Malware masquerading as a Java security update

Java Security 'Fix' Is Disguised Malware Attack
InformationWeek-Jan 18, 2013
Security researchers spot malware masquerading as a Java security update. Users urged to download Java updates directly from Oracle.

Q&A: Is Java safe to use?: "Once again, Oracle's Java software is in the news as a hazard to your Mac or PC. Six days after the discovery of a severe vulnerability led Oracle to rush out a patch, on Wednesday security writer Brian Krebs reported a different such "zero-day exploit" that could be used to attack this widely-deployed program."

Java Security Warnings: Cut Through The Confusion - Security -
Recent warnings to deactivate Java are raising additional questions: What about JavaScript, EJB, JavaFX, Android and any other use of the programming ...

Oracle updates Java, security experts say bugs remain - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: BOSTON (Reuters) - Oracle Corp released an emergency update to its Java software for surfing the Web on Sunday, but security experts ...

Java security comes down to 'war of attrition' | Security - InfoWorld
Users and Oracle both need to do their part against a malware industrial complex that can quickly attack any security hole.

Apple, Oracle move quickly to mitigate Java security flaw | ZDNet
A Java flaw warning announced by Homeland Security this weekend concerns mostly Windows users, as usual. However, some Macs may be vulnerable. Apple ...

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