Clinton confirms al-Qa'ida cyber attack

Clinton confirms al-Qa'ida cyber attack
The Australian
US cyber experts hacked Yemeni websites, replacing al-Qa'ida propaganda that bragged about killing Americans, Hillary Clinton confirmed yesterday. In a rare public admission of the covert cyberwar against extremists, the US Secretary of State said ...

Yemen Al Qaeda Websites Hacked By US State Department, Clinton Says
Huffington Post
By KIMBERLY DOZIER 05/23/12 09:44 PM ET Cyber security analysts that are part of the defense team watch their computers after power was shut off by attackers during a mock exercise at the Department of Homeland Security's secretive cyber defense ...

US Government Used Cyber Attacks Against Al Qaeda
The United States is often the target of foreign-based cyber attacks, but recently dished out some retribution against an Al Qaida website. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton openly discussed a recent cyber attack success, with the US targeting Al ...


Al Qaeda Cyber attack video shows urgent need for protections, says Lieberman
Government Security News
An Al Qaeda-produced video uncovered by the FBI that calls for Cyber attacks on US infrastructure shows the urgent need for Cyber security standards, said the leaders of the Senate HomelandSecurity committee. The video calls for attacks on a range of ...

Clinton: US hacked Yemeni al Qaeda websites
CBS News
Clinton described the cyber effort as part of a larger, multipronged attack on terrorism that goes beyond attacks like the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden to include the propaganda battle, and the longer, slower campaign of diplomats working ...

CBS News

SAIC Launches Inaugural Utah Cyber Defense Challenge and Symposium 2012
MarketWatch (press release)
Governor Gary Herbert recognizes the importance of increased awareness and knowledge ofcybersecurity trends, and the impact of cyber issues on Utah business. "Utah continues to grow in national prominence as a bastion for business and careers," said ...

Clinton: US hacked Al Qaeda
In a rare public admission of the covert cyber war against extremists, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says US cyber experts based at the State Department hacked tribal websites, replacing Al Qaeda propaganda that bragged about killing ...

Clinton: US Wars With Al-Qaida on the Web
ABC News
Clinton says the cyber maneuver was launched by an interagency group of specialists, including diplomats, special operators and intelligence analysts, housed at the State Department. Called the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications, ...

ABC News

U.S. Now Fighting Al Qaeda for Hearts and Minds of Internet Users
New York Magazine
The State Department rarely discusses its cyber-warfare efforts against Al Qaeda (though publicizing that the government employs a crack team of hackers could give Internet-addicted teens new career aspirations). The online battle isn't one-sided.

New York Magazine

US hacked al-Qa'ida sites, says Hillary Clinton
The Independent
Secretary of state Mrs Clinton said the cyber-attack was launched by US State Department specialists who patrol the web and social media to counter al-Qa'ida's attempts to recruit new followers. It was a rare public admission of the ongoing covert ...

US hacks Al Qaeda websites in Yemen
Toronto Star
Read more:Yemen marks somber day after blast kills 100 soldiers Clinton described the cyber effort as part of a larger, multi-pronged attack on terrorism that goes beyond attacks like the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden to include the ...

US hacked Yemen al-Qaeda sites: Clinton
Brisbane Times
AP US cyber experts hacked Yemeni websites, replacing al-Qaeda propaganda that bragged about killing Americans, Secretary of State Hillary has confirmed. In a rare public admission of the covertcyber war against extremists, Clinton says cyber experts ...

Clinton: US hacked Yemeni al-Qaeda sites
TAMPA (AP) – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says US cyber experts hacked al-Qaeda propaganda online in Yemen, changing ads that bragged about killing Americans into ads that showed the death toll of al-Qaeda attacks against Yemenis.


Execs to Study Cyber Security in New NYU-Poly Master's Degree Track
Sacramento Bee
By Polytechnic Institute of New York University NEW YORK, May 23, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Because defending institutional data against attack depends equally on cyber security experts as well as executives who command management and technical skills, ...

US intelligence looks to academia for future cyber spies
The Hill (blog)
By Carlo Munoz - 05/23/12 02:00 PM ET The US intelligence community is turning to America's institutions of higher education to help build a new generation of spies for the cyber world. Officials from the National Security Agency have developed an ...

