12 Steps for Staying 1 Step Ahead of Online Security Threats

12 Steps for Staying 1 Step Ahead of Online Security Threats
To do this, enterprises and users must evaluate their security infrastructure and properly plan for the future, proactively thinking of how hackers will attack next, as threats will only become more sophisticated. 12 Steps for Staying 1 Step Ahead of ...

Compromised WordPress sites serving client-side exploits and malware | ZDNet: "Summary: Security researchers from TrendMicro are reporting on mass compromise of WordPress sites, currently serving client-side exploits and malware to users."

Cyber Attack Targets Hong Kong Mock Vote
Wall Street Journal (blog)
A cyber attack has hit an ambitious project that sought to give ordinary Hong Kong citizens a voice in this weekend's chief executive poll, with organizers scrambling to provide paper ballots to the tens of thousands wishing to participate in the mock ...

New Version of Stuxnet-Related Cyber Weapon Discovered
ABC News (blog)
Discovered last fall, Duqu is an espionage program designed to gather intelligence on industrial control systems, perhaps for use in a future Stuxnet-like attack, according to several international cyber security firms including Symantec.

Cyber attacks for political and social gains on the rise
Hindu Business Line
It seems cyber attacks were more opportunistic last year, departing from their earlier stance for financial gains. “Attacks were increasingly motivated by political and social intent,” states the Verizon 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report.

Hong Kong 'mock vote' under cyber attack: University
We think there could not be another reason other than cyber attacks on us," he told reporters. "This morning, shortly after 7:00am, we had another attack which basically tore down our servers, so we couldn't conduct any electronic voting.


Organisers say Hong Kong mock poll 'under cyber attack'
BBC News
The organisers of a mock poll for Hong Kong's chief executive say their online system "is under cyber attack" to prevent voting. Residents can vote online or by mobile phone in the publicly funded poll organised by Hong Kong University.

BBC News

Cyber Terrorism and IR Theory: Realism, Liberalism, and Constructivism in the ...
Student Pulse
Stuxnet seems to have been aimed predominantly at Iranian nuclear facilities7 and is considered by many to be the first direct example of cyber warfare. As part of their investigation into the virus, Kaspersky Labs determined that “the attack could ...

Army Cyber Command beefs up inspections, network defenses
Defense Systems
By Henry Kenyon The Army Cyber Command is rethinking how it conducts cybersecurityassessments, audits and certifications, says an official with the command. In the next few years, the command hopes to put in place a more streamlined method for running ...

Cyber Attacks by 'Anonymous' Crash Papal Websites
A spokesman for the Mexican Episcopal Conference, said its web page on the papal visit was blocked by "a cyber attack." The attack is affecting the logistics of the papal visit, according to officials. The site contained information on the pope's ...

Cyber and Drone Attacks May Change Warfare More Than the Machine Gun
The Atlantic
And if you go to the Pentagon they will speak about this in different ways, they put it under different headings, in terms of information operations or cyber warfare,cyber attacks, that sort of thing. Was Russia's attack on Estonia in 2007 the first ...

The Atlantic

Dutch Team Emerge as World Champions for the Global CyperLympics Hacker ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
Conceived by EC-Council, the Global CyberLympics is supported by the International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber Threats (IMPACT), the cybersecurity executing arm of the United Nations' specialized agency - the International Telecommunications ...

'Hacktivism' Reigned in 2011: Verizon
Hacktivism—cyber-hacking to advance political and social objectives—accounted for 58 percent of the data stolen last year, according to Verizon's annual data breach report. The latest study found the trend contrasts sharply with the data breach ...

Anonymous Hackers Target Pope
Fox News
Samuel Najera, spokesman for the Mexican Episcopal Conference, said its web page on the papal visit was blocked by "a cyber attack." "We have been aware of the threat that has been making the rounds on social networks, that was brought to fruition ...

AFP gave data to global cyber crime study
The Australian Federal Police was one of the five law enforcement partners to join Verizon for its annual report on the state of cyber security that was released on Thursday. Key findings of the report were that external attacks had increased and most ...

Cyber security and the Caribbean
Dominican Today
By David Jessop Most Caribbean Governments and companies have yet to take seriously the threat posed by cyber attack. This is despite signs that the region is not immune to the actions of those who use the internet to breach national security, ...

AF Cyber Boss Wants High Quality Troops
The Air Force's top cyber commander warned Thursday that the military may have a tough time finding all the qualified people it needs to stay ahead in the increasingly important world of attacking and defending networks. Gen. William Shelton, head of ...

