IT security experts back NBN ban on Huawei

IT security experts back NBN ban on Huawei
The Australian Financial Review
Technology specialists said that if the government did not trust that Huawei was run without influence from Chinese government interests, then the merits of its technology could not outweigh the potential for cyber-warfare. Security expert and HackLabs ...

The Australian Financial Review 

Cyber-attack not behind low turnout for NDP leadership vote, party says
Montreal Gazette
TORONTO — The NDP remains confident that all members who wanted to cast a ballot in its leadership vote got to on Saturday, and is continuing to investigate just who was behind acyber-attack that slowed down its online voting system.

U.S. military goes on cyber offensive
Federal Times
Keith Alexander, National Security Agency and US Cyber Command (CYBERCOM) chief, wrote in prepared remarks delivered to the House Armed Services subcommittee on emerging threats and capabilities as part of a routine budget hearing on Tuesday.

NDP leadership: Officials mum about source of cyber-attack meant to disrupt ...
Toronto Star
Josh Tapper Staff Reporter New Democrats remained tight-lipped Sunday about thecyber-attack that kept the country waiting for hours at Saturday's leadership convention. Party brass refused to disclose the source of two Internet Protocol addresses that ...

NDP hunts for source of cyber-attack on electronic voting system
Globe and Mail
But it's not ruling out the possibility once it unmasks the hacker responsible for repeated cyber-attacks that caused lengthy delays in Saturday's leadership vote. By the numbers: Winning leadership mandates in Canada The party had hoped to crown their ...

Globe and Mail

Giant telco banned due to cyber attack concerns
New Zealand Herald
By Hamish Fletcher The Chinese telecommunications giant supplying equipment for New Zealand's ultra-fast broadband scheme has been banned from participating in Australia's national broadband network because of cyber attack concerns, according to the ...

Cyber-attack not behind low voter turnout: NDP
Windsor Star
By Tobi Cohen, Postmedia News March 26, 2012 The NDP remains confident that all members who wanted to cast a ballot in its leadership vote got to on Saturday, and is continuing to investigate just who was behind a cyber-attack that slowed down its ...

Party investigating cyber attack on online voting
Montreal Gazette
The NDP remains confident all members who wanted to cast a ballot in its leadership vote got to, and is continuing to investigate a cyber attack that slowed down online voting. Party president Rebecca Blaikie said the party is con-tinuing to work with ...

San Antonio team wins national cyber competition
San Antonio Business Journal
It is modeled after the University of Texas at San Antonio's National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. Through it, computer savvy high school students learn how to establish secure networks and ward off hostile cyber attacks.

White House Cyber Lead Outlines Cross-Agency Priorities
Federal departments and agencies need to focus on three main areas of cybersecurity, the White House's cyber coordinator said Friday. Howard Schmidt wrote on the White House blog that agencies should achieve 95 percent utilization of the ...

Broadband-plan telco banned in Oz
New Zealand Herald
Photo / AP Prime Minister John Key says he is comfortable with Chinese telco Huawei's involvement in the Government's ultra-fast broadband scheme, despite the company being banned from a similar Australian project because of cyber attack concerns.

Australian high-speed internet network won't be built by Chinese company due ...
Morning Star Online
by Our Foreign Desk Fear of potential cyber-attacks has prompted Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to ban Chinese technology giant Huawei from bidding to help build a national high-speed internet network. Ms Gillard said on Monday that the bar ...

Another Zeus attacker who used US visa holders to move stolen cash sentenced
Government Security News
A Russian who was part of an elaborate Cyber attack that used “money mules” with US visas to move cash stolen from US businesses out of the country was sentenced on March 23 to two years in US federal prison. Nikolay Garifulin was sentenced in ...

US Defense Secretary Visits NSA, Cyber Command Leadership
24 with the leader of the National Security Agency and US Cyber Command, said Pentagon Press Secretary George Little. “Today Secretary Panetta visited the National Security Agency and US Cyber Command at Fort Meade, Maryland, where he met with General ...

White House cyber chief lays out top three priorities
"The purpose in selecting three priority areas for improvement is to focus federal department and agency cybersecurity efforts on implementing the most cost effective and efficientcybersecurity controls for federal information system securit," Schmidt ...

