Eight UK universities to help fight cyber crime

Eight UK universities to help fight cyber crime
BBC News
The Academic Centres for Excellence in Cyber Security will be based in Bristol, Belfast, Lancaster, Southampton, Oxford and London. Their research will help government, businesses and consumers become more resilient to cyber attackand crime.

BBC News

Govt of India, Military Research Organisations Cyber attacker traced in China
"This was not the only attack that was started and is stopped, it is a continuous effort by the Cyber criminals to attack Government websites and Defence authorities in India." Trend Micro Researchers traced the attacks to an e-mail address used to ...


Bristol University to play pivotal role in protecting the country from cyber ...
University of Bristol
The University of Bristol has been awarded a new and prestigious status for its world-class research in the field of cyber security, playing a pivotal role in helping to make government, business and consumers more resilient to cyber attack.

GCHQ recruits eight universities to counter cyber attacks
Intelligence agency GCHQ has selected eight universities as collaboration partners to improve government and industry cyber security. Science minister David Willetts said the eight universities – which include Bristol, Belfast, Southampton and Imperial ...


Cyber Warfare: The next Cold War
SC Magazine
By repurposing code to spawn new attacks, the cost of cyber warfare can be a fraction of the cost of a conventional war. While China and Russia generally are considered by industry experts to be the leaders in state-sponsored cyber attacks against the ...

Businesses could be liable for criminal offences under proposed cyber attack laws
The Committee overwhelmingly voted to approve proposals to criminalise certain activity relating to cyber attacks last week. The proposals contain plans to make specified "legal persons" within companies liable for certain offences.

Govt will help fund buys of foreign firms with high-end cyber security tech
Hindu Business Line
The Government may provide financial assistance to Indian entities for acquiring foreign firms with high-end cyber security technology. The Ministry of External Affairs will scout for possible targets through Indian embassies and missions located all ...

FOX News Radio
The head of the US Cyber Command testified last week about the Obama Administration's readiness for a major cyber attack on the power grid. The head of the US Cyber Command warned Congress that, in many cases, by the time his team hears about a cyber ...

FOX News Radio

TalkingPoint: Mitigating The Risk Of Cyber Crime - Advice For Companies
Financier Worldwide
FW moderates an online discussion focusing on the risks associated with cyber crime between Mark Camillo at Chartis, Kelly Frey Sr. at Dickinson Wright PLLC and Grady Summers at Mandiant. FW: How serious is the threat of cyber crime to today's ...

Govt wants increased cyber snooping powers
Computer Business Review
However it is not a big leap to suggest that increased surveillance will lead to increased requests for warrants to enable security forces to access the content. "It is vital that police andsecurity services are able to obtain communications data in ...

The Case for Cybersecurity
Multichannel News
President Obama has called cyber attacks “the most serious economic and national securitychallenges we face as a nation.” • Congress cares: Senate Democrats are backing a bill that would set security standards for industry, with input from DHS.

Wave Partners With Vigil Software to Further Channel Expansion in Europe
MarketWatch (press release)
"Cyber-attacks have grown in sophistication as well as frequency, leaving conventional softwaresecurity solutions vulnerable to attack," said Alex Teh, Founder of Vigil Software. "So, Vigil is delighted to offer its expansive network of resellers the ...

Tibetan activists' Macs targeted using trojan-laden MS Office files
China has previously been accused of using the internet to spy on pro-Tibet organisations on several occasions, including one instance when it was blamed for a cyber-espionage attack on the Tibetan government-in-exile and on the private office of the ...

Chinese hackers attack Indian websites
News Tribe (blog)
By Farhan Khan - Apr 2nd, 2012 (No Comment) London: IT security firm Trend Micro has revealed that China-based hackers carried out a major cyber attacks on Indian government and Tibetan activists' websites. Tokyo-based computer securityfirm further ...

News Tribe (blog)

Bad Week for Botnets
Government regulators are typically considered White Hats in the battle with cyber low-lifes, but a report released last week on information security threats fingered them as a source of data insecurity. The culprit is government-ordained transparency, ...

Contest seeks cybersecurity innovators
Dayton Daily News
The “Cyber Warriors Technology Accelerator” competition offers the 10 winners a 10-week business development “boot camp,” up to $20000 in startup capital, and a chance to pitch the concept to government and business officials who could offer ...

