Cyber attack by Stuxnet?

new cyber attack by Stuxnet
The Age
An Iranian semi-official news agency says there has been another cyber attack by the sophisticated computer worm Stuxnet, this time on the industries in the country's south. Tuesday's report by ISNA quotes provincial civil defence chief Ali Akbar ...

The Age

Iran foils new cyber attack on industrial units: Report
Times of India
TEHRAN: Iran has repelled a fresh cyber attack on its industrial units in a southern province, a local civil defence official said on Tuesday, accusing "enemies" of non-stop attacks against its infrastructure. "A virus had penetrated some manufacturing ...

Times of India

Iran Thwarts US Cyber Attack: Report
by IANS 26th December, 2012 in Security. Iran thwarted a "cyber attack originated from the US city of Dallas via switches in Malaysia and Vietnam on one of Iranian culture ministry institutes," Xinhua reported. According to the Fars news agency, the ...

Defeating the cyber criminals
BBC News
Cyber warfare is all hype. That's the belief of a number of critics. But it is also the aim of technology experts active in the field of cyber security to take the hype out of so-called cyber warfare. Gareth Mitchell talks to the former US air force ...

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