Cyber attacks growing more advanced

Cyber attacks growing more advanced - report
Upstream Online
The threats posed by state-backed intelligence outfits, industry insiders and freelance hackers is evolving and could deal a blow to US national security and economic competitiveness, the non-partisan think tank said in a report this week. "Once in the ...

West must work with the rest to secure Internet
At a time when China and the US are striving to build a new type of relationship, it is imperative that both should be guided by good faith, one of the basic requirements of international relations of whichcyber security affairs is a part. They should ...

Nation at high risk of cyber attacks
VietNamNet Bridge
The study, which was based on data from the Kaspersky Security Network cloud service, found that what was once a subset of spam has evolved into a rapidly growing cyber threat in its own right.Phishing is a form of internet fraud in which criminals ...

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