US cybersecurity report points to China

US cybersecurity report points accusing finger at China - "While it is still unknown who in China, specifically, is doing the hacking, technical gains are helping trackers trace cyberespionage "campaigns" back to the country. Among the culprits, according to the annual report to Congress of the US-China Economic and Security Review Commission: The People's Liberation Army. Informal "cyber warfare militia" composed of workers with high-tech day jobs that focus on military communications, electronic warfare, and computer network operations. Three intelligence and security service ministries. Patriotic hackers conducting espionage out of nationalist fervor. Criminal hackers conducting industrial espionage for private, state-owned, or government clients. Big IT companies and telecommunications firms."

Obama May Sign Cyber Security Executive Order
CIO Today
"If signing an executive order does nothing other than help move cyber securityspending up the stack of 2013 IT budgets, it will be a win for us all." Cyber securityreform died in the Senate once again. But President Obama may sign an ... the United...

CIO Today

Cyber Security Bill Blocked in U.S. Senate
eSecurity Planet
"Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said recently that attacks on U.S. financial institutions and stock exchanges showed the need for more cybersafeguards. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said last month that unnamed foreign elements had ...

eSecurity Planet

'Spectacular' Cyber Attack Looms: Security Official (blog)
Congress failed to push the Cyber Security Act of 2012, a bill that enabled the federal government to take control of all communication capabilities—including the cybersecurity standards of water, power, and utility companies—during a cyberemergency ... (blog)

Cyber security at the cost of privacy?
... Report, the government's surveillance of internet users is on the rise with India ranking second in accessing private details of its citizens, next only to the US. Watch full show: ...

Killer Apps: Dozens of cyber vulnerabilities found at Department of Energy ...
Foreign Policy (blog)
At a time when senior defense officials are sounding the alarms about the potential for a devastatingcyber attack against America's critical infrastructure, the U.S. Department of Energy's inspector general (IG) has found dozens of unaddressed cyber ...

Cyber-threat is real and 'potentially devastating,' former CSIS spy warns
Edmonton Journal
"One significant cyber-attack on a critical infrastructure node will bring calamity upon all of us," Boisvert said during a panel discussion sponsored by the Canadian Association for Security and Intelligence Studies. "I will say categorically from my ...

Cyber attack issues and security in the news
Speaking from the Senate floor, Reid said the White House believes the cybersecurity bill is of critical importance to the nation's security. Reid signaled that he's aiming to move to the cyber bill before the Senate breaks for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thinking about Security from the Inside Out
Wired (blog)
Historically, IT security has been all about defending against external threats. However, the recent cyber-attack against oil giant Saudi Aramco reinforces the need to give equal weight to internal threats as well. On August 15, 2012, an insider at ...
Wired (blog)

Insight: Lockheed's F-35 logistics system revolutionary but risky
Chicago Tribune
But having such a large and widely dispersed group increases exposure to cyber attacks, said Ben Freeman, national security investigator with the non-profit Project on Government Oversight. "Even if Lockheed has top-notch cyber security, it's still ...

Lame Duck Threat: Cyber Security
Harry Reid may bring another big-government cyber security bill--perhaps the so- called Whitehouse-Kyl compromise--to the floor during the lame duck session.

What to Read on Cybersecurity | Foreign Affairs
There is an unfortunate tendency among journalists and politicians to call every breach in computersecurity an act of cyberwar, when, in fact, the vast majority of ...

OSCE's Cyber Security Confidence Building Measures Revealed by ...
This second batch of documents contains up-to-date information on the OSCE's Internal Working Group 1039 whose mandate (.pdf) is to create cyber security ...

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