Pentagon expands contractor cybersecurity program

Pentagon boosts contractor cybersecurity program
Greater information-sharing between the Pentagon and the so-called defense industrial base is an important step to catch up with "widespread" cyber threats to US national security, Ashton Carter, the deputy defense secretary, said in a statement.

Q&A of the week: 'The current state of the cyber warfare threat' featuring ...
ZDNet (blog)
ZDNet's Zero Day new weekly feature called 'Q&A of the Week' aims to bring you invaluable insights from industry leaders, and internationally recognized experts in the areas of cyber security, cyber crime and cyber warfare.

ZDNet (blog)

Cyber-Threat Cooperation Emerging Between US Industry and Government
As first reported by the Christian Science Monitor, since March DHS has been alerting organizations to a cyber-threat campaign aimed at industry networks (and which investigators believe may be linked to the 2011 cyber attack on RSA, Inc.).

Pentagon to expand cybersecurity program for defense contractors
Washington Post
“The expansion of voluntary information sharing between the department and the defense industrial base represents an important step forward in our ability to stay current with emergingcyber threats,” Ashton B. Carter, deputy secretary of defense, ...

Cyber-spies will target smartphones, tablets: CSIS report
Globe and Mail
Opportunities for malicious hackers are growing as computer systems move from the back rooms of corporations and government agencies into the palms and laptops of employees, says the Canadian Security Intelligence Service assessment. “New cyber attack ...

Feds: Cyber attacks target natural gas pipeline operators
By SIW Editorial Staff Source: According to recent report from the Department of Homeland Security's Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT), several natural gas pipeline companies have been the targets ...

Civil liberties groups oppose Senate cyber bill
More than 30 civil liberties groups have come out against the leading cybersecurity bill in the Senate. In a letter to Congress, the groups said the Cyber Security Act of 2012 would allow companies like Facebook and Verizon to share customer ...

Howes calls for cyber espionage inquiry
Sydney Morning Herald
AAP Union heavyweight Paul Howes has renewed his attack on China's trading practices, calling for an inquiry into allegations of cyber espionage. The AWU national secretary says Australian manufacturers and food producers are being forced to compete on ...

FBI warns travelers of pop-up window cyber-attacks
But it lacks so many key details that security experts wonder if it's of any use. It doesn't say where these attacks have occurred, how prevalent they are, or how exactly they work. Graham Cluely, a blogger with antivirus vendor Sophos, found the lack ...

Severity of software security risks rising
The HP 2012 Cyber Security Report defines these high-risk vulnerabilities as holes in software that allow hackers to take unfettered control of a computer or server over the internet. It adds that finding these security holes has become a lucrative ...

INFORMATION WARFARE: Her Majesty's Forces Have Been Compromised
Strategy Page
For example, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office was under heavy cyber-attack for several months, apparently in an effort to obtain secret details of government plans and techniques for supporting British exports. Government Internet security officials ...

The Independent Investor: Cyber Attacks: Who Is On The Frontline? (blog)
This week on Capitol Hill lawmakers are getting down to debating the pros and cons of passing one of several versions of a cyber-security bill. Everyone hopes the eventual legislation will launch a counterattack on an army of highly sophisticated ...

Cyber criminals infect Amnesty website to spread Trojan
by Alastair Stevenson Cyber criminals have targeted Amnesty International's UK website, infecting it with hostile malware designed to spread to the site's visitors.Security firm Websense said it had discovered a remote access Trojan (RAT) running on ...

McCain Asks Keith Alexander For Cyber Bill Support
Alexander is the head of both US Cyber Command and the National Security Agency. Congress is debating several cybersecurity bills, including one putting the Department of HomelandSecurity in charge of cybersecurity and another, which McCain supports, ...

Interpol: Organized Crime Behind Cyber Attacks
Midsize Insider
The head of Interpol, the international police agency, said that organized criminal gangs are behind most cyber-crime attacks. Cyber-crime is also increasingly international in structure. The message for midsize firms and their IT managers: You are a ...

