China Denies Cyber Spies are Linked to Military Unit

China Denies Cyber Spies are Linked to Military Unit
Wall Street Journal
Chinese cyber attacks are now seen to be so aggressive and all-pervasive that US companies are demanding their government put China under strong political pressure, says World Review securityexpert Dr Frank Umbach. ... government officially denies all ...

Tories release cyber-security action plan - Vancouver Sun
Vancouver Sun
OTTAWA — A policy gap in the federal government's cyber-security efforts was filled Thursday with the release of an action plan the auditor general said was badly needed. The action plan lays out who is responsible for what when it comes to cyber ...

Vancouver Sun

Delhi-based cyber security firm Lucideus battles hackers
Economic Times
Twenty two-year-old Modi now runs his own cyber security company, Lucideus Tech, that has a marquee client list that includes the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Criminal Investigation Department, Reserve Bank of India, IBM and various central and state ...

Economic Times

Cispa bill on cyber security passed by the US House
BBC News
Cispa bill on cyber security passed by the US House. Hard drive Critics say more must be done to ... 'bat signal' · Cyber-security bill past US House. The US House of Representatives has passed the controversial Cyber Information Sharing and Protection ...

BBC News

US passes contentious cyber security bill
Irish Times
House minority leader Nancy Pelosi reflected the concerns shared by many civil liberties groups, arguing that the bill did not do enough to ensure that companies, in sharing cyber threat data, strip out any personal data of US citizens. Photograph ...

Irish Times

Student wins major cyber security prize
This is Plymouth
... Kaspersky, was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science from Plymouth University in 2012. Mr Kaspersky will be giving a prestige lecture at the University on Monday 22 April, titled Challenges in the IT Security Industry in the Age of Cyber Warfare ...

Cyber Security – Avoid Prescriptions When Keeping Up With Threats
Banks are part of a interconnected ecosystem with law enforcement, vendors and other critical industries when it comes to cyber security. New cyber security regulations should help to facilitate cyber security efforts among these players instead of ...

House Passes Controversial Cyber Security Bill for Second Time
Despite a veto threat by President Obama and a vigorous campaign by privacy hawks, the House of Representatives easily passed a controversial cyber security bill that would make it easier for companies and the government to share threat information.

William Hague announces University Cyber Security Centre
Oxford Student
The Centre, whose launch coincided with the G8 summit of foreign ministers, will provide a world leading resource for understanding how to optimally deliver cyber security and will work with the UK government, as well as those of other countries to ...

FERC Proposes to Adopt New Cyber Security Standards
FERC Proposes to Adopt New Cyber Security Standards. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) moved to strengthen the cyber security of the ...

CISPA Vote Wednesday: Tell Congress to oppose anti-privacy cyber ...
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