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Fort Gordon or Fort Meade?

Growth of military cyber security could benefit Fort Gordon | The Augusta Chronicle"Plans to expand the military’s cyber warfare capabilities could benefit Fort Gordon, or at least diminish the effects of other planned force reductions, military and government sources said. Plans by the Department of Defense for a massive expansion of the joint U.S. Cyber Command have been reported in recent weeks, with some accounts speculating that as many as 4,000 personnel could be added by 2016. . . . About 17,000 active and reserve military personnel from all four services train at Fort Gordon each year, according to spokesman J.C. Mathews. That includes all Army personnel who need skills required by cyber security and warfare. “Fort Gordon hosts the Army Signal Center of Excellence, home to all the Army’s computer training, and that training would be applicable to any unit, anywhere, that requires soldiers with advanced information technology training,” he said. Mathews said Fort Gordon also is where Signal Corps has its Information Protection Technician course for warrant officers. “As far as the future is concerned, the Army is studying the addition of new enlisted and officer specialties for the protection of information systems,” he said. “Current plans call for that training to take place at Fort Gordon, should the Army establish those career fields.”. . . Tuckey said there is a behind-the-scenes struggle to determine where the Army’s headquarters for its Cyber Command will be. Some want it at Fort Gordon, while other powerful elements are lobbying for Fort Meade, Md. He said the “next decision point” is about three months away, but there is an active effort to present Fort Gordon as the best choice for the command headquarters.. . . "

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