Could the first strike of a global war take place online?

Could the first strike of a global war take place online?
The Star-Ledger - (blog)
Although it doesn't get much play in the papers and even less on the idiot box, the prospect of electronic global conflict has been a subject of egghead speculation since at least the 1993 publication of a Rand Corp. paper ominously titled "Cyber war ...

The Star-Ledger - (blog) 

CBS's "60 Minutes" Casts Its Eye on Stuxnet Worm
All Things Digital
And though numerous media accounts have, with the help of anonymous sources, filled in some of the narrative around its development, the subject of the covert cyber campaign against the Iranian nuclear program has generally remained outside the ... 

Computer virus used to attack Iran explained
It's called Stuxnet and it was specifically designed to attack specific computers doing specific duties. Stuxnet was first discovered in the summer of 2010. No one knows who wrote the code, but it's believed that the US and Israeli governments were ...

Lawmakers concerned about cyber attacks on NASA
The March 2011 theft of the unencrypted computer was one of 5408 cyber security incidents — many foreign-based — the space agency reported during the past two years, according to NASA Inspector General Paul Martin. The incidents, which include the ...

issued the following statement Friday about an alternative bill introduced by eight Republicans Thursday: “While we appreciate our colleagues' commitment to passing a cybersecurity bill, it is absolutely essential that legislation address the cyber ...

Michael Jackson's back catalogue has been stolen
Daily Mail
It's alleged they downloaded more than 50000 music files, worth £160million, in the biggest ever cyber attack on a music company. The news comes just a year after Sony paid £250million for the seven-year rights to the songs following Jacko's death.

Daily Mail

FBI: Cyber attacks may soon be top threat to USA
GMA News
Cyber-attacks loom as the top threat to the United States in the near future, officials of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation said. A report on PC World quoted FBI Director Robert Mueller as citing threats from hackers, including state-sponsored ...

They're bad: Hackers target Jacko's back-catalogue
Deadline News
Sony music suffered its second major security breach in a year, with thieves targeting songs and unreleased material by the superstar singer. It's alleged they downloaded more than 50000 music files, worth £160million, in the biggest ever cyber attack ...

Deadline News

MCTI team reaches finals in cyber security contest
Pocono Record
This program is the nation's largest and fastest growing high school cyber defense competition. CyberPatriot aims to get young people interested in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and cybersecurity. The Northrop Grumman Foundation is the ...

Internet as a battlefield in Russian elections
The Election Day, December 4th, started from a massive DDoS attack against several websites. According to information-security experts at Yandex, more than 200000 computers were turned into "slaves" sending traffic of more than 10 gigabytes per second.

Anonymous Members Infected by Trojan DDOS Utility
PC Magazine
By David Murphy Victims of the various cyber-attacks by members of the hacktivist groupAnonymous are undoubtedly enjoying a bit of schadenfreude this weekend, as a new report from Symantec indicates that some Anonymous members have been tricked into ...

Hackers steal Michael's Jackson's back catalogue worth $250M
Toronto Sun
The Sony Music archive has been infiltrated by cyber-crooks, who have illegally downloaded more than 50000 digital files. Record company bosses paid $250 million to Jackson's estate in 2010 for the catalogue, including unheard material from studio ...

Security chiefs identify more than 150 threats to the London Olympic Games
More than a third are terror-related, but organisers are also preparing for cyber attacks, infectious disease outbreaks, energy failure, strikes and serious traffic disruption. A Cabinet Office source said: “The Games will undoubtedly see a very large ...

Hackers gained 'full functional control' of Nasa computers
Hurriyet Daily News (press release)
Mr Martin said Nasa was a "target-rich environment for cyber attacks". He said that the motivation of the hackers ranged from "individuals testing their skill to break into Nasa systems, to well-organized criminal enterprises hacking for profit, ...

Hurriyet Daily News (press release)

Ghassan Hasbani interview: Need for speed
Enter the characters above Vulnerability to a cyber attack could be the oil and gas industry... The time has finally come for the internet's biggest phenomenon... Group buying took off in the post-crisis Gulf - but is it really.

Panetta: '101st is one of the units we have to protect'
Clarksville Leaf Chronicle
... and a threat that could be more disastrous than all of those things – cyber warfare. Panetta told the audience, “The next Pearl Harbor could well be a cyber-attack that takes out our power grid, our government and our financial system.

Laptop theft did not put space station in peril: NASA
Outcome Magazine
One cyber attack still under investigation happened in November 2011, when NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California reported “suspicious network activity involving Chinese-based IP addresses,” he said. “Our review disclosed that the ...

Outcome Magazine

Should we build computer prisons to trap dangerous AIs?
Of course, he acknowledges that the real hazard is that we can't fully test how such a system would perform against a dangerous and ingenious AI until we got our hands on one — at which point we'd be closing the gate after the deadly cyber horse had ...

New England editorial roundup
The Internet organization WikiLeaks bills itself as a cyber-Robin-Hood that stops powerful governments from abusing the powerless. That's its justification for publishing secret documents exposing government's misdeeds. Since its launch in 2007, ...

They're bad: Hackers target Jacko's back-catalogue | Cyber Crimes ...
By admin
... major security breach in a year, with thieves targeting songs and unreleased material by the superstar singer. It's alleged they downloaded more than 50000 music files, worth £160million, in the biggest ever cyber attack on a music company ...
Cyber Crimes Unit

Northerntruthseeker: This Is Insane: Former CIA Chief Lauds ...
By Northerntruthseeker
In July 2010, media reports claimed that Stuxnet had targeted industrial computers around the globe, with Iran being the main target of the attack. They said the country's Bushehr nuclear power plant was at the center of the cyber attack.

Monitoring or censorship? The big fear | Security Affairs
By paganinip
Most of them have developed a specific cyber strategy that addresses surveillance procedures to ensure government security, it's happening today in USA with SOPA where they desire to legislatecyber space and impose their control to ...
Security Affairs

NASA Inspector General Said Hackers Had Full Functional Control ...
By Mike Lennon
NASA reported that during 2010 and 2011, it experienced 5408 cyber security incidents that resulted in the installation of malware or unauthorized access to its systems. In one incident, attackers captured user credentials for more ... The 10- page report, “NASA Cybersecurity: An Examination of the Agency's Information Security,” is a worthy read for anyone in an IT security related job function, but here are a few interesting highlights. NASA Hacked Hackers Had Full Functional Control ...
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Federal Telemedicine News: NIST Establishes Center
By Carolyn Bloch
According to a recent industry study, cyber crimes cost the global economy $388 billion annually in both direct financial losses and in lost time dealing with the effects of cyber crime. To help organizations better protect themselves from such threats, NIST within the Commerce Department has established the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence and is collaborating with the State of Maryland and Montgomery County in Maryland. The Center with FY 2012 NIST appropriations ...
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US and Netherlands Expand Cybersecurity Coordination
Secretary Napolitano and Dutch Minister of Security and Justice Ivo Opstelten Sign Letter of Intent on Cybersecurity Cooperation. Secretary of Homeland ...

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