Cyber attack using PDFs targets industries

Cyber attack using PDFs targets industries
Government Security News
A new kind of targeted Cyber attack against defense, chemical, technology industries is slipping into networks under the guise of PDF files, said Cyber security experts. FireEye MalwareIntelligence Lab and Kaspersky Labs noted on Aug. 15 that the new ...

Cyber wars: US, Israel raiders of the virtual world
Times of India
Cyber security firms like Kaspersky believe Stuxnet is the work of a nation. The likely suspects ...He asked the US Senate to pass the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 which will help the US acquire better offensive and defensive cyber warfare capabilities ...

“Legendary Female Cyber Cop,” Gao Yuan (高 媛)
Wired (blog)
“The Chinese press has recently introduced two new model workers active in cybersecurity: Li Congna (李聪娜) of the PLA, and the “Legendary Female Cyber Cop,” Gao Yuan (高 媛) of the Beijing Public Security Bureau's Cybersecurity Defense Division. The ...

Many cyber attacks go undetected: ASIO
The Australian
Mr Irvine, who is the director-general of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), said many cyber attacks were going undetected by local security agencies. His comments come a week after $25 million was stolen from Australian credit ...

Hacker attack on your car's computer could be lethal: experts
Globe and Mail
Bruce Snell, a McAfee executive who oversees his company's research on car securityat the Beaverton, Oregon garage, said automakers are fairly concerned about the potential cyber attacks because of the frightening repercussions. “If your laptop ...

Globe and Mail

General Dynamics' deal bolsters cyber chops
Washington Technology
Fidelis Security Systems has locations in Waltham, Mass. and Bethesda, Md., and employs around 70 people in its two locations. It will become part of the Cyber Systems Division of General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, which is based in Fairfax ...

More than a thousand children's details displayed online following cyber attack
SC Magazine UK
Read More >>. The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has said it is opening an investigation into a cyber attack that led to the online publication of 1367 children's details. According to the Telegraph, sensitive information on children ...

Cyber insurance still not being used by most North American companies
Live Insurance News
... conducted by Chubb Insurance have been released, and they are showing that over 70 percent of North American businesses have created an incident response plan in order to deal with a security breach, and yet among them, 57 percent have not made...

Live Insurance News

Automakers not doing enough to protect cars against cyber attacks, experts say
Security experts say automakers have not done a good job protecting the sophisticated electronic parts on modern cars from cyber crime. They say hackers ... Reuters reported cybersecurity firms are hard at work investigating the electronic bugs in ...

Multi-State ISAC Holds Annual Meeting for Nation's State and Local Governments
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
MS-ISAC members from 45 states, 3 U.S. territories and dozens of local governments meet to share ideas and identify solutions to address Advanced Persistent Threat and other cyber securitychallenges. ... 24 Cyber Security Operations Center, through ...

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