NIST Cybersecurity Center Tackles Public & Private Threats

NIST Cybersecurity Center Tackles Public And Private Threats
Researchers will use National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence to develop new products and services to combat cybersecurity threats faced by US government agencies and companies. By Elizabeth Montalbano InformationWeek The organization that sets ...

Genachowski Pushes for Cybersecurity Code of Conduct
Broadcasting & Cable
By John Eggerton -- Broadcasting & Cable, 2/22/2012 1:41:57 PM He put in a plug for the voluntary, multi-stakeholder model as the best way to respond to and prevent cybersecuritythreats, giving a shout-out to Comcast and CenturyLink for taking the ...

Spam crashes to historic low as malware explodes on mobiles
By John Leyden • Get more from this author The volume of malware samples detected by McAfee passed the 75 million milestone late last year, the Intel-owned security firm reported this week. Although the release of new malware slowed in Q4 2011, ...

Cyber-Security's New Face: Growing Threats and Growing Profits
Wall Street Daily
In 2012, the ever-evolving cyber security industry will not only rapidly shift its focus, but its growth, too. This isn't just because of a simple increase in business. The threat of a cyber attack has become something much different – and much more ...

Hackers hit Los Angeles police canine group
Calling itself "CabinCr3w," the hackers posted a list of 127 LACPCA members, representing, among others, the Whittier, Los Angeles, South Gate, Palos Verdes and El Monte police departments, as well as police departments in New Mexico and Washington ...

Industry on Cybersecurity Act of 2012: Not so fast
By George V. Hulme, CSO | Security Add a new comment February 22, 2012, 11:01 AM — While the government may be in a rush to get the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 enacted, many in the industry are saying: not so fast. Chief information security officers, ...

The Circuit: Microsoft and Google; FCC chairman calls for cybersecurity ...
Washington Post (blog)
FCC chairman calls for cybersecurity protection: Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski delivered remarks Wednesday urging the technology and telecommunications industry to adopt standards to protect consumers from cyber attacks.

NQ Mobile Identifies Top Three Malware Threats for 2012
Sacramento Bee
NQ Mobile's Mobile Security Report also shows that in 2011, newer and more advanced forms ofmalware have successfully infected an estimated 10.8 million Android devices worldwide. This is expected to increase throughout 2012.

FCC Asks Internet Providers to Strengthen Network Security
Internet-service providers should adopt an industrywide standard to help keep hackers from taking over customers' computers, Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski said. Providers of high-speed Internet service, such as Comcast ...

Malware Soars, Especially on Android
IT Business Edge (blog)
By date: by Carl Weinschenk, IT Business Edge Report identifies five Android malware families, as well as a new Android root-level vulnerability. Carl Weinschenk spoke to Dan Hoffman, the chief mobile security evangelist for Juniper Networks.

Cyber Security Act of 2012 requires a liability protection bug fix
The Hill (blog)
The Lieberman-Collins-Rockefeller-Feinstein Cyber Security Act of 2012 seeks to protect high-risk critical infrastructure of the United States from cyber attack, and to create a place for private sector entities to share cyber information without fear ...

Malware on mobile devices jumps 155 percent since last year
Spyware that captures and transfers data such as your GPS coordinates, text records, and browsing history is the biggest malware threat by far on mobile Android devices, according to networking firm Juniper Networks' 2011 Mobile Threats Report.

FCC chief calls for industry to boost cybersecurity
The Hill (blog)
By Brendan Sasso - 02/22/12 01:27 PM ET Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Julius Genachowski called for technology companies to adopt new standards to protect consumers from hackers and spammers in a speech on Wednesday.

Spam Levels Down, Mobile Malware On The Rise
The report examines the biggest threats to online security for both the fourth quarter and all of 2011. The report shows that while spam email seems to be on the decline, malware remains a significant threat. While malware remains a significant problem ...

FCC urges Internet companies to safeguard Web
I think it's overdue," said Johannes Ullrich, a cybersecurity specialist at the SANS Institute Internet Storm Center, which monitors threats. Some of the ISPs found that it was cheaper to notify customers before they telephoned to complain.