Customer Service is a Priority for Security Pros Too
Public CIO (blog)
Bottom line, customer service is a priority for security pros too! If customer service is not our priority, our organization will fail. Cyber is not on an island which is separate from any of the topics that our CIO described. Rather, cybersecurity is ...

Doubts not enough for ban on Chinese firm
It could even be a response to some direct cyber attack on Australian interests that isn't, and may never be, in the public domain but that of course can only be complete speculation. The global cybercrime strategist at Intel's McAfee security division ...

ManTech International closes HBGary acquisition
The deal expands ManTech's cybersecurity work to commercial clients. HBGary, whose customers include financial services, energy and critical infrastructure companies, will become part of a new commercial business unit within ManTech's Mission, Cyber ...

Progress Being Made In IT Security War, IBM Says
IT Jungle
But it wasn't all puppies and rainbows in 2011, as cyber attackers found other ways to cause havoc. SQL injection attacks, in particular, continue to be a thorn in the side of Web applications due to the availability of automated tools.

Salient Federal Solutions Completes Acquisition of ATS Corporation
Sacramento Bee
... homeland security, and cyber domains, announced Friday that it has completed its acquisition of ATS Corporation (ATSC), a leading information technology company delivering innovative technology solutions to government and commercial organizations.

Al-Qaeda's online forums go dark for extended period
Washington Post
US government agencies, including US Cyber Command, had no role in the outages, according to officials who would speak about the issue only on condition of anonymity. Still, Will McCants, a former State Department counterterrorism official who is now a ...

Competition, Standards & Liberalisation Remain Key Measures Under NEM
For cyber security, the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Mosti) and the Ministry of Information, Communications and Culture will work towards identifying the appropriate mechanisms for cyber security standards. CyberSecurity Malaysia ...

Kelihos lives on thanks to Facebook trojan
SC Magazine Australia
By Marcos Colon on Apr 2, 2012 12:30 PM Soon after security experts announced the dismantling of the Kelihos.B botnet on Wednesday, the culprits behind the attack reconfigured the malware -- and it is now going social. Criminal gangs are leveraging ...

Watching and Waiting
Wall Street Journal
Whereas some companies block social-media sites from the workplace, Hart Rossman, vice president and chief technology officer for cyber programs at defense contractor SAIC Inc., says security teams should embrace them. The hackers are looking at them, ...

Tightening the fed's belt: Government Roundtable
SC Magazine
For government security professionals, focusing on priorities is key in these trying economic times, reports Illena Armstrong. Rising incidents of hacktivism, cyber espionage and other online attacks have most organizations reframing their risk ...

Amazon and iTunes royalties fraudsters handed jail sentences
... forms part of the government's response to cyber threats, under the National Cyber SecurityProgramme. Earlier this month, the unit arrested 14 people in connection with a phishing attackthat robbed a British woman of her £1 million life savings.

Mindset 'key' to hacking prevention
The mindset of platform users is critical to their vulnerability to internet hacking and cybercrime, asecurity company has said. Kaspersky Lab's Sergey Novikov has said the mindset of computer users is important to prevent hacker attacks.

Philippines top cyber attack source, says Russian security firm ...
By Sam
The Philippines has been tagged one of the world's top sources of a dangerous kind of cyber“attack” designed to take down entire computer networks and shut down key consumer services. The latest report by Russian Internet security firm ...
AWFM 101.1 - Mellow Touch

Philippines top cyber attack source, says Russian security firm ...
By internet security - Google News
Inquirer.net. Philippines top cyber attack source, says Russian security firm. Inquirer.net. The latest report by Russian Internet security firm Kaspersky Labs showed the Philippines ranking 13th on a list of 23 countries where “distributed denial ...
Digital Rights Watch

Philippines top cyber attack source, says Russian security firm ...
Gregory Evans is one of the world's top security experts. He has been on TV & Radio more than any other security consultant in the world!
Gregory D. Evans

Information and Network Security: Important Issues | eGov Magazine
By meenakshi
Cases of cyber attack or cyber threats are becoming increasingly common nowadays. Our important assets such as power plants, power distribution lines, cyber networks etc., which are now ... There are organisations working on aspects of cyber security, but there is the need for an organisation that can focus on all major issues related to the cyber world in a comprehensive manner. One feels that the private organisations are not making requisite investments intosecurity-relate ...
eGov Magazine