The Circuit: Hacktivists vs. cyber criminals, Verizon/cable hearing recap, FCC ...
Washington Post (blog)
On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission announced that it will adopt the recommendations of the Communications, Security, Reliability, and Interoperability Council (CSRIC) to fight three major cyber security threats: botnets, attacks on the ...

Hacktivists Steal More Data Than Cybercriminals, Report Shows
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Cyber criminals continue to be the biggest threat with 83% of data breaches. Hacktivists are computer criminals who target companies typically for political reasons, while cybercriminals tend to be financially motivated.

Verizon: Hacktivists Steal More Than Cyber-Thieves
By Lorien Crow | Thu Mar 22, 2012 3:00 pm Hackers attacked with more frequency and ferocity in 2011, highlighting the growing threat to corporate and personalcyber-security. Financially motivated criminals committed most of the data breaches, ...


Cyber attack aimed at Pope ahead of Mexico visit
Local 10
The hacker group Anonymous in Mexico has crashed at least two of the websites for Pope Benedict XVI's upcoming visit to Mexico. The Mexican Episcopal Conference says its web page on the papal visit has been blocked by "a cyber attack.

Biggest data thieves of 2011 revealed
Times of India
Activists with hacker skills were behind more than half the data stolen in cyber attacks last year. SAN FRANCISCO: Activists with hacker skills were behind more than half the data stolen in cyber attacks last year, according to findings released on ...

DoD developing cyber rules of engagement
Fort Leavenworth Lamp
“The department has been working around the clock, often in close cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies,” she said, to protect the nation fromcyber threats that include the theft of intellectual property, ...

Hong Kong Middle Class Backlash Fed by Tycoon Role in Vote
San Francisco Chronicle
(Adds suspected cyber-attack on university mock poll in 10th paragraph.) March 23 (Bloomberg) -- Stephen Chung gave up on buying an apartment in Hong Kong after realizing it would take him 10 years to save the $115000 deposit for a two-bedroom box in ...

ISPs Agree to FCC Rules on Anti-Botnet, DNSSEC, Internet Routing
PC Magazine
By Fahmida Y. Rashid Major Internet service providers have agreed to follow a set ofcyber-security recommendations designed to deal with botnets, Domain Name System attacks, and Internet routing hijacking, according to the Federal Communications ...

Cyber Cops Stop Mohammed Merah, Scour Web For Missing Murder Videos
Fast Company
According to Le Monde's Yves Bordenave, French cyber police found that 580 users viewed the original motorcycle advertisement. The police obtained IP addresses for these users and attempted to geolocate them, focusing on unspecified districts in the ...

Fast Company

The cyber war after next
DoD Buzz
By Philip Ewing Thursday, March 22nd, 2012 7:57 pm As many mainstream people in government and industry continue struggling to get a basic grasp of cyber-security and cyber-war, the Air Force's top cyber chief is already trying to think 20 years out.

High Schoolers From Around the Nation Compete for Chance to Become Cyber ...
Sacramento Bee
The online competition, conducted in collaboration with the SANS Institute, features a series of quizzes in the most important foundational fields of cyber security: networking, operating systems, and system administration. The top scoring students ...

Cyber hacking is on the up - but these Israelis are on the case
Jewish Chronicle
By Candice Krieger, March 22, 2012 As the threat of cyber attacks grow, IT security booms. The sector has seen exponential growth over recent years and according to International Data Corporation (IDC), global spending on IT security could reach $38 ...

Jewish Chronicle

Commissioners to back EU cyber-crime centre
European Voice
By Toby Vogel - Today, 05:19 CET Centre would co-ordinate fight against online crime; internetsecurity strategy planned for this year. The European Commission will next week propose the establishment of a cyber-crime centre to co-ordinate Europe's ...

NERC Grid Exercise Identifies Enhancements To Improve Cybersecurity
Renew Grid
"Through the exercise interaction, participants forged and strengthened relationships across thecybersecurity community." - Entities possess effective cyber incident response plans, but updates to protocols and guidelines and additional training would ...

Cyber security and the Caribbean – Domican Today | Blackmere ...
By Blackmere
Most Caribbean Governments and companies have yet to take seriously the threat posed bycyber attack. This is despite signs that the region is not immune to the actions of those who use the internet to breach national security, undertake .
Blackmere Consulting

ISN Blog » Security Jam 2012: Make Your Recommendations to the ...
By Giorgos Chatzidakis
The prospect of 'geo-weaponeering' is being presented as the transnational threat of the future, whereby terrorists could use natural disasters to create a complex terror attack – for example, through the launch of a cyber-attack following an earthquake. Jammers are also ... on how and at what level. On a number of other topics, jammers are still debating if cyber-space is a global commons, and disagreement continues on the distinction between cyber-warfare andcyber-security.
ISN Blog

