Threat of cyber-attack on UK during London 2012

Threat of cyber-attack on UK during London 2012
Richard Clarke, the Home Office security and counter terrorism department director, claims that hackers appear to be becoming more aggressive and persistent in their efforts. This very real threat of a high-profile cyber-attack - at a time when London is poised ...

Russia's Top Cyber Sleuth Foils US Spies, Helps Kremlin Pals
Wired News
Russia's Top Cyber Sleuth Foils US Spies, Helps Kremlin Pals. By Noah Shachtman · Email Author... A group of 60 or so financial analysts, reporters, diplomats, and cybersecurity specialists shake off the previous night's tequila and file into a ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. At the front of the room, ... Worldwide, 50 million people are now members of the Kaspersky Security Network, sending data to the company's Moscow headquarters every time they download an application to their desktop. Microsoft, Cisco, and ...

Cloud, Cyber and Mobile Conferences Announce Session Track Topics
MarketWatch (press release)
The Cybersecurity Conference focuses on essential defensive security solutions from both the executive program view as well as the technical execution perspective. Track sessions include: -- Communication and Strategy for Cybersecurity Programs This ...

Not if or when, cyber war is happening now
Defense Systems
But still, that was not the comment that raised the eyebrows of cybersecurity practitioners and political pundits. Chairman Roger's stated, “We are today involved in a cyber war.” Some call his remarks fear mongering. Some dismissed these comments as a ...

State warns businesses of cyber security threats
Barre Montpelier Times Argus
Last month, the state held the first in a series of cyber-security workshops to make businesses aware of the problem and show them the precautions they can take to ensure their computer network is secure from breaches. ... “I think the whole idea of securing a business system is not fully understood by many small businesses,” said Stephenson, a cyber warfare and digital forensics expert. “This is ... One Vermont company keenly aware of the cost of a cyber attack is Small Dog Electronics in Waitsfield and Burlington.

The President talks cyber security, or is it just for political gain?
SC Magazine UK
While political leaders often write columns for a national newspaper, it is rare that it would be on national cyber security. So when I saw that US President Barack Obama had written an 800 word column titled 'Taking the cyber attack threat seriously' for the ...

Analysis: New cyber bill dials back regulatory aspects of earlier versions
Strayer worked on two reports for the BPC about the various cybersecurity bills Congress is considering: Cyber Security Task Force: Public/Private information sharing" and Cyber SecurityLegislation Privacy Protections are Substantially Similar." Rob Strayer, director, Homeland ... "The only actual requirement in there seems to be in that for a significant cyber incident, a company that owns critical infrastructure assets would have to report that to the government," Strayer said. The new bill establishes a council to ...

Homeland Security Official Visits Cal Poly's Cyber Camp
Comment. ‹ Back to Article. new Video_thumb. Embed | Share. Mark Weatherford, the Department of Homeland Security's deputy undersecretary for cybersecurity, addresses the roundtable at Cal Poly Pomona's cyber camp. July 20, 2012. context. Photos (8) ...

'Severe cyber attacks could wreak havoc at the Olympics'
Public Service
The Home Office has warned that cyber attacks pose as serious a threat to Britain's national security as terrorism, particularly as we gear up for the start of the London Olympic Games. Speaking at the National Security 2012 Conference in London, Richard Clarke, the ... This very real threat of a high-profile cyber attack – at a time when London is poised to be under the intense scrutiny of global press – is certainly an alarming prospect. Clarke also hinted at the staggering scale of the security effort being enforced ...

Public Service

EU Mulls New Rules for Cybersecurity
One of the elements that will form part of the planned E.U. Strategy on Cyber Security is a securitybreach reporting requirement. The Commission is also considering mandatory risk management practices for networks and information systems that are "critical ...

Stiffer penalties eyed against cyber-crimes
Manila Standard Today
The bill also identifies acts that constitute cyber terrorism such as cyber-terrorist attack, computerattack, virus attack, e-mail bombing, e-mail spamming, and hacking, among others. It punishescyber terrorists with imprisonment from six months to 12 years and ...

WASHINGTON – The five co-sponsors of bipartisan cybersecurity legislation introduced new, revised legislation Thursday to protect our national security, economic security, and life-sustaining services from increasingly commonplace cyber attacks.