Cyber Guerrilla: 'Olfism' and Oromo Values Oduu - News
These are cyber guerrillas who never identify with their views mainly because that they are not confident and competent or their views deliberately motioned for destructive purpose or both. Of course some especial circumstances can be excused.

Kaspersky Lab Announces New Generation of Ultimate PC Protection for Your Home
MarketWatch (press release)
Using Kaspersky Lab's award-winning anti-malware protection and an array of additionalsecurity tools, Kaspersky PURE 2.0 Total Security is the easiest way to keep multiple PCs secure, irreplaceable digital assets protected, and children safe and ...

CyberPatriot Announces 2012 National Championship Winners
Sacramento Bee
By Air Force Association ARLINGTON, Va., March 26, 2012 -- /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The Air Force Association proudly congratulates the winners of CyberPatriot IV, the nation's largest and fastest growing high school cyber defense competition!

Panetta Meets With NSA, Cybercom Lead Keith Alexander
Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency and commander of the US CyberCommand. Panetta also met with Central Security Service leaders and other leaders within NSA and Cyber Command. The meeting focused on the nation's defense ...

U.S. ISPs agree to new cybersecurity recommendations from FCC
Daily Caller
Photo: AP A group of US Internet service providers, including the four largest, have committed to taking new steps to combat three major cyber security threats, based on recommendations from a US Federal Communications Commission advisory committee.

Daily Caller

Foreign Spies Are Already Planted Throughout The US Military Computer Networks
Business Insider
"We are developing doctrine for a pro-active, agile cyber force that can 'maneuver' in cyberspace at the speed of the internet," said General Keith Alexander, the commander of US Cyber Command to the House Armed Services Subcommittee on Emerging ...

Business Insider

Major ISPs agree to FCC's code of conduct on botnets, DNS attacks
In a statement, FCC chairman Julius Genachowski said that these practices "identify smart, practical, voluntary solutions that will materially improve the cyber security of commercial networks and bolster the broader endeavors of our federal partners.

NBN ban a matter of trust
The Australian Financial Review
Reasons of “national security” are easily used as a cover-all to deny foreign entities legitimate access to domestic markets and sectors. The decision to ban Huawei from tendering for major national broadband network (NBN) infrastructure projects will ...

House Oversight Committee unveils FISMA overhaul bill
says the bill is the result of years of bipartisan work. It's called the Federal Information SecurityAmendments Act of 2012. Like a similar Senate bill, it calls on agency technology staffs to continuously monitor networks to prevent cyber intrusions.

Duqu variant uncovered
CRN Australia
... as a Microsoft Class driver, to evade detection by security products. "A new instance of Duqu along with an updated encryption algorithim shows that the team is still very active," Robert M. Lee, a cyber space officer with the US Air Force, said.

House Panel Releases Proposed FISMA Update Bill
To date, several cybersecurity bills have been introduced by both the House and Senate but remain in limbo. A bipartisan group of senators has proposed the Department of HomelandSecurity take the lead in protecting critical infrastructure from cyber ...

New Study Reveals Widespread Use of Vulnerable Open-Source Components by the ...
MarketWatch (press release)
In 2011, successful cyber-attack rates grew by 44 percent, with an average time to resolution of 18 days and the average cost of a data breach at $5.5 million per event.(1) The average enterprise downloads more than 1000 unique components from the ...

The Need for an International Component to Pending Cybersecurity Legislation
Lawfare (blog)
2) Almost certainly, the vulnerability of the electric grid is one of the principal factors drivingcybersecurity concerns. The SCADA systems are considered highly vulnerable. Indeed, the recent Senate cyber exercise involved a simulated attack on the ...

UHY Advisors Joins Guidance Software Global Partner Program
MarketWatch (press release)
... EnCase Cybersecurity(R) and EnCase eDiscovery(R) software are powerful tools for enterprises and government agencies to conduct thorough and effective digital investigations including intellectual property theft, cyber security incident response, ...

ITWeb IT Security Summit to focus on failure of conventional IT security
Media Update
Following a series of high-profile breaches, major information security vendors are conceding that there is little to stop a determined cyber criminal from breaching security and wreaking havoc. IT security needs a rethink, they say.

Country of origin bad heuristic for supply chain risk
Supply chain risk was explicitly recognized as a cyber threat in 2008 in the Comprehensive National Cybersecurity Initiative, and Congress has incrementally added supply chain regulations to Defense Department acquisitions.

