Errata Security: concealing identity the same way Aaron Swartz did

Errata Security: I conceal my identity the same way Aaron was indicted for: " . . . Let me repeat that: nobody asked Aaron for his true identity, but he was indicted for wirefraud for concealing his true identity. He was indicted for doing the same things I do every day. It's around this time that people bring up how Aaron used MAC spoofing to get around blocks put in place by MIT. These people don't understand MAC addresses. MAC addresses are not a machine's true identity. They aren't a means of security or authorization. When somebody blocks your MAC address, it doesn't send the message "you are unauthorized", it's not clear precisely what message it sends. It's like saying if somebody blocks your phone number, then it's wirefraud calling from a different phone. Your phone number is not your true identity, and neither is your MAC address. MIT's own WiFi access-points spoof MAC addresses. For example, if you netstumble the MIT campus you'll find two access-points with the MAC addresses "00:21:d8:49:98:61" and "00:21:d8:49:98:62". These are actually the same access-point which is spoofing MAC addresses in order to appear as multiple networks ("MIT" and "MIT GUEST"). When Aaron spoofs, it's wire-fraud. When MIT spoofs, it's normal network operation. . . . "

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