This Week in Tech: Senators push for cybersecurity as time runs out
The Hill (blog)
Those voluntary cybersecurity practices would be developed by private industry groups but reviewed and approved by an inter-agency council headed by the secretary of Homeland Security. "In other words, we are going to try carrots instead of sticks as we ... The American Civil Liberties Union and Center for Democracy and Technology credited the revised version with ensuring companies sharedcyber threat information directly with civilian agencies. The White House is also applying a full-court press on getting the ...

INFORMATION WARFARE: Iran Goes Phishing For Syrian Rebels
Strategy Page
The attack came in the form of phony email addressed to a specific individual and made to appear it was from another rebel sympathizer or activist that the recipient knew. There was a file attached which, ... This is known in the trade as "spear fishing" (or "phishing"), which is an Cyber War technique that sends official looking email to specific individuals, with an attachment which, if opened, secretly installs a program that sends files from the email recipient's PC to the spear fisher's computer. In the past few years, ...

Hackers Target Somali Giant Dahabshiil
Mogadishu, Somalia — A group claiming to be the cyber hacker or hacktivist group Anonymous has threatened Dahabshiil an international funds transfer company and the leading bank in Somalia, Garowe Online reports. The group alleged it was the hacktivist group Anonymous, and threatened to... Dahabshiil while speaking to downplayed the cyber attack of its stations and said that the threat was "exaggerated". Although the bank did not verify the individuals it promised that despite the threats it ...

Proposed law to criminalize cyber-terrorism
MANILA -- Cyber-terrorists defacing government sites may soon face liabilities as two party-list lawmakers filed a House bill that would impose a fine of P200,000 to P1 million and imprisonment of at least six months to 12 years. Buhay party-list Representatives Mariano Michael ... Tieng added that the different acts that constitute cyber-terrorism are cyber-terrorist attack, computer attack, virus attack, e-mail bombing, e-mail spamming, hacking, among others. Some attacks also result in explosions, plane crashes, water ...

Obama Warns US on Cyber-Threats
Korea IT Times (press release)
WASHINGTON D.C., USA – Cyber-attacks pose the "most serious economic and national security" challenge America faces, said Barack Obama. The US ... The US had to do more to put essential defences in place to avoid the debilitating effects of an attack.

The Lesson of Google's Safari Hack
Wall Street Journal
... vulnerability to attacks by other, more malevolent, actors. The gaps in Safari's security and the ease with which Google found them pose a broader cybersecurity problem than the threat of some unwanted Web ads. Enlarge Image ... And that's the true lesson of Safarigate: We need a cyber strategy that creates legal rules to sanction both commercial and more-nefarious efforts to hijack control over our information-technology systems and devices. Mr. Chertoff, a former secretary of homeland security, is now chairman ...

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Senate to Consider Heavily Revised Cybersecurity Act
The Senate soon will debate a heavily revised cybersecurity bill aimed at identifying and correcting major vulnerabilities in the information systems in American critical infrastructure. The bill does not yet have scheduled time for ... chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and several other committee chairmen. The revised bill offers several significant changes to ... He called upon his colleague to act before "a cyber 9/11 occurs." According to Collins, owners and operators of ...

Facebook malware tricks users with charity donation requests
Computer Business Review
Security firm, Trusteer, reveals that cyber criminals are collecting credit card data from Facebook users by posing as children charities. ... This particular malware is able to attack unsuspecting users based on their country and language settings. The malware ...

Mahdi Malware: Another Middle East Cyber-Weapon Threat?
Midsize Insider
Mahdi Malware: Another Middle East Cyber-Weapon Threat? Added by Rick Robinson on Jul 23, 2012. Tweet. Another ... Security researchers at Symantec report that the Mahdi malware has infected computers in Iran, Israel, and other Middle Eastern countries, and also in the US and New Zealand. While the number of computers infected is modest, ... One such attachment was a Word document of a news item entitled " Israel's Secret Iran Attack Plan: Electronic Warfare." It only takes one employee with an interest in ...

Cybercriminal facing 25 years inside
ihotdesk - IT News
A 25-year-old man from Russia is facing extradition to the United States over allegations that he was involved in cyber attacks against the online retailer ... It is alleged that after theattack, he and co-conspirator Sergey Logashov revelled in their attempts to bring down the site onhacker forums. The charges ... Michael Fey, author of Security Battleground: An Executive Field Manual, recently said that the best way for people with your company to stop hackers is for them to be trained to think like hackers.

