Department of Homeland Security Addresses Cyber Threats

Department of Homeland Security Addresses Cyber Threats
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Partnerships are required across all levels of government, the private sector and internationally to share information about emerging cybersecurity threats and how to stop them, and coordinate mitigation efforts in response to cyber incidents. Last ...

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Oil giant Saudi Aramco recovers from cyber-attack
“We addressed the threat immediately, and our precautionary procedures, which have been in place to counter such threats, and our multiple protective systems, have helped to mitigate these deplorable cyber threats from spiralling,” said Khalid A. Al ...

Saudi Aramco Oil Company Says It Fought Off Malware Attack
IT Security & Network Security News & Reviews - eWeek ... Approximately 30,000 workstations were hit in a cyber-attack this month, but the company says it has cleaned the systems and restored them to service.

Canada says 'Anonymous' may attack energy company computers
"Imperial maintains a high level of security in all aspects of its operations and that includes cyber security," Rolheiser said. "We take all potential threats seriously." -- With assistance from Andrew Mayeda in Ottawa and Rebecca Penty in Calgary. bc ...

Navy Offers Cyber Scholarships
White House plans to regulate contractor computer security. Since Congress failed to.... The Navy is now offering scholarships to military and civilian personnel interested in pursuing or furthering their IT or cybersecurity careers and education. The ...


Cyber Intel: On Cyber Guard At The Voting Booth
AOL Government
Remember back in 2010 there were reports of a cyber attack that allowed hackers to gain access to online voting system in the District of Columbia. ... Kevin G. Coleman is a long-time securitytechnology executive and former Chief Strategist at Netscape.

Frankenstein programmers at UT Dallas test a cybersecurity monster
Science Codex
But, it could be used in cyber warfare to provide cover for a virus or another type of malware, or malicious software. ... Hamlen is part of the Cyber Security Research and Education Center in the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science.

Pro-WikiLeaks hackers hit Assange supporter
LONDON (AP) — Hackers claiming allegiance to the Anonymous movement of cyber-rebels have defaced the website of a former British cabinet minister in solidarity with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. But former Wales and Northern Ireland Secretary ...

Second CRISSP/Sloan Foundation Cyber-Security Lecture on Sep. 7th
By pala
In response to escalating cyber attacks on the nation's security, infrastructure and business, Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly) in alliance with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation will host a high-level conversation among key government, industry and academic officials. Debora A. Plunkett, who ... He also said that American preparedness for a serious cyber attack on a critical part of U.S. infrastructure warrants “around a three” on a scale of 1 to 10. Following Plunkett's ...

Anonymous Targets Electronics Manufacturer AVX in Cyber Attack ...
Hackers say they have hit the website for electronics manufacturer AVX as part of an an attackcampaign dubbed #OperationGreenRights. According to a post ...

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