Malware Attacks On The Rise

Malware Attacks On The Rise
WRTV Indianapolis
By David Goldman NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- The bad guys are winning the war on cybercrime: Computer viruses, trojans and web attacks are soaring at their fastest pace in four years. In its quarterly "Threats Report," Intel subsidiary McAfee said that it ...

Beware Fake Microsoft And Amazon Emails Exploiting Java Security Vulnerability
When Oracle leaves a security flaw in one of the world's most widely used programs unpatched for four months and then issues a half-baked fix, the company is practically inviting cybercriminals to exploit its users en mass. Now that invitation has been ...

Security Roundup: cyber-attack tools now cheap and easy to use, Mahdi ...
After the world's largest oil company Saudi Aramco was hit by a cyber-attack that affected 30,000 workstations, security experts are continuing to speculate over the origins of the virus. Though two hacktivist groups have claimed responsibility for the ...

'This was just a test': expert
“We don't really view yesterday's incident as a fully-fledged 'cyber-attack' as it didn't affect any agencies critical for the running of Swedish society” said Anders Hansson of CERT-SE, Sweden's Computer Security Incident Response Team, to The Local ...

Liverpool Thalidomide victim subject of cyber attack
Click Liverpool
A Thalidomide victim from Liverpool has been subjected to a cyber assault just days after the company that made the drug delivered a 50-year late apology. Gary Skyner, 52, was born with shortened arms after his mother took the birth control drug, which ...

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KEYW Partners With Aon to Bring Cyber Awareness to Healthcare
"Healthcare constitutes 17% of our Gross National Product; it is an element of our nation's Critical Infrastructure; and it is under cyber attack," commented Leonard Moodispaw, CEO and President of KEYW Corporation. "The status quo in Cyber today is ...

Turn a blind eye to cyber haters
Herald Sun
THE Coalition is calling for changes to laws on cyber-bullying after Charlotte Dawson was hospitalised following a Twitter attack. End of sidebar. Return to start of sidebar. For some reason, it's the hate-filled communications that linger, that impact ...

Geek lit: Microsoft's Mark Russinovich releases Trojan Horse
It's also trying to educate people about the risks of cyber-warfare, for which Russinovich knows corporate IT departments are not properly prepared. The book... Last month, the senate killed the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 (CSA2012), which would have ...


AntiSec claims the FBI has 12 million Apple device IDs
Washington Post
AntiSec is the name that members of Anonymous and LulzSec gave to a joint effort against government agencies and prominent businesses in June 2011. The groups, responsible cyberattacks and general mischief against government agencies and ...

Man scammed in cyber porn attack
Yahoo!7 News
Man scammed in cyber porn attack. Yahoo!7 Updated September 4, 2012, 9:15 am ... And they are asking for this ID and its called a verification, and it's a validation and security so they can go offline. "I remember adding a lot of people to talk to and ...

Yahoo!7 News

Manual examines how international law applies to cyberwarfare
Network World
A cybersecurity think tank has published a manual studying how international law applies to conflicts in cyberspace, where the laws of conventional warfare are more difficult to apply. The manual comes from experts working with the Cooperative Cyber ...
Canada Warns that Anonymous May Attack Oil Sands Energy ...
By (Joao Peixe)
Oil companies working in Canada's oil sands have been warned that they could face acyber-attack. Thomas Dean, an associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Queen's University where he researches software security, ... Daily News Update

Natural gas giant RasGas targeted in cyber attack - SC Magazine
Reports have surfaced that liquified natural gas (LNG) producer RasGas, based in the Persian Gulf nation of Qatar, has been struck by an unidentified virus, this ...

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