NSA wasting money and resources - Terrorists Don't Use Verizon. Skype or Gmail

Sorry, NSA, Terrorists Don't Use Verizon. Or Skype. Or Gmail. | Motherboard: . . . Or, as Bloomberg more bluntly puts it, the "infrastructure set up by the National Security Agency ... may only be good for gathering information on the stupidest, lowest-ranking of terrorists. The Prism surveillance program focuses on access to the servers of America’s largest Internet companies, which support such popular services as Skype, Gmail and iCloud. These are not the services that truly dangerous elements typically use." Read more: http://motherboard.vice.com/blog/hey-nsa-terrorists-dont-use-verizon-or-skype-or-gmail#ixzz2XLaWIu4z Follow us: @motherboard on Twitter | motherboardtv on Facebook

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