DHS takes the lead in Senate cybersecurity bill
Newly-introduced cybersecurity legislation would task the Homeland Security Department's national cybersecurity and communications integration center with facilitating information sharing among public- and private-sector entities, rather than creating ...

Hackers Air Porn on Best Buy TVs
FOX 4 News
GREENVILLE, SC - Graphic pornography aired on TVs inside a South Carolina Best Buy store after hackers infiltrated its WI-FI network, according to area TV station WSPA . According to a statement released by Best Buy's corporate office, two individuals ...

FOX 4 News

Government to Open Public-Private Cybersecurity Lab
Corporate Counsel
A new federal cybersecurity research laboratory, announced almost two years ago, has recently received funding and will begin its mission to foster government and commercial technology-sharing in the never-ending challenge of safeguarding data.

NIST partners on Maryland Cyber security center
Government Security News
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is working with the State of Maryland and Montgomery County, MD to create a National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence (NCCOE), aimed at accelerating wider adoption of integrated security tools ...

FCC Chairman Calls on ISPs to Adopt New Security Measures
FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski called on ISPs to notify subscribers whose computers are infected with malware and tied to a botnet and to develop a code of conduct to combat botnets. Genachowski also called on ISPs to adopt secure routing standards to ...

NIST and state of Maryland establish cybersecurity lab
Barbara Mikulski, chairwoman of the Senate committee that funds NIST, secured $10 million to start operating the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence this year. The goal of the facility is to turn cybersecurity research into everyday protections ...

Go slow on cybersecurity
The Star Democrat
The Hill reported last week that Majority Leader Harry Reid will bring a cybersecurity bill straight to the Senate floor, skipping any committee markups. That means no public hearings and no amendments. This is not the same as the House's Stop Online ...

NIST to build cybersecurity research center in Maryland
The center will focus on cybersecurity research with support from both the public and private sectors. The new center will be called the National Cyber Security Center of Excellence and will be located in Montgomery County. Funding for the center is ...

IBM Turns to Big Data Algorithms for Computer Security
New York Times (blog)
By NICOLE PERLROTH | February 22, 2012, 12:32 pm Businesses spend billions of dollars each year on firewalls, applications and antivirus software in a desperate attempt to ward offhackers and yet, even the companies, like Symantec and RSA, ...

Cybersecurity Act of 2012 Introduced
JD Supra (press release)
On February 14, a bipartisan group of senators introduced to the US Senate the CybersecurityAct of 2012, under which the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would assess the risks and vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure systems and develop ...

Neustar Commends the U.S. Government for Encouraging Public-Private ...
MarketWatch (press release)
At a forum on "Cyber Security: New Models for the Future" hosted by the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), government officials and industry representatives discussed the importance of public-private partnerships in protecting our Nation's digital ...

CFR Backed Cyber Security Shill Pushes for Police State :
By Shepard
CFR backed figurehead Eric Fischer, Senior Specialist in Science and Technology for the Congressional Research Service(CRS) prepared and released a white paper in late 2011 entitled, Federal Laws Relating to Cybersecurity: Discussion ...

Cyber security center coming to Montgomery County
By Capital News Service
Barbara Mikulski described as the “new enduring war” against “hate-hackers,” Maryland officials announced Thursday a plan to create the National Cyber Center of Excellence for Cyber Securityin Montgomery County. The new center will be developed in partnership with the ... Since January 2010, nearly 800 new cybersecurity jobs have been created in Maryland, according to a report issued by the state government. The planned Cyber Center of Excellence will bring 23 jobs.
Maryland Daily Record

Ping! Zine » McAfee Releases Threats Report on Malware
By Ping! Zine Editor
Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – McAfee today released the McAfee Threats Report: Fourth Quarter 2011, revealing that malware surpassed the company's estimate of 75 million unique malwaresamples last year. Although the release of new ...
Ping! Zine

McCain to introduce cybersecurity legislation giving even more ...
By Madison Ruppert
By Madison Ruppert Editor of End the Lie During the Senate's major hearing on cybersecuritylast week, Senator John McCain, a Republican from Arizona,
End the Lie - Independent News

Spam is down, Malware is up: McAfee | memeburn
By Frederic Lardinois
According to the latest Threats Report by Intel's online security firm McAfee (PDF), the overall amount of spam went down in the last quarter of 2011. One of the reasons for this, though, is that spammers have gotten a bit smarter and now use a ...