Pentagon remains vulnerable to cyber-attacks | TG Daily
By Trent Nouveau
Pentagon remains vulnerable to cyber-attacks "Our approach to cybersecurity is dominated by a strategy that layers security onto a uniform architecture. This approach is not convergent with a growing and evolving threat. That's the defensive ...
TG Daily

Week in Review | Federated Networks
Cyber security costs are high and budget cuts could put it this important issue at risk. Confronting today's cyber challenges requires a highly skilled and motivated research community, and it's well documented that the demand for cyber ...
Federated Networks

Georgetown Security Law Brief: Anonymous hackers block Mexico ...
By Georgetown CNSL
The Mexican Episcopal Conference says its web page on the papal visit has been blocked by "acyber attack." Conference spokesman Samuel Najera says the Internet attacks show intolerance and have hurt logistics efforts for the visit.
Georgetown Security Law Brief

Avoiding Cyber Threat Amnesia | CTOlist.com
By admin
My involvement in the non-profit educational and research organization Cyber Conflict Studies Association over the last several years has led me to an observation about federal policy makers and cyber security. ... Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection (PCCIP) was widely regarded as a “wake up call” for the entire federal government and since it was extensively coordinated with industry and academia was also seen as a way forward in cybersecurity for the entire nation.

What the LulzSec Bust Says About Cyber Criminal Investigations ...
By bobgourley
What the LulzSec Bust Says About Cyber Criminal Investigations. March 23, 2012 By bobgourley. In a recent high-profile bust, the FBI arrested five alleged leaders of the collective Anonymous and related hacking group LulzSec.
Bob Gourley

POPE is not welcome, out out!!!!! - The Hacker News
By noreply@blogger.com (THN Reporter)
Anonymous Deface page - “POPE is not welcome, out out!!!!!”. THN Magazine and The HackerNews is Most Comprehensive resource in providing news related to Information Technology,Cyber security, infosec, Hacking threads, Vulnerability. ... In an explanatory message on Pastebin in Spanish, Anonymous Hispano posted a manifesto of sorts, titling the cyber-attack"Operation Freeloader," in a reference to the Pope. ☛ Let us know what you think, learn, and hope for! Connect With ...
The Hacker News [ THN ] - Updates...

Cybersecurity Threat Inflation Watch: Blood-Sucking Weapons!
By Adam Thierer
In their paper, “Loving the Cyber Bomb? The Dangers of Threat Inflation in Cybersecurity Policy,” my Mercatus Center colleagues Jerry Brito and Tate Watkins warned of the dangers of “threat inflation” in cybersecurity policy debates. In early ...
Technology Liberation Front

Let's Praise AT&T, CenturyLink, Comcast, Cox, Sprint, TWC, T ...
By admin
FEDERAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE UNANIMOUSLY APPROVES RECOMMENDATIONS TO COMBAT THREE MAJOR CYBERSECURITY THREATS: BOTNET ATTACKS,. DOMAIN NAME ...CSRIC's vote delivered on the Chairman challenge to the multi-stakeholder Internet community to produce industry-led, non-regulatory solutions to cyber threats to strengthen the security of the communications networks used by tens of millions of Americans every day. CSRIC, the Federal...
Crucial Point LLC

Social networks & Deactivated Friend Attack, the ... - Security Affairs
By paganinip
Read, think, share … Security is everyone's responsibility ... Many possibilities for attack across these platforms, from social engineering to cyber espionage, not forgetting the spread of all types of malware. Endless audiences of users, all too ...
Security Affairs

Using the ANSI/ISA99 to Secure Your Control System (IC32) | ISA ...
By Juliann Grant
“Countermeasures” in cyber security are measures taken to: Eliminate system penetration by ...To clearly establish which department “owns” the network; To guide a company's cybersecuritydepartment on how to catch security violations.
ISA Interchange

Cybersecurity bill: vital need or just more rules? | 89.3 KPCC
By By Tom Gjelten | NPR
Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., Susan Collins, R-Maine, and others, would require owners and operators of critical infrastructure assets to notify the Department of Homeland Security of any and all cyber intrusions into their operating systems.
KPCC: Latest News

Is The United States Prepared For A Cyber Attack? (CSIS ...
Over the past two months, there have been two cyberattack simulations conducted with senior US officials. Interesting results from both: *** The Center for ...

Iran Blamed For Major Cyberattack On BBC - Slashdot
Qedward writes "Iran is privately being blamed for a major cyberattack on the BBC that blocked access to its popular Persian TV service and disrupted the ...

Schneier on Security: On Cyberwar Hype
How is weaponised code different from physical weaponry? What are the differences between various cyber-attack tools? And do the same dynamics and norms ...

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