Air Force Seeks Offensive Cyber Weapons

Air Force Seeks Offensive Cyber Weapons
The first item on the Air Force's list is "Cyber Warfare Attack" capabilities. For this, the Air Force is looking for papers detailing "the employment of cyberspace capabilities to destroy, deny, degrade, deceive, corrupt, or usurp the adversaries ...

Cyber Security Act's Failure Leaves Infrastructure Vulnerable
The latest lack of unity occurred over the Cyber Security Act of 2012, which would have createdcybersecurity standards for the companies that run critical infrastructure like the power grid, gas pipelines, and water and transportation systems. The ...

Charlotte Dawson Twitter attack sparks call for changes to laws against cyber ...
Herald Sun
I don't believe in censoring the internet but we do have to have reasonable protections," Opposition Leader Tony Abbott said this morning. "What we're looking at is more capacity for take-down orders. "Every one of these sites is hosted by someone and ...

National Cyber Defence Strategies Lack Public Confidence, Report Shows
The Herald |
Other key highlights from the study include the discovery that the cyber threat causing most concern is that of potential foreign state attack, while hacktivism and terrorism do not at present rate highly as credible risks to national security within ...

Bungling Cyber Spy Stalks Iran
Technology Review
Those forms of malware, targeted at the Middle East, stunned researchers with their sophistication (see "A Way to Attack Nuclear Plants" and "The Antivirus Era Is Over"). Yet Mahdi has still been effective. Once it has infiltrated a computer, ... And ...

Sen. Feinstein urges Obama to issue executive order on cybersecurity
Like the Cybersecurity Act, the Republican bill, too, aims to bolster cybersecurity by making it easier for private industry and government to share critical cyber threat information. The Republicans have ... Security analysts are divided on the need ...

New cybersecurity tool suite demonstrated
The Sophia cyber security software tool can geo-locate conversation pathways in a large computer network. Credit: Idaho National Laboratory. A new suite of cybersecurity software tools is being demonstrated at Idaho National Lab this week. The tools ...

Accused LulzSec Hackers Attended College Together
The attack against the Sony Pictures Entertainment website and subsequent data leakage was carried out under the banner of LulzSec--a.k.a. Lulz Security--between May 27 and June 2, 2011, by hackers using the handles "Recursion" and "Neuron ...

Court date for alleged cyber attacker continued
The California resident indicted on charges that he allegedly implemented a debilitating cyber attackon Larimer County government in 2010 remains in custody in Texas after a detention and removal hearing scheduled for Thursday was continued.

Security pros advise users to ditch Java
Yet Oracle already knew about the security issue and apparently had an update at the ready to be released on its regularly scheduled patch day in October. With reliable exploits for the vulnerabilities rapidly being adopted by security researchers and ...

India, Cybersecurity, and the 2012 Blackout | Digital Bond
On July 30th, 2012, the northern region of India had its worst blackout in history, and then again the next day. By number of customers affected, it dwarfed the ...

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