Insiders suspected in Saudi cyber attack

Exclusive: Insiders suspected in Saudi cyber attack
The Shamoon virus is designed to attack ordinary business computers. It does not belong to the category of sophisticated cyber warfare tools - like the Stuxnet virus that attacked Iran's nuclear program in 2010 - which target industrial control systems ...

Budget cuts and the next Pearl Harbor
Baltimore Sun
And foreign governments are investing in new cyber espionage and cyber warfare units. Experts estimate that North Korea has as many as 1,000 cyber warfare agents working out of China and is recruiting more every day. ... National security experts ...

Google 'Aurora' Cyber Attackers Still in Business
PC Magazine
A group of cyber-scammers who were possibly behind the 2010 attack on Google infrastructure are still operational and now using more sophisticated tools, according to a new report from Symantec. The security firm was surprised to see how many zero-day ...

Smartphones under cyber attack: Security firms warn
Daily Bhaskar
New Delhi: Just as the mobile phone market around the world gets hotter, with each competitor bringing in new models and creating something to bring in the new and retain old customers, they have more serious of an issue to deal with; cyber attacks. As ...

Killer Apps: Is the 'holy grail' of cyber security within reach?
Foreign Policy (blog)
Attribution, the ability to quickly identify the source of a cyber attack has long been touted as "the holy grail" of cyber security -- an elusive code that once cracked, will make fighting back against such attacks far easier -- may finally be coming ...

Foreign Policy (blog)

'Crown jewels' containing a company's information targeted in cyber espionage
CTV News
MONTREAL -- Small Canadian defence contractors and human rights groups have been targets of cyber espionage, part of a global trend in which attackers try to steal the "crown jewels" of information, says software security company Symantec Corp ...

Cyber Security Debate: Freedom or Government Control?
Opposing Views
Now, one of the big debates this year is over cybersecurity legislation—legislation attempting to find a way to protect U.S. “critical infrastructure” from domestic or foreign cyber attacks—and again government officials are determined to attack the...

Opposing Views

Cybersecurity: Where do Republicans and Democrats stand on threats?
Christian Science Monitor
The US could be hit with a "cyber Pearl Harbor," Defense Secretary Leon Panetta acknowledged in a June Senate hearing. Gen. Keith Alexander, who heads the Pentagon's new US CyberCommand, warned at a security conference in July that on a 1-to-10 ...

Report: White House circulating cyber executive order | FedScoop
By David Stegon
Report: White House circulating cyber executive order. By David Stegon · Friday, September 7th, 2012 · 12:43 pm. The White House is circulating a draft executive order focused on cybersecuritythat builds off parts of the bill from Senator ...

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