State-Sponsored Cyber Espionage Projects Now Prevalent Say Experts

State-Sponsored Cyber Espionage Projects Now Prevalent, Say Experts
Business Insider
Computer security experts say privately that the number of projects deployed is actually much higher, and that the systems have been under development since at least 1996, when the internet had barely begun its transition from a US government and...

Business Insider

GOP platform seeks more aggressive US cyber deterrence policies
Computerworld - The 2012 Republican Party platform adopted this week calls for a more aggressive U.S. cyber deterrence policy for dealing with security threats against government and civilian targets. The platform, which lists the GOP's stance on a ...

Obama Weighs Broad Program to Defend Networks From Cyber Attacks
President Barack Obama might create a broad new program to protect vital government and private computer networks from cyber attacks, according to a draft document being circulated in his administration. ... “While an executive order cannot convey ...

Charlotte Dawson Twitter attack sparks call for changes to laws against cyber ...
The Daily Telegraph
And NSW police minister Mike Gallacher said he wanted the trolls "dragged out of their mother's basement and put before a court" following the Twitter attacks on the Australia's Next Top Model host. "These are sick minds we're dealing with," he said ...

Senator Asks Obama to Write Cybersecurity Executive Order
The New American
Senate Intelligence Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein of California is now urging the president to implement cyber-security measures without congressional approval, by way of an executive order. Feinstein made the recommendation to President Obama in a ...

Source: Newly-Discovered, 'Stealthy' Cyber Attack Hits the Vatican
Fox Business
“The tool was quite sophisticated, apparently focused and, until now, stealthy,” the source said.Security firm Radware (RDWR) issued a threat alert on Tuesday, saying it discovered on the server of an unidentified customer a new Trojan malware that ...

India is in a state of denial on cyber security: Kamlesh Bajaj
Business Standard
Kamlesh Bajaj, former government servant and now CEO of the Data Security Council of India (DSCI), tells Aditi Phadnis that India must beware another attack on its cyber security and suggests ways in which this can be countered. Edited excerpts: What ...

Cyber attack takes Qatar's RasGas offline
RasGas, the second largest producer of Qatari LNG after Qatar Petroleum, has been hit with an "unknown virus" which has taken the company offline. A RasGas spokesperson confirmed that “an unknown virus has affected its office systems" since Monday 27 ...

Power systems easy target for cyber criminals
Times of India
NEW DELHI: India's power systems could be vulnerable to crippling cyber attacks on a scale that can have serious implications for national security and the economy, an inquiry into the July 30-31 grid collapse that grabbed global attention has said ...

Al Fin: Cyber War Envelops Middle East
By al fin
Cyber War Envelops Middle East. Iran has already been hit by Flame, Duqu, and Stuxnet. Now we are learning of a more mysterious attack against Iran's oil infrastructure by malware called "Wiper:". Wiper was an aggressive piece of malware ...
Al Fin

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