US hacked Al Qaeda websites in Yemen, says Hillary Clinton
(-/AFP/Getty Images) The US government's cyber experts recently hacked into Al Qaeda websites in Yemen, Hillary Clinton has said. In what the Associated Press called "a rare public admission of the covert cyber war against extremists," the Secretary of ...

Advancing Cyber History at the Atlantic Council
SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)
As Alex points out, a look at cyber history also yields some meatspace parallels: The similarities and overlaps between cyber and physical crime also mean that many solutions are the same as for any crime wave. Much of cybersecurity focuses on reducing ...

“ITEC Demonstrates That UK Government is Making Cyber a Priority”
09:00 GMT, May 24, 2012 Baroness Pauline Neville-Jones, the UK Government's Special Representative to Business for Cyber Security, has commended ITEC's first Cyber SecurityTraining and Education Workshop for the significant attention it has drawn to ...

'Digital Divas' at EMU: Leaders encourage girls to seek careers in cyber security
Nearly 300 area middle and high school girls participated in Eastern Michigan University's cyber security workshop Wednesday, which was created in hopes of developing interest in information assurance and cyber security fields.

NASA and cybersecurity: Ground control to Major Tom?
While NASA has not confirmed the hack, the agency has been struggling for sometime withcybersecurity. The Iranian group calling itself the "Cyber Warriors Team" bragged about their feat in a May 16 post on Pastebin. NASA is reportedly investigating ...

Yemeni tribal website hacked by US, divulges Hilary Clinton
Global News Desk
By marion US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton admitted that cyber experts based at her department hacked Yemeni tribal websites, and tracked messages about killing Americans. “Within 48 hours, our team plastered the same sites with altered versions of ...

Turning The Tables On Al Qaeda: US Hacks Websites, Switches Out Anti-America Ads
International Business Times
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton revealed Wednesday the different covert approach the US is taking to fight the extremist group in the cyber world. She was speaking at a Tampa conference attended by hundreds of US and international special operations ...

International Business Times

NSA Starting Cyber Program For College Students
The National Security Agency has launched a new cybersecurity initiative that targets college students to fill jobs in this sector, the agency announced Monday. The National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Operations Program aims to encourage ...

Cyber-Attacks Can Slow Down Innovation in Malaysia – Report
Tech Wire Asia
With the security concerns in the region, officials say Malaysian firms and organizations need to be more aware of the risks, and become proactive in fighting cyber-crimes. Cybersecurity is important for technology and innovation in Malaysia.

Tell Obama to Outlaw Cyberspying on Americans, says UmeNow CEO
Houston Chronicle
UmeNow supports the cybersecurity stance taken by Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) who said on Monday that the Senate's cybersecurity legislation being pushed by Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) is an overreaction to cyber ...

Threats of Electronic Jihad - Is this the wake up call?
Security analysts have hypothesized for years that Al Qaeda may turn to cybersecurity vs. leveraging physical attacks. Reports have been published before about attacks on power grids and banks. Each attack might have been the equivalent for some of a ...

Malware attack on Android up 1200 pc in 1Q12
“In the first quarter of 2012, we have already detected eight million new malware samples, showing that malware authors are continuing their unrelenting development of new malware,” said Vincent Weafer, senior vice president, McAfee Labs.

Senate Cybersecurity Bills Under Fire From CISPA Opponents
Only this time, the group is targeting two Senate bills that contain language similar to CISPA (theCyber Information Sharing and Protection Act), a controversial bill passed by the House of Representatives in a rushed vote in April.

Cassidian undertakes first public demonstration in Middle East of an ...
AME Info
Cassidian CyberSecurity has undertaken the first public demonstration in the Middle East of an integrated offer dedicated to protecting oil and gas industrial processes from the threat of cyber crime. On the occasion of the "Cyber Security Forum for ...

AME Info

Sheriff establishes own IT division
The Daily News Journal
Motive for the cyber attack was unclear. County IT Security Officer JP Jarboe said at the time that it didn't appear any confidential files were compromised, but he was concerned that the hackers were able to make it past county security.

Advancing Cyber History at the Atlantic Council
By admin
On 16 May 2012 I attended, with Alex Olesker and defense contractor Robert Caruso the Atlantic Council/Cyber Conflict Studies Association's event “Lessons From Our Cyber Past: The First CyberCops.” Jason ... For example, why do so many cybersecurity and information warfare discussions ignore the Cuckoo's Egg case? ... One interesting subject, covered to some extent in the briefing, is the tension between evolving law enforcement approaches and national security imperatives.