Hackers Pop Porn Onto TVs at Best Buy Store
By Ernio Hernandez
Boob Tube? A Best Buy in Greenville, South Carolina fell victim to hackers who posted pornographic photos on in-store smart TV displays using the.

Zone-h has been infected with Malware by Robot Pirates | e Hacking ...
By BreakTheSec
... is an Online Hacking News Organization. EHN delivers the latest news on Security breaching, vulnerability,Cyber Security and Penetration testing tools and more. ... Database Leaked · Tools · Follow @BreakTheSec. Breaking News, Malware Report, Security Breach » Zone-h has been infected with Malware by Robot Pirates ... The Hackers heaven, Zone-H, an archive of defaced websites, has been infected by a malware. Robot Pirates Team claimed responsibility for this attack.
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Hackers' Internet Shutdown Ploy Likely to Flunk, Experts Say ...
By Kristina Farrah
The hackers are alleged members of Anonymous who intends to carry out their so-called “Operation Global Blackout” on March 31. The ploy will serve as a retort against Wall Street for implementing SOPA, calling them “irresponsible leaders ...

Rethinking our Approach to Cybersecurity « A Smarter Planet Blog
By Guest
by Brendan Hannigan, General Manager, IBM Security Systems We have all read the news reports of company IT systems being attacked, hacked and compromised.
A Smarter Planet Blog

Cyber Security Blind Spots | CEB Views
By Insight Daily
In Brief: Don't neglect these aspects of cyber security, this writer says: mobile device threats, access rights and privileges, encryption, a required second authentication over and above a simple user name and password, and preparation for a ...
CEB Views

NIST To Create 'National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence ...
By Brian Prince
National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence will develop interoperable cybersecurityapproaches for challenges facing organizations, including interoperable templates to address problems in health IT, cloud computing, mobile computing, ...
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NIST to Establish National Cybersecurity Center for Excellence ...
By David Stegon
The National Institute of Standards and Technology will establish a National CybersecurityCenter for Excellence, a public-private collaboration for accelerating integration of computer security solutions. NIST will partner with the State of ...

Top GOPers Block Cybersecurity Bill
By Elizabeth Hyman
A look at the week of February 21 in public advocacy for the IT channel: This week, Republican senators voiced their opposition to cybersecurity legislation introduced by Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT). Meanwhile, Department of Homeland ...
CompTIA Blog

Hackers take aim at Nasdaq, Bats websites - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: Hackers have targeted the public websites of the operators of the Nasdaq and Bats stock exchanges over the past two days with ...

Malware surpassed 75 million samples in 2011
McAfee released its latest threats report, revealing that malware surpassed the company's estimate of 75 million unique malware samples last year. Although the ...

Hackers Claims to compromise Intel's Sensitive Data | The Hacker ...
Hackers Claims to compromise Intel's Sensitive Data. THN Magazine and The ... malware on the rise. Mobile malware on the rise, McAfee Q4 Threats Report ...

Hacked: A Descent into the Malware Inferno
Dealing with malware attack and hackers. ... Alas, the hackers had broken in earlier, so the back-up was ridden with malware, too. BlueHost has been a great ...

New cyber-attack on Greek ministry after arrest
The attack was claimed in the name of hacker group Anonymous, which has carried out several high-profile international hits in recent weeks. The hackers posted a message on the ministry site claiming an 18-year-old arrested by police on Monday was not ...