DoD Buzz | Has the 'Cyber Pearl Harbor' already happened?
By Philip Ewing
Richard Bejtlich, chief security officer for the info-security firm Mandiant, said 100 percent of the high-profile intrusions his company tracks were done with “valid credentials” – meaning thecyber bad-guys had been able to steal a real user's login and password, obviating the ... In fact, the much-discussed cyber attack against Georgia was carried out mostly with publicly known tools – “there was nothing sacred here,” said National Defense University iCollege chancellor Robert Childs.
DoD Buzz

IntelliBriefs: Cyber and Drone Attacks May Change Warfare More ...
By Naxal Watch
IntelliBriefs bring you Intelligence briefs on Geopolitics , Security and Intelligence from around the world . We gather information and insights from multiple sources and present you in a digestible format to ..... Suppose that a cyber-attack could prevent traditional warfare from breaking out between two nations; by the criteria of Just War Theory it would be an act of war and thus only justifiable as a last resort. And so you might not want to apply the Just War framework to warfare that is not ...

ISN Blog » What Did We Learn from Jamming? (Part 1)
By Giorgos Chatzidakis
Some of the keywords most frequently mentioned during the week included: cyber-attack, cyber security, EU-NATO, Military intervention, NATO-Russia, Security threats, Interoperability, Russia-China, Pakistan, and EU CSDP. In this first part of ...
ISN Blog

NDP is determined to find the source of the cyber attacks against ...
By Admin
But not ruling out the possibility once unmasks the hacker responsible for cyber-attack that causes a delay long over and over again on Saturday the leadership vote. The Party hopes to Crown their new leaders in time for supper-hour news, ...
Fabienfa Yard

Chinese Capabilities for Computer Network Operations and Cyber ...
By Public Intelligence
Occupying the Information High Ground: Chinese Capabilities for Computer Network Operations and Cyber Espionage. 137 pages; March 7, 2012. Download. The PLA's sustained modernization effort over the past two decades has driven ...
Public Intelligence

Why physical and information security working together might give a ...
By Shawna Turner-Rice
There is a specific piece of that trope that completely speaks to the relationship betweencybersecurity and physical security. In all spy ... Other elements of the relationship between physical and cyber security are less obvious. A specific ...
The State of Security

Reflections on the Zero-Days Exploits market ... - Security Affairs
By paganinip
The hacker has a few more options than ever before, he could for example decide to contact the application producer to request a fee to avoid the vulnerability disclosure and its usage by cybercriminals and ill intentioned, but he may also ...
Security Affairs

eConflicts: Article - Officials: Cyber Research Needs Innovation, Talent
By Daniel Ventre
eConflicts, blog about cyberconflicts, cyberwar, cyberdefense, cybersecurity, information warfare... Innovation, Talent. "Officials: Cyber Research Needs Innovation, Talent", by Cheryl Pellerin, American Forces Press Service. March 21, 2012.

Oh oh, NDP members claim unable to vote at leadership convention ...
By BC Blue
The NDP hired a Spanish IT company to run its on-line voting format that was 'compromised' by a cyber-hack: The party blamed the fiasco on an attempted cyber-attack, in which mischievous Internet users clogged the NDP's voting website.
BC Blue: One BC Conservative's...

Congress Warned That Foreign Spies Penetrate US Military ...
By Ethical Hacker
The United States continues to spend on cybersecurity with limited increase in security: The Federal Government expended billions of dollars in 2010, but the number of malicious cyberintrusions has increased. With regards to cyber offense ( rather than defense) Dr. Gabriel ...These tools must address different timescales and new targets, and will require the integrated work of cyber and electronic warfare at unprecedented levels.” Dr. Michael A. Wertheimer, director of research and ...

The U.S. Presidential Candidates on Cybersecurity | Cyber Warzone
Obama has identified cybersecurity as one of the most serious economic and national securitychallenges facing the United States. Shortly after taking office, ...

Cybersecurity Legislation Should Force U.S. Government To Listen ...
On March 15th, 2012, Jason Healey wrote for The Atlantic on the NSA's role in defending the private sector against cyberattacks. Noting that the private sector is ...

Cyber Attacks Up for Public and Private Review « Cybersecurity News
Cyber attacks are on the rise, according to a range of sources around the globe, with everyone from the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) ...

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