Information assurance and security and cyber warfare is muskets in ...
By sam
Professors Sam and Sydney Liles: Cyber warfare, privacy, computer security, computer forensics, technology, software engineering, running, life in general, and more. front page · Terms of Use · Attribution · RSS. Selil header image 2 ...

War News Updates: The U.S. Is Waging Cyber War Against Al Qaeda
By War News Updates Editor
The U.S. Is Waging Cyber War Against Al Qaeda. Last week, AQAP launched a new series of banner attack ads focusing on them fighting the Americans, with US-flag-draped coffins, the official explained. The State Department team countered ...
War News Updates

Corporate Boards Still In the Dark About Cybersecurity » FISMA Focus
By jim
As the U.S. natural gas pipeline sector and the Department of Homeland Security square off against malicious cyber intrusions aimed at companies, along comes yet another study that highlights serious governance shortcomings of critical ...

Hillary Clinton: U.S. Hacked Al Qaeda - Yeshiva World News
By Y.W. Editor
Clinton says the cyber attack was launched by an interagency group of specialists, including diplomats, special operators and intelligence analysts, housed at the State Department. Called the Center for Strategic Counterterrorism ...
Yeshiva World News

The Environment Becomes A National Security Concern | DoDLive
By jtozer
... working to try to ensure from a security perspective that we take measures that will help facilitate and maintain power in the event of an interruption of the commercial grid that could be caused, for example, by a cyber attack which is a reality ...

'SOCA's weak response to a recent DDoS attack sends the wrong ...
By Public Service
AndrĂ© Stewart, president international at Corero Network Security, argues that the Serious Organised Crime Agency should have taken a recent DDoS attack more seriously… ... defence protection "a good use of taxpayers' money" fails to take into account potentially serious security consequences. Further, it sends the wrong message to cyber criminals at a time when businesses and organisations in the United Kingdom and around the world operate under continuous threat of attack.
Latest Public Sector Features...

Securing Your Virtual Environment: A Lowdown - The Nation
Recently, virtualization giant VMware scrambled to release security patches for an ESX server hypervisor source code leak that was published in April and allegedly perpetrated by a hacker from the global collective Anonymous. The recent patch repaired critical vulnerabilities that could have enabled an attacker to execute malicious code remotely on the host and leave an end-user's virtualized environment susceptible to a compromising cyber attack. Among other things, the incident... - Technology

Daily Defense Briefing | Wings Over Iraq
By Courtney Messerschmidt
The stakes couldn't be higher for the Defense Department—and America's long-term nationalsecurity. Civilian and military leaders continue to voice ... Cybersecurity. State Department cyberexperts recently hacked into Web sites being used by al-Qaeda's affiliate in Yemen and substituted the group's anti-American rhetoric with information about civilians killed in terrorist strikes, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Wednesday. – Washington Post. An al Qaeda video calling ...
Wings Over Iraq

Place Security Controls at Multiple Levels | Radware Blog
By Deborah Manor
An SQL injection attack is designed to exploit a web application vulnerability and execute code in the backend database in order to gain access to stored data such as account and credit card numbers or any stored personally identifiable information (PII). An SQL injection ... Protecting your company's applications and network against cyber attacks like SQL injection is daunting enough without the added concerns of preventing data leakage and privacy infringement. With all the extra ...
Radware Blog

White House Names New Cybersecurity Chief
The White House moved quickly Thursday to name Michael Daniel as President Obama'scybersecurity adviser to replace retiring Howard Schmidt.

Civil liberties advocates call Senate cybersecurity bills -
Ain't nobody pleasing civil liberties groups these days. At least not any lawmakers proposing majorcybersecurity legislation on Capitol Hill. After blasting a ...

ANON takes credit for cyber attack on City of Chicago and CPD ...
Federal authorities and Chicago police are investigating the attack and don't know the extent ...

ECA Action Alert: CISPA and the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 ...
The Entertainment Consumers Association (ECA) has sent out an action alert calling on its members and the general public to take action against the House bill ...

Cyber Risk Insurance: An Ideal DDoS Cyber Attack Response Plan
What is at stake during a DDoS attack? Downtime, losing customers and public trust. According to a new Neustar study more than 300 businesses reported ...

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