Difference Engine: Swamped with data
The Economist (blog)
To say the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), which the House of Representatives approved on April 26th by a 248-168 majority, is controversial is to put it mildly. The bill is essentially an amendment of the National Security Act ...

The Economist (blog)

TCS cybersecurity portfolio stresses proactive, not reactive, mitigation
Urgent Communications
“People typically don't expect that a cyber attack will cripple them completely or drive them out of business,” Morin said. The first step toward cybersecurity is to assign the enterprise an ESP Quotient, which quantifies the needs, ...

Pentagon makes cyber intelligence sharing program permanent
Infosecurity Magazine
The Department of Defense (DoD) is developing “rules of engagement” for cyberwar to enable the US military to “take action” against cyber adversaries, Pentagon officials told a House Armed Services Committee panel this week.

Natural gas pipeline hacking linked with China
PennEnergy- Energy News (press release)
Days after a report surfaced that the country's natural gas infrastructure has been under an ongoing cyber attack, investigators believe they may have identified a link to China, according to a report from The Christian Science Monitor.

First Responder R&D, Moving Target Cybersecurity, and More
SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)
By Bob Gourley Senator John McCain once again pushes for a greater role for the Department of Defense in cybersecurity and asks for Gen. Kieth Alexander of Cyber Command to support his Secure IT of 2012 bill. More here. Interpol will make countering ...

EU in "big trouble" on cyber security
By Brian Beary in Washington | Friday 11 May 2012 Cyber security is becoming an increasingly prominent issue in the transatlantic political community. Henry Farrell, associate professor of political science and international affairs at George ...

Afghan managers train in cyber defence
NATO HQ (press release)
The training, funded by the NATO Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme, demonstrates NATO's long-term commitment to Afghanistan during the transition phase and beyond. "With the transition in Afghanistan, the country needs more cyber defence ...

NATO HQ (press release)

Exclusive: potential China link to cyberattacks on gas pipeline companies
Christian Science Monitor
Three confidential alerts since March and a public report on May 4 by the Department of Homeland Security warn of a "gas pipeline sector cyber intrusion campaign," which apparently began in December. That campaign, against an undisclosed number of ...

Christian Science Monitor

Businesses warned their cyber systems are under siege
New Mexico Business Weekly
From left, Sage Technology Partners Inc. President Jared Logan, Vice President Ben Mroczek and CTO Ram Basnet at OSO Technologies' data storage center in Albuquerque, where Sage stores its systems for cyber security monitoring and defense services.

California leads the country in complaints of cyber crime
Sacramento Bee
By Claudia Buck California led the country in cyber-crime complaints and dollar losses to victims last year, according to a study released today by the Internet Crime Complaint Center, a partnership of the FBI, National White Collar Crime Center and ...

Mother's Day: 5 ways to be best cyber mom
So, it is essential for parents to monitor their children and teach them healthy habits of the cyber world BANGALORE, INDIA: With children indiscriminately indulging in information exchange leading to an increasing rate of cyber exploits, mothers have ...


Photoshop, Illustrator users must pay for critical security updates
ZDNet (blog)
Adobe justifies the decision by saying that Photoshop and Illustrator are not targets for cyber-attacks and notes that these fixes are listed as “Priority 3,” meaning that affected uses can install the update “at their discretion.

A student at the University of Vermont is expected to be cited into court in ...
Norwich University computer systems were hacked in a cyber attack April 30. The attack from former...- 12:02 pm We've reached Day 95 of the press rebuild at FreePressMedia. Good news, we're actually done with...- 12:09 pm In 22 years living in Vermont, ...

CISPA and SOPA and What Older Generations Just Don't Get About the Internet
The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) is the latest in a slew of proposed bills over the past few years aimed at reducing various types of online offenses. The latest US war, it seems, is the war on cybercrime.

