Internet Users Warned To NOT Pay Fines To File-Sharing Fraudsters

Police Warn Internet Users Not To Pay Fines To File-Sharing Fraudsters | TorrentFreak: "Police in Sweden are warning Internet users not to send money to criminals trying to extort money from alleged file-sharers. The sophisticated scam began when unsuspecting cell phone users browsed an infected website which somehow extracted information from their devices. This was followed up by a mailed allegation of copyright infringement and a cash demand for between 90 and 195 euros to be paid into a foreign bank account. Swedish Antipiratbyran say the scheme is nothing to do with them. . . . "

German officials reopen inquiry into Facebook facial recognition - ""Facebook's practices of collecting and using the facial characteristics of their users without opt-in permission should be challenged, as the German privacy authority has done," said Jeffrey Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy. "Why should Facebook users be forced to provide the social network with free rein over their most personal information, their physical being?""

NE Attack Rumors Traced to Pakistan; Cyber War Against India: Home Secretary
IBTimes India
He said that Pakistan's hand in circulating the inflammatory material is seen as acyber attack against India. "Pakistan is trying to create trouble by inciting people... This exposes its attempt at cyber warfare against India," he said according to ...

IBTimes India

Why Israel's Attack On Iran Will Cause Collateral Damage
The Droid Guy
According to blogger Richard Silvestein, he received a document that shows Israel's first move against Iran in the event that it attacks is cyber warfare. The plan looks sophisticated and will be the first of its kind. The plan calls for attacks ...

The Droid Guy

World's Largest Oil Company 'Saudi Aramco' Hit By Cyber-Attack
Social Barrel
A hacker group has breached the security of Saudi Aramco, the world's largest oil company. The cyber-attack, allegedly by Arab hackers, separated infected company workstations from production systems. According to Saudi Aramco's Facebook page,...

Social Barrel

Computer-security camp hopes young programmers will click
Asahi Shimbun
"Last year saw many cyber-attacks on companies and government offices. It made people take notice," said Michio Sonoda, one of the lecturers at Security Camp 2012. Sonoda is an associate professor of network security at Cyber University, set up by ...

Unfinished business
Toledo Blade
The cyber-security legislation would respond to a serious potential danger. The bill's objective is to reduce the vulnerability of the nation's power grids, dams, and transportation infrastructure to a computer-based attack. Unfortunately, the proposal ...

National Science Foundation Grants to Improve Cyber Security,Create Jobs ... (press release)
As chairwoman of the Appropriations subcommittee that funds the NSF, Senator Mikulski puts these funds in the federal checkbook to support on-going cybersecurity education training to develop the next-generation of cyber-warriors. "Education is the ...

London 2012 authorities got cyber-attack warning on eve of Games ...
The security services warned the Olympic authorities about a potential cyber- attack on their power supply days before the Games opening ceremony, the ...

ONLINE SAFETY: Create a cyber security plan for your business
Heritage Newspapers
Recently, the Business Week article "The Cost of Cyber Crime" estimated the cost ofcyber crime and cyber defense. The cyber defense numbers reference the money it costs for business to recover from an attack. ... There are many resources available ...

Heritage Newspapers

Why There Could Be Collateral Damage From An Israeli First Strike On Iran
First cyber. From Silverstein's translation of the document: “The Israeli attack will open with a coordinated strike, including an unprecedented cyber-attack which will totally paralyze the Iranian regime and its ability to know what is happening ...

A Sinister New Breed of Malware is Growing
PCWorld (blog)
Stuxnet, Duqu, Flame, and even Gauss are believed to be sophisticated, state-sponsored malwaredeveloped for the purpose of cyber espionage against specific targets. Shamoon—the latest of the new breed of malware—is thought to be a copycat attack ...

'Indian Cyber Army' hacks Pak websites
Deccan Chronicle
This was in retaliation for a recent attack on five Indian sites by Pakistan Cyber Army, a group of young techies. The cyber war has since been a feature on national days of both nations, say experts. A Pakistan Cyber Army affiliate hacked into Mumbai ...

Deccan Chronicle

Baltimore-area colleges win $4.7M in cyber security grants
Harford Community College will receive $74000 to put toward its work with the RegionalCybersecurity Education Initiative. HCC, University of Delaware and Delaware Technical and Community College formed the education initiative with industry partners ...

'Hate crime' memes attack staff, students
The Daily Post
Mr Walsh said the initiative was in response to cyber-bullying and pages on Facebook, including meme pages, which attacked students and teachers at the school. Mr Walsh, who is also the New Zealand Secondary Schools Principals' Association president, ...
CEO of Group-IB: Hackers Join Traditional Organized Crime Groups
RIA Novosti
If they get hold of a copy of an insecure digital signature, a criminal can launch an attack from anywhere. To counter this threat, banks are introducing 'security tokens.' It is almost impossible to retrieve a digital signature from these tokens ...

Revised Cyber Security Act 2012
JD Supra (press release)
Congress has been struggling with cyber security issues for several years, most recently in connection with the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 (CSA2012). CSA2012 is an attempt to protect the nation's critical infrastructure from cybersecurity risks. The ...

Cybersecurity, and insecurity, vexes nations
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Yet both those international institutions seem just as concerned about cyber-insecurity, or how repressive regimes react to the Internet. Specifically, do human rights apply in the digital space? More than 80 countries cosponsoring a United Nations ...

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