Hackers circulate tainted version of China cyber security report

Hackers circulate tainted version of China cyber security report
BOSTON (Reuters) - Unknown hackers are trying to infect computers by capitalizing on strong interest in a recent report by a security firm that accuses the Chinese military of supporting widespread cyber attacks on U.S. companies. Tainted digital ...

Cyber-Security: Stand Down, for Now, Congress
After years of often-alarmist rhetoric about the threat of deadly cyber-attacks – and repeated calls for government to 'do something' to address the threat – President Obama has finally issued a comprehensive executive order on cyber-security. Yet the...


Experts urge government to set cyber-security standards for private sector
Ottawa Citizen
Keith Alexander, the head of U.S. Cyber Command, said Thursday at an Ottawa conference that he fears security threats will escalate until "the private sector can no longer handle it and the government is going to have to step in." Photograph by: Sean ...

Cyber Wars: Rogue Groups More Dangerous than China
The Fiscal Times
Cyber warfare has dominated the national security dialogue this week after reports that China has been systematically attacking U.S. computer networks--from the Defense Department to The New York Times to JP Morgan Chase. But the greatest threat does ...

The Fiscal Times

DHS launches online Cyber security education effort
Government Security News
DHS wants government and private sector workers a jump on Cyber security threats with a new online one-stop resource for career, training and education information. The agency launched what it calls a “national initiative for Cyber security careers and ...

M.D. Guv Names Cyber Security Director
Martin O'Malley tapped a private-sector cyber security veteran to lead a push to promote that industry's job growth in the state, he announced in a visit to Hanover company KEYW Corp. Tuesday. Jeani Park will serve as Maryland's director ofcyber ...


HITRUST to bolster health cyber-security
Healthcare IT News
The Executive Order, issued Feb. 12 by President Obama following his State of the Union address, warns that "the cyber threat to critical infrastructure continues to grow and represents one of the most serious national security challenges we must ...

Florida Utility Company Hit by Cyber Attack
eSecurity Planet
"But the utility wasn't able to process payments through its automatic phone system or over its website. The cyber attack was inundating the utility's computers with so much data that it overloaded them. 'It slowed down and basically brought our ...

eSecurity Planet

China Cyber Attacks: A Reminder to Strengthen U.S. Cyber Defense
This is the latest media company to report a cyber attack. With news that some of the nation's largest media ... Mandiant, a Virginia-based U.S. cyber security firm that tracks hundreds of cyber spying cases around the world, has said that a secretive ...


A look back at cyber-security in 2012 | PandaLabs Blog
By Luis Corrons
Everything you need to know about Internet threats.
PandaLabs Blog

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