Bank Websites Hit By Cyber Attacks?

Bank Websites Possibly Hit By Cyber Attacks, Financial Security Group Warns
Huffington Post
A financial services security group is warning about possible cyber-attacks on banks, citing "recent credible intelligence." The group ... The financial services security group was created in 1999 by a government order to help banks prepare for Y2K ...

Carter urges stepped up progress on cyber defense
Air Force Link
The first is DOD's defense of its own networks, he said, noting that task is "technically very challenging." It's paramount that DOD maintains security and integrity across its cyber networks, Carter said, because "we depend on them ... today in ...

Chinese Cyber Attacks On US Continue Totally Unabated, Leon Panetta ...
Huffington Post
And U.S. officials and security experts say government and private industry systems are constantly being probed, breached and attacked. A key threat is an attack against critical infrastructure, including the electric grid, power plants or financial ...

Federal energy regulator creates Cyber/EMP security office
Government Security News
20 it hopes will help combat potential Cyber and physical attacks on the U.S. electric grid. FERC chairman Jon Wellinghoff announced the creation the Office of Energy Infrastructure Security (OEIS) that the agency said would provide leadership ...

Ruppersberger: Cyber terrorists may be attacking your business
Baltimore Congressman C.A. Dutch Ruppersberger put the cyber security threat in terms business owners could understand. ... The typical attack costs companies about $5 million, said panelist George Schu, senior vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton.

'Need 400000 skilled people to address cyber security'
Gulshan Rai, director general of the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team and coordinator of the committee on cyber laws, says the team is gearing up to address the increasing mobile Internet usage. In an interview with Shivani Shinde, he talks ...


Industry Faces Cyber Risks in Shift from Tangible to Intangible Property
Insurance Journal
As with K&R, an intrinsic part of the policy is an undertaking to make sure the insured puts in place adequate security to prevent data breaches and theft from occurring. “Especially in cyber, they [policies) are to gain up front protection, because it ...
Fraudsters put new twists on Cyber scams, says FBI
Government Security News
The report, which is based upon information from law enforcement and complaints submitted to the center, details recent cyber crime trends and new twists to previously-existing cyber scams. The IC3 is ... IC3 said it has received over 80 complaints ...

RSA acquires Montreal security software firm
Mass High Tech
“With advanced cyber attackers threatening organizations of all types and sizes, IT leaders are looking for real-world expertise from trusted security partners,” said Amit Yoran, senior vice president of security management and compliance for RSA in a ...

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