Crippling Cyber Attack Would Be Act of War

Leon Panetta: A Crippling Cyber Attack Would Be 'Act of War'
ABC News (blog)
You've said that we face the possibility of a cyber attack. This is one of the things you talked about last time with me, about how this was a very big, serious issue of concern for you. And you said it could be the equivalent of Pearl Harbor.

ABC News (blog)

Reputed Govt, private websites under hacker threat: Cyber agency
PTI | Updated: May 27, 2012 13:42 IST New Delhi: Computer security analysts have issued an alert for Internet users and operators against hackers attempting to target websites of "reputed" government and private organisations. Cyber security agencies...


Iran developing cyber response to attack
WASHINGTON – Iran has been working on cyber warfare capabilities that securityexperts say are aimed at critical US infrastructure systems, and could be launched in retaliation to any attack on its nuclear facilities, according to a report from Joseph ...

Federal Worker Savings Plan Computers Hit in Cyber-Attack
... month the FBI notified the Thrift Savings Plan, the contribution retirement savings plan for Federal employees, that a contractor's computer systems had been breached in a complex cyber-attackwith 123000 Social Security numbers being compromised.

International collaboration brings you insider perspectives on global cyber ...
Malta Independent Online
by Ron Kelson, Pierluigi Paganini Cyber security, civil liberties, our common welfare and the stability of nations. How bad is the cyber security situation really? If we have a serious securityproblem, how do we get ourselves out of this mess?

Failure to ratify treaty hinders national security
Recent Pentagon budgeting decisions - such as expanding space-based and cyber capabilities and improvements to the Navy's attack submarines - are designed to counter China's growing military capabilities. However, an even more effective tool remains ...

Invisible enemy
Business Recorder (blog)
Cyber-espionage and cyber-terrorism are stark realities. Department of Home Land Security [DHS} reported 100000 cyber-attacks in 2011, a five-fold increase over 2010. The hackers charts boast of such supposedly impenetrable and prestigious targets ...

Al Qaeda still planning to attack the US?
The Voice of Russia
Yesterday Hilary Clinton, the State Secretary of the United States, announced that in the State Department they have a special unit which is geared to act as antiterroristcyber attack unit, and that's why they say they attack the terrorist ...

The Voice of Russia

Games will be al-Qa'ida target, says Europol
The Independent
The Independent on Sunday has also established that the United States is warning that Britain faces a major cyber assault from organised crime gangs and protest groups targeting the Olympics. A report from the Department of Homeland Security says email ...

At West Point, Biden touts foreign policy, warns of new challenges (blog)
Highlighting emerging issues like China's economic might and the threat of cyberattacks, the vice president said that the winding down of the Iraq and Afghan conflicts allows the United States more flexibility to address new factors that influence the ... (blog)

United Nations' Proposal To Regulate Internet Going Before House This Week
... better fight cyber attacks and control how international Internet access is regulated. You can already see how such a proposal is a bad idea. Our own government is already trying to violate its citizens' privacy by using cybersecurity as an excuse.

Laying the Foundations for Preemptive Nuclear War Against Iran
Center for Research on Globalization
Although the recent conference in Baghdad failed to meet the expectations of its participants, Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany have agreed to hold another round of talks in Moscow on June 18th [5].

Center for Research on Globalization

Iran developing cyber response to attack
WASHINGTON – Iran has been working on cyber warfare capabilities that security experts say are aimed at critical U.S. infrastructure systems, and could be launched in retaliation to any attack on its nuclear facilities, according to a report from ...

DDoS attack against 123-reg, the Chinese paranoia | Security Affairs
By paganinip
We all know the huge potential of China on cyber espionage and cyber warfare, whose aggressive policy has offended repeatedly private Western companies. The news circulated immediately after theattack on the Asian source ohas raised ...
Security Affairs

Chemical Facility Security News: RuggedCom Update and ICS ...
By PJCoyle
As one would expect, there is nothing really new here, but it is a nice summary of the multiple levels of cyber protection that need to be employed to help reduce the effectiveness and impact of a targeted cyber-attack. Posted by PJCoyle at 7:52 ...
Chemical Facility Security News

Leveraging Hardware Design to Enhance Cyber Security Posture
By admin
CTO labs analysts produced this special report on enhancing cybersecurity posture in an enterprise by Leveraging Hardware Design. ... Leveraging Hardware Design to Enhance Cyber Security Posture. May 27, 2012 By admin. CTOlabs ...

Leon Panetta: A Crippling Cyber Attack Would Be 'Act of War ...
From Yahoo! News: I sat down with Defense Secretary Leon Panetta for a “This Week” interview and we discussed the growing threat from China. Read our ...

DailyTech - U.S. Government Used Cyber Attacks Against Al Qaeda
The United States government was able to launch a successful cyber attack against an Al Qaida group in Yemen.

Cybersecurity Norms for a Secure Cyber-Future - Microsoft Security ...
The official Microsoft Security Blog provides in-depth discussion of security, cybersecurity and technology trends affecting trust in computing, as well as timely ...

Sen. Ron Wyden Slams Cybersecurity Bills for Attempting to ...
said on Monday that the Senate's cybersecurity legislation being pushed by Sens . Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) is an overreaction to ...

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