Cybersecurity bill passes despite concerns
Buffalo Business First
The House passed a controversial cybersecurity bill, but privacy advocates vow to defeat its information-sharing provisions when the battle moves to the Senate. The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act passed on a 248-168 vote April 26.

South China Sea Spat goes Cyber
The Diplomat
As with previous territorial disputes in East Asia these days (see China-Vietnam, China-Japan, and Korea-Japan), the political, diplomatic, and military maneuvering has a cyber component. On April 20, Chinese hackers attacked the website of the ...

Teen TeaMp0isoN Hacker Arrested in UK
eSecurity Planet
By Jeff Goldman | May 10, 2012 A 17-year-old boy was recently arrested in the UK, accused of involvement in several cyber attacks with the TeaMp0isoN hackergroup. "The boy, who police suspect used the hacker nickname 'MLT' and was a spokesman for ...

eSecurity Planet

US seeking to build international unity around cyber defence for industrial ...
Computerworld New Zealand
In the interests of thwarting cyberattacks on critical infrastructure such as energy, water and manufacturing, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is quietly reaching out to other governments around the world to find what problems may exist ...

Look at the world of hi-tech crimes, elite hackers and cyber police at the ...
Media Update
According to US Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) cyber-expert and key-note speaker Kenneth Gears, who will be addressing the subject of cyber warfare, recent research reveals some key reason for attacks: By attack reason: • Mobile devices ...

Media Update

Rockefeller opposes dropping cybersecurity mandates from Senate bill
Infosecurity Magazine
Democrats in the US Senate are revamping their cybersecurity legislation to make it more palatable for Republicans. The Obama administration on Wednesday simulated a cyber attackon the New York City power grid during a summer heat wave in an effort to ...

NEW: Langevin Backs Major Defense Bill Necessary to Support Troops, National ...
One measure encourages the Department of Defense (DOD) to work with international and domestic partners to defend our electric grid and other vital industries in conjunction with institutions nationally recognized as Cyber Centers of Excellence, ...


Civil liberties groups come out against White House's preferred cybersecurity bill
The Hill (blog)
It would also set minimum cybersecurity standards for critical infrastructure, such as electrical grids or gas pipelines. The measure is widely considered to have stronger privacy protections than the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act ...

Mothers Day: 5 ways to be best cyber mom - CIOL News Reports
According to a McAfee study, 62 pc of kids share their personal information online not knowing the risks associated with it. So, it is essential for parents to monitor their children and teach them healthy habits of the cyber world.

CISPA could reinstate terror among U.S. citizens | It's a Gadget
By rec
The five reasons that did make it were cybersecurity reasons, to investigate a cyber crime, for national security, to protect individuals from the danger of death or serious bodily injury, and for the protection of minors from child pornography and ...
It's a Gadget

NATO Summit to Reaffirm Afghan Transition Plan » US Mission ...
The May 20–21 NATO Summit in Chicago will focus on the alliance's mission in Afghanistan, including its shift from a combat role to a supporting role for Afghan security forces, as well as defense capabilities and partnerships among member ... “ Looking out into the future, challenges to the United States and our allies can come from ballistic missile proliferation,cyber attack, terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, as well as from just the instability that we can see happening as turmoil ...
US Mission Geneva

Dataquest : Security : Managing DDoS Attacks
When we talk about security, especially with regard to the cyber security and attacks, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) has remained as a common and one of the biggest fear factors for the enterprises. Who could forget the attacks in 2009 ...

DHS: National Preparedness Report and Cybersecurity
Presidential Policy Directive 8: National Preparedness (PPD-8) describes the Nation's approach to preparing for the threats and hazards that pose the greatest ...

Cyber "Attack" Aimed at Pipeline Companies Was Handled ...
Here's the first thing you need to know about a reported "cyber attack" against natural gas pipeline operators that was revealed last week: It wasn't actually an ...

2 teens arrested in Norway in cyber attack case - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: Norwegian police say they have arrested two teenage hackers accused of so-called denial-of-service attacks against websites in Norway, ...

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