Swedish sites targeted in cyber attack

Swedish sites targeted in cyber attack
The Local.se
A number of official websites in Sweden were rendered inaccessible on Monday, in what some have claimed to be a cyber-attack by supporters of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Tax agency targeted in 'serious' hacker attack (29 Mar 12); Swedish paper ...

Powerful cyber attack tools widely available, say researchers
More attackers are now getting their hands on tools like Zeus and SpyEye, according to thecyber intelligence team at the Online Threats Managed Services (OTMS) group of RSA, thesecurity division of EMC. Such tools are widely available at relatively ...

Reducing your online risk exposure to cyber attacks
Undue leaking of information online will make any organisation an attractive target for cyber attack. However, this risk can be reduced by assessing your current status, performing immediate remedial action, and instigating longer-term educational and ...

Taiwan to Step up Cyber war Capabilities
Taiwan will expand its cyber war units next year while scaling back military spending due to budget constraints, the Taipei-based Liberty Times reported, citing a 2013 budget plan submitted by the National Security Bureau to parliament for approval. In ...


Cyber Security Challenge tests insider espionage
The virtual world we live in is constantly under attack from individual and organised criminals, hacktivist groups and even the curious amateur. That's why bringing talented people into thecyber security profession is so important and why we support ...

Vatican makes no comment over cyber attack rumours
The Vatican has refused to confirm or deny reports that it has once again been subject to a cyber attack by hostile hackers, reports the Catholic News Agency. “No comment,” said a two-word statement from the Vatican Press Office in response to an ...


Mystery 'Wiper' malware linked to 'Duqu', says security firm
At the time, security watchers were left guessing about what might have caused the attack but the fact that it appeared to be focused on Iran and the Middle East raised suspicions that this was another cyber-attack along the lines of 2010's Stuxnet ...

Charlotte Dawson speaks out after online attack
Newstalk ZB
Charlotte Dawson has spoken publicly for the first time after being admitted to hospital following an attack by cyber bullies. The television presenter has received support from a number of high-profile Australians, including former Prime Minister...

Newstalk ZB

Public-Private Partnerships for Cybersecurity Information Sharing
Lawfare (blog)
What the graphic shows is the radical proliferation of sharing structures across thecyber domain. Even though I study this area, there are a few on the chart that are unfamiliar to me. As Thomas rightly notes, we need a new model. While the McCain ...

Lawfare (blog)

Guyana to benefit from OAS anti-cyber attack programme
By admin
Ambassador Ramdin said that “cyber security threats” and vulnerabilities of new technologies “are currently affecting people from all walks of life in the Americas and beyond”. “Just following news events, we can perceive the increasing ...
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