Dahabshiil Suffers Mysterious Hack Attack
Dahabshiil Suffers Mysterious Hack Attack. July 22, 2012 · 325880 ... Dahabshiil is also used by development, aid and security NGOs who depend on the bank speedy and reliable services especially in conflict zones like in Somalia. All international NGOs are not ... The group claims they have destroyed “Gigs of data” and infected lots of documents with “cyber-bombs” waiting to explode in less than two months. What makes this leak worse is ... By Abdiqani. Tags: somaliland Dahabshiil bank Anonymous hack attack ...

Russian arrested for Amazon attacks
Inspector Knacker of the Cyprus Yard has fingered the collar of a Russian who he thinks was involved in cyber attacks on Amazon and other online retailers in 2008. According to the Seattle Times, Dmitry Olegovick Zubakha, 25, of Moscow, is charged with ...


Dizon's Opposition to CISPA Reported in Global Business Newspaper
Pacific News Center
Guam - The Democratic challenger for the Guam delegate's seat, Karl Dizon, has issued a release which notes that a "global business newspaper", the IBTimes, is reporting on his opposition to CyberIntelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA). Dizon posted his opposition to CISPA on the social media website ... Cybersecurity continues to be a priority, but it must never threaten the American people's freedom to voice their thoughts online.” “Redditor Karlo Dizon Goes For The 'Biggest Upset Victory' In Guam ...

US spy chief to go to hacking party
China Daily
General Keith Alexander, director of the spy agency that has a focus on cyber security, will speak at the Defcon conference. He is the most senior US government official to ever visit the gathering. ...In addition to gathering information about the latest hacking techniques, US military and intelligence authorities "have paid close attention to young hackers, who they believe have a more promising career in Internet security defense and attack", Li said. Defcon offers a side conference for children, Defcon Kids, which ...

Federal Drive interviews -- July 23
Last time we checked in with the Bipartisan Policy Center, it had just issued a report saying the fourcybersecurity bills in Congress were more alike than not. Now there's a compromise bill in the Senate. And now, the Center's Cyber Security Task Force issued ...

Web hacker faces US extradition
Web hacker faces US extradition. By James Henderson, Monday, 23rd July, 2012 ..."These cyber bandits do serious harm to our businesses and their customers," said US Attorney Jenny Durkan in a statement. "But the old adage is true: the arm of the law is ...

(ISC)2 appoints Letteer and Lang to its government advisory board
Government Security News
Ray Letteer, CISSP, chief of the Cybersecurity Division of the Command, Control, Communications and Computer Department at Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps. Letteer oversees all efforts for cyber security and information assurance within the Marine ...

Dahabshiil denies Anonymous behind cyber-attack | Codkaxorriyadda
By CodkaXorriyadda
However, Dahabshiil told “Following our initial investigation into the cyber-attack, we now believe that earlier reports attributing the action to a particular protest group were inaccurate and exaggerated.” It said it was not in a ...

Sens. Collins and Lieberman: Don't Wait Until After a Cyber 9/11 to Act
Today, the Internet is under attack on all fronts. National Security Agency Director Gen. Keith Alexander blamed cyber-attacks for the “greatest transfer of wealth in history” estimating that U.S. companies lose about $250 billion a year through ...
Republican Main Street Partnership

Anonymous Hackers not responsible for attack on Dahabshiil | The ...
By (THN Reporter)
Buffer. Posted On 7/23/2012 06:40:00 AM By THN Security Analyst. There was an incident that a group claiming to be the cyber hacker or hacktivist group Anonymous has threatened Dahabshiil an international funds transfer company and the ...
The Hacker News [ THN ]

Chemical Facility Security News: Analysis of S 3414 – Critical Cyber ...
By PJCoyle
Analysis of S 3414 – National Cybersecurity Council ... If the Federal Government already has authority to compel the provision of cyber security information, then that information can presumably be used in the conduct of risk assessments.
Chemical Facility Security News