Global DNS takedown plotters disowned by Anonymous
"On March 31, anonymous will shut the Internet down. In order to shut the Internet down, one thing is to be done. Down the 13 root DNS servers of the Internet," according to a memo outlining the proposed assault, dubbed Operation GlobalBlackOut.

Anonymous reveals Cybersecurity Act of 2012
This week it appears that the NSA has brought forth warnings of the hacker group Anonymous' ability to take down the power grid at a most opportune time, according to none other thanAnonymous. While earlier this week it was warned by the NSA that ...

Anonymous Angered Over Claim It Might Target Power Grid
Sci-Tech Today
By Jennifer LeClaire Anonymous is up in arms over reported accusations that it might target the power grid. The YourAnonNews Twitter account, which often serves as a virtual spokesman forAnonymous, tweeted: "Why would Anons shut off a power grid?

NSA: 'Anonymous Might One Day Hack Power Grids!' Anonymous: 'Huh?!?'
The fight to ramp up the fear mongering over cybersecurity has reached new and even more ridiculous levels -- in which an "anonymous" government source claims (without quotations) that the head of the NSA, Gen. Keith Alexander, recently briefed the ...

FCC: Cybersecurity Is Crucial for America's Future
Julius Genachowski, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, said Wednesday that failing to meet the “challenges” of cybersecurity will mean the US will “pay the price in the form of diminished safety, lost privacy, lost jobs and financial ...

Anonymous attacks WSJ page hours after story warning group is getting more ...
Washington Post (blog)
By Elizabeth Flock A number of Wall Street Journal Facebook pages were the subject of a comment flashmob Tuesday, claimed by Anonymous, just hours after the Journal published a report that warned the hacker group was getting more powerful.

Anonymous 'may soon be able to hack into power grid', warns US national ...
The Anonymous hacking group may soon have the ability to launch an attack on global power networks, a US official has warned. By Rosa Prince Hackers also launched a "comments flash mob" attack on the newspaper's website, and warned "We do not forgive.

Feds request DNS Changer extension to keep 400K users online
By Gregg Keizer Computerworld - Officials with the US government have asked a New York judge to extend an impending deadline that could sever ties to the Internet for hundreds of thousands of users infected with the "DNS Changer" malware.

IBM eyes cybersecurity market with new platform
QRadar identifies abnormal activity by combining known threats and hackers' methods with real-time analysis of the traffic on the corporate IT infrastructure, the company said. For example, IBM said, it can detect when multiple failed logins to a ...

Anonymous Hacks Greek Ministry Website, Demands IMF ...
By Tyler Durden
If there is one war that Greece could not afford to join, that is with the global computer hacking collective known as Anonymous. Yet as of minutes ago, that is precisley what happened, afterAnonymous, as part of what it now calls Operation ...

Anonymous: Protesters or Terrorists? Fog of cyberwar obscures truth ...
The loose-knit online collective Anonymous is going after another US government entity, but not with the hacks, attacks and other assaults on par with their usual Internet infiltrations. AFP Photo / Johanna Leguerre 20.02, 22:51 22 comments ...
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Hackers to release 0-days in comics | The Hacker News (THN)
By (THN Reporter)
Hackers to release 0-days in comics. THN Magazine and The Hacker News is Most Comprehensive resource in providing news related to Information Technology, Cyber security, infosec, Hacking threads, Vulnerability.
The Hacker News [ THN ] - Updates...

Is Anonymous Plotting a Power Play?
By Richard Adhikari
The United States National Security Agency has cautioned that the Anonymous hacker community might be able to cause a limited power outage through a cyberattack. ... The concerns arise just as Congress is scrambling to fortify the cybersecurity protections guarding vital infrastructure, though critics question why Anons would wait two years before launching such an attack if it really is on their agenda. ... "We have already witnessed hackers breaching utility company networks." ...

Beware Changelog spammed-out malware attack | Naked Security
By Graham Cluley
Beware Changelog spammed-out malware attack. Over 100000 people are part of the Sophos community on Facebook. Why not join us on Facebook to find out about the latest security threats. Don't show me this again. Hi fellow Twitter user!
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