications, electronic warfare, and computer network operations. Three intelligence and security service ministries. Patriotic hackers conducting espionage out of nationalist fervor. Criminal hackers conducting industrial espionage for private, state-owned, or government clients. Big IT companies and telecommunications firms."

Obama May Sign Cyber Security Executive Order
CIO Today
"If signing an executive order does nothing other than help move cyber securityspending up the stack of 2013 IT budgets, it will be a win for us all." Cyber securityreform died in the Senate once again. But President Obama may sign an ... the United...

CIO Today

Cyber Security Bill Blocked in U.S. Senate
eSecurity Planet
"Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said recently that attacks on U.S. financial institutions and stock exchanges showed the need for more cybersafeguards. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said last month that unnamed foreign elements had ...

eSecurity Planet

'Spectacular' Cyber Attack Looms: Security Official (blog)
Congress failed to push the Cyber Security Act of 2012, a bill that enabled the federal government to take control of all communication capabilities—including the cybersecurity standards of water, power, and utility companies—during a cyberemergency ... (blog)

Cyber security at the cost of privacy?
... Report, the government's surveillance of internet users is on the rise with India ranking second in accessing private details of its citizens, next only to the US. Watch full show: ...

Killer Apps: Dozens of cyber vulnerabilities found at Department of Energy ...
Foreign Policy (blog)
At a time when senior defense officials are sounding the alarms about the potential for a devastatingcyber attack against America's critical infrastructure, the U.S. Department of Energy's inspector general (IG) has found dozens of unaddressed cyber ...

Cyber-threat is real and 'potentially devastating,' former CSIS spy warns
Edmonton Journal
"One significant cyber-attack on a critical infrastructure node will bring calamity upon all of us," Boisvert said during a panel discussion sponsored by the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies. "I will say categorically from my ...

Cyber attack issues and security in the news
Speaking from the Senate floor, Reid said the White House believes the cybersecurity bill is of critical importance to the nation's security. Reid signaled that he's aiming to move to the cyber bill before the Senate breaks for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thinking about Security from the Inside Out
Wired (blog)
Historically, IT security has been all about defending against external threats. However, the recent cyber-attack against oil giant Saudi Aramco reinforces the need to give equal weight to internal threats as well. On August 15, 2012, an insider at ...
Wired (blog)

Insight: Lockheed's F-35 logistics system revolutionary but risky
Chicago Tribune
But having such a large and widely dispersed group increases exposure to cyber attacks, said Ben Freeman, national security investigator with the non-profit Project on Government Oversight. "Even if Lockheed has top-notch cyber security, it's still ...

Lame Duck Threat: Cyber Security
Harry Reid may bring another big-government cyber security bill--perhaps the so- called Whitehouse-Kyl compromise--to the floor during the lame duck session.

What to Read on Cybersecurity | Foreign Affairs
There is an unfortunate tendency among journalists and politicians to call every breach in computersecurity an act of cyberwar, when, in fact, the vast majority of ...

OSCE's Cyber Security Confidence Building Measures Revealed by ...
This second batch of documents contains up-to-date information on the OSCE's Internal Working Group 1039 whose mandate (.pdf) is to create cyber security ...

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