United Nations Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force report reads like a primer on Internet control and censorship

UN Report: The Internet Is Dangerous Because It's Just So Darn Open
By John Biggs
Entitled “Use Of The Internet For Terrorist Purposes,” the document, which discusses the dangers of “open Wi-Fi” and suggests ISPs maintain retention standards, focuses on the possibility of “terrorists” using the “Internet” to terrorize, ...

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Happy National Cyber Security Awareness Month! - Reason
By Rachel Moran
Joe Lieberman's (I-Conn) Cyber Security Act 2012 failed to move past a filibuster after Republican opposition on the grounds that proposed security standards would lead to costly regulations for businesses. Despite this stumbling block, ...
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Napolitano to Address 'Diversity in Cyber Security Conference' | The ...
By Daniel Halper
Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is scheduled to deliver a keynote address at the "Diversity in Cyber Security Conference" tomorrow in Washington, D.C., a press release from the organization hosting the event ...
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How likely is a cyber 'Pearl Harbor'? | TechRepublic
By Patrick Lambert
This isn't a new concept, and the U.S. Government, along with security researchers all over the world, have been thinking about such a major security scenario for a long time now. Let's see what the current ... Meanwhile, Republicans seem to favor a more offensive stance when it comes to cyber warfare, along with responsible disclosure from the private sector. But the real ... As for the actualattack surface on critical systems, that also can vary, depending on what is considered critical.
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Iran Cyber Attack Highlights Growing Threat, Experts Say
By The Huffington Post News Editors
“Iran has invested very heavily in its cyber warfare capabilities,” said Frank J. Cilluffo, director of the Homeland Security Policy Institute at George Washington University. "And what they lack in capability they more than make up for in intent." ...
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Clinton: Internet Claim About Libya Attack Proves Nothing
Voice of America
STATE DEPARTMENT — U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says an Internet claim of responsibility that followed last month's attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, is not hard evidence of who killed four Americans, including the U.S...

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In Aleppo, Syrian rebels wage war – with an Internet connection
Christian Science Monitor
“Internet, Internet!” chanted one, speaking about the illegal high-speed connection they were about to create. Onto the dusty floor of the small front room they threw down cardboard boxes of cables and tools, the modems and laptop that would soon ...

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UK classrooms may teach students about Internet porn — RT
UK academics are pushing for teachers to educate teenage students with classes on Internetpornography. They claim children as young as 11 are being exposed to online porn, giving them unrealistic sexual expectations later in life.
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UN looks to develop anti-terror Internet surveillance | The Daily Caller
By Josh Peterson
The United Nations is considering spying on social networks, tracking cell phones and pushingInternet Service Providers to retain user information in the name of combating terrorism. The organization released a 148-page document on ...
The Daily Caller

Cyber Security Research Alliance: Intel, Lockheed And Others Team Up To ...
Huffington Post
The non-profit research consortium, to be known as the Cyber Security Research Alliance (CSRA), will also include Advanced Micro Devices, Honeywell International and EMC Corp's RSA Securitydivision as founding members. The consortium will coordinate ...

Iran rejects UN criticism of its cyber security rules
UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) - Iran rejected criticism from a U.N. human rights investigator over its tighter cyber security rules, saying they are necessary to protect it against cyber attacks and have nothing whatsoever to do with freedom of expression.

Code in Aramco Cyber Attack Indicates Lone Perpetrator
Detailed forensic evidence from the Aramco attack and others shows how difficult it is to distinguishcyber warfare and espionage from a bewildering array of threats that includes hacktivists, social malcontents, criminals and others. The design ... In ...

US-India Cyber Diplomacy: A Waiting Game
Huffington Post
India, however, before openly committing to either side, has a clear national interest in streamlining its internal cyber capabilities evidenced by the establishment of the public-private sector group under the auspices of the National Security Council ...

Cyber security efforts won't necessarily fall victim to budget cuts, says ...
Government Security News
Even though the axe stands ready to fall on the defense budget in the coming months, it won't necessarily sever Cyber security efforts underway in some intelligence operations, said a top government official. In remarks at the SINET D.C. Showcase in ...

AMD, Intel Partner to Form Cyber Security Research Alliance
In addition, the CSRA is in discussions with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) involving the arrangement of a joint cyber-security research symposium in early 2013 to connect researchers and early adopters from across the ...


General Dynamics' TNE Cyber Security Capability Approved for Classified ...
Sacramento Bee
Using TNE, military and government customers can share sensitive information across securityboundaries from a single shared network. This reduces cyber operating and maintenance costs and improves operational flexibility. TNE also secures cloud-based ...

Killer Apps: Napolitano: US and allies must improve info sharing on cyber threats
Foreign Policy (blog)
As cybersecurity grows in importance, the United States and its allies need to improve information-sharing and collaboration on cyber threats, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said today. While the United States does share information about ...
The Cyber Trade War - By Adam Segal | Foreign Policy
The Cyber Trade War. The showdown between China and the United States over telecommunications technology is about much more than just security. BY ADAM SEGAL | OCTOBER 25, 2012. On Oct. 8, the House Select Intelligence ...
Foreign Policy

Cyber War Rooms: Why IT Needs New Expertise To Combat ...
By Avi Chesla
The characteristics of cyber attack campaigns have fundamentally changed, but tactics to mitigate them as well as best practices employed by IT security organizations has not. The fundamental change is the attack length – sounds simplistic, ...
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