European Commission opens a public consulation on cybersecurity ...
By Alexia
As far as Network and Information Systems are concerned, the aim would be to enhance preparedness, strengthen the resilience of critical infrastructure as well as to foster a cyber-securityculture in the EU. The consultation ends October 12th.
Alexia Golez

How to Take Down a State's Power Grid, Transportation System, and ...
By Jeffrey Carr
... White House have a sense of what might occur, they don't seem to be aware of the technical vulnerabilities involved or they would know that none of the current cyber security bills pending in Congress could stop such an attack even if they ...
Digital Dao

Malware… It's all about you… | Security Affairs
By paganinip
Attacks can be mounted from any country and hop through an arbitrary number of compromised computers in different countries before the attack reaches its target a few milliseconds later. This complicates attribution and international .... To promote Maltese ICT, we encourage all ICT professionals to register on the ICT GM Skills Register to keep aware of developments, both in cyber security and other ICT R&D initiatives in Malta and Gozo. For further details contact David Pace on ...
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greta's links: Friday's Miscellany 07-20-2012
By Greta E. Marlatt
Bipartisan Policy Center's Cyber Security Task Force. · Maintaining ... U.S. Should Assist Britain in Meeting Security Threats to the 2012 London Olympic Games. · What is at ..... o Shadow Boxing:Cyber Warfare and Strategic Economic Attack ...
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War News Updates: A Look At One Of The World's Top Cyber Sleuths
By War News Updates Editor
A Look At One Of The World's Top Cyber Sleuths. Eugene Kaspersky. Russia's Top Cyber Sleuth ...A group of 60 or so financial analysts, reporters, diplomats, and cybersecurity specialists shake off the previous night's tequila and file into a ballroom at the Ritz-Carlton hotel. At the front of the room, a giant screen ... In fact, he's one of Russia's richest men—the CEO of what is arguably the most important Internet security company in the world. His name is Eugene Kaspersky, and he ...
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The hegemony of bureacracy
By sam
Professors Sam and Sydney Liles: Cyber warfare, privacy, computer security, computer forensics, technology, software engineering, running, life in general, and more. front page · Terms of Use · Attribution · RSS. Selil header image 2 ... timing of a conflict would be key to adversarial engagement. How fast would congress coalesce around an amorphous attack that had little attribution and the resultant societal impact looked like a collective set of normal disasters? Share this: Facebook ...

55% Of Americans Believe That The Government Will Take Care Of ...
By Kelly Gneiting
How is the federal government going to make sure that more than 300 million Americans are safe and secure if a cyber attack cripples our power grid or takes down the entire Internet? How is the federal government going to get food and water ...
Independent American Party - Official

Digital Armageddon: Experts Describe 3 Frightening Tech Scenarios ...
By Chris McConnell
A person might not normally think of a nation's sewage system as a potential target for a terroristattack, but just imagine hundreds of gallons of raw sewage being discharged into a waterway or the disabling of water treatment capabilities altogether. I'm talking about ... potential risks. People need to know about these issues so that necessary changes can be made (and changes are underway; there are currently 42 bills on Capitol Hill that have a component related to cyber security).

Cybercriminals in developing nations targeted
By admin
The International Cyber Security Protection Alliance has launched a research project to identify how attacks are likely to evolve over the next eight years. It said that faster links to the net in parts of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe were likely ... “ We know the countries that provide 'organised cybercrime' with the ability and the hosting capability to attack the West in terms of its business and customers. “So, what the ICSPA is looking to do is to work with those nations to provide support to...

Situation Report: Hacker convention brings out top NSA spy ...
By intelNews
Computer security practitioners, cyber-criminals, grey and white hat hackers, law enforcement, and members of both the US intelligence community as well as probably foreign government representatives will be on hand to listen to ... General Alexander's background and his four masters degrees, one in electronic warfare and another in physics, makes it likely that he will be able to hold his own when taking a deep technical dive into the newest discoveries in the hacking world.

7th Annual API Cybersecurity Conference & Expo
Protecting America's Energy through Cybersecurity. Don't miss the 7th Annual API CybersecurityConference & Expo, November 13-14, 2012 in Houston, Texas .

How cybersecurity is like Star Trek's transporter | ZDNet: "Summary: We haven't quite figured out, even 200 hundred years after the time of Ben Franklin, how to reconcile our need for security with our need for freedom. I want you to imagine for a moment . . . "

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