White House Cyber Security Order

Does the White House have the cart before the horse?--

'Leaked' Draft of White House Cyber Security Order Not Worth the Wait | CIO Blogs: "If it’s so serious why is it that the rest of the order does little more than ask various agencies to issue reports and make recommendations about what to do next? Should the President have received those recommendations before issuing the order? The first action called for is the "timely production of unclassified versions of all reports of cyber threats to the U.S. homeland that identify a specific targeted entity." DHS is in charge of doing this so you know it will be a cluster[BLEEP]. (Also, why are they calling it the "U.S. homeland"?) How is that different than the plain ol’ U.S.?) The otherwise powerless Director of National Intelligence gets to track "all of these reports and notifications." I guess he finished painting the White House fence."

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