Chinese hacker targeting Indian government and Tibetan activists ...
By noreply@blogger.com (THN Reporter)
... Indian government and Tibetan activists Sites. THN Magazine and The Hacker News is Most Comprehensive resource in providing news related to Information Technology, Cyber security, infosec, Hacking threads, Vulnerability. ... Websites of Indian government and Tibetan activists in the country are under attack in a cyber attack campaign engineered by a Chinese hacker, working with one of the world's largest e-tailers Tencent. The cyber criminal in question is Gu Kaiyuan, once a ...
The Hacker News [ THN ] - Security Blog

NERC CIP, Non-US Utilities and Security | Digital Bond
By Dale G Peterson
The Dept of Energy just issued an Information Collection Request to 17 electric utilities as input to their Electric Sector Cybersecurity Risk Management Maturity Initiative (ht: @pjcoyle). The multiple choice questionnaire is 39 pages ... The security conscious utilities around the world have more than senior management support for cyber security; they have senior management driving security, sometimes over the objections of the project teams. I've been trying to figure out what caused ...
Digital Bond's SCADA Security Portal

Businesses could be liable for criminal offences under proposed cyber
By sally
Businesses could be liable for criminal offences under proposed cyber attack laws. Posted April 2nd, 2012 in news by sally. “Companies will be liable for any cyber attacks that others commit 'for their benefit' under legislative plans approved ...
Current Awareness

Whaddya mean, 'monitor' my email?
By Andrea Shea King
“It is vital that police and security services are able to obtain communications data in certain circumstances to investigate serious crime and terrorism and to protect the public,” a spokesman said. ... Magazine, former counterterrorism “czar” Richard Clarke is urgently warning us that we are defenseless against a catastrophic cyber attack that could bring down our electronic infrastructure, including the power grid, banking and telecommunications and our military command system.

Chinese hackers from Tecncent apparently attack Indian and ...
By l33tdawg
BRUCE SCHNEIER (Chief Security Technology Officer, BTCounterpane). SPECIAL PRESENTATION (24TH MAY). BRENNO DE WINTER (Journalist of the Year 2011) .... Trend Micro is reporting that websites of Indian government and Tibetan activists in India were attacked in acyber attack campaign by a Chinese hacker, working with one of the world's largest online retailers Tencent. Known as the Luckycat cyber campaign, about 90 attacks were detected in recent past, against ...
HITBSecNews - Keeping Knowledge...

Chinese hackers & Operation “Luckycat” against ... - Security Affairs
By paganinip
The malware used is a variant of Gh0st RAT, a well know remote access Trojan, that enables to acquire the total control of the target allowing documents theft and cyber espionage. Gh0st RAT was the tool also used in the Nitro attacks and the ...
Security Affairs

CenturyLink & Cybersecurity | CenturyLink Policy Connection
By John F. Jones
And, while we may be aware of our personal privacy and virus concerns, the majority of us are unaware that thousands of much more serious cyber and network security attacks are taking place on the nation's network infrastructure. The good ...
CenturyLink Policy Connection

SMEs are not immune to targeted hacking | Avecto.com
By Russell Smith
Security can be a hard sell, and that's particularly true in small and medium sized organizations (SMEs). A study of threat awareness, ... One of the most common types of targeted attack is to send a document in an email that looks as if it's intended specifically for the recipient with some relevant content. The document exploits an ... However large corporations shouldn't rest on their laurels, as Shawn Henry, outgoing chief cyber security official at the FBI, says: “Too many companies ...

Connect 2 Canada: Home
Most Recent Podcast. --End Image --Mark Fabro, President and Chief Security Scientist at Lofty Perch, Inc., a market leading security technology company, joined us to discuss cybersecurity,cyber threats and the role of government in this field.
Connect 2 Canada Updates

Cybersecurity Skills | Cyber Warzone
To Insure cybersecurity requires a skilled cybersecurity workforce. ... Cybersecurity Strategy; Legal and Regulatory; Cybersecurity business case formulation ...

Cybersecurity Bill Introduced in Senate | Heartlander Magazine
Growing concerns about cybersecurity threats have prompted a bipartisan group of U.S. senators to introduce legislation aimed at securing the country's vital ...

Homeland Cybersecurity | Defense Media Network
If you missed the news, in mid-November 2011, that an alleged cyber attack had been carried out against critical infrastructure in the United States, ...

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