China 'World's Biggest' Cyber Attack Victim?

China 'World's Biggest' Cyber Attack Victim?
TechWeekEurope UK
The number of cyber attacks against Chinese websites surged in 2011, rising to 8.9 million computers affected, up from 5 million in the previous year, according to a report published by China Daily. It claimed a total of 47000 overseas IPs were ...

TechWeekEurope UK

US Nukes Face Up to 10 Million Cyber Attacks Daily
U.S. News & World Report
"The [nuclear] labs are under constant attack, the Department of Energy is under constantattack." A spokesman for the agency says the Nuclear Security Enterprise experiences up to 10 million "security significant cyber security events" each day.

Cyber security lab becomes reality
Sydney Morning Herald
Lockheed Martin vice president of Cyber Security and NextGen Innovation Curt Aubley at the new Australian headquarter offices in Kingston. Story-David Ellery. Photo: Richard Briggs RCB Lockheed Martin has lifted the lid on its $10 millioncyber ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Small firms 'easy targets' for cyber crime
BBC News
A recent survey of 1900 small businesses around the globe by internet security firm Symantec found the firms were plainly aware of cyber threats. They singled out specific problems like targeted attacks, keystroke logging, and the dangers of using ...

Cyber Threat from Abroad on the Rise
Cyber attacks on China launched from bases overseas surged in 2011, rising to 8.9 million computers affected from 5 million the previous year, according to a network security report. Japan was the source of most attacks (22.8 percent), followed closely ...

Cybersecurity Bill Faces Uncertain Future In Fight Over Regulation
Huffington Post
Many Republicans and business lobbyists, including the US Chamber of Commerce, oppose legislation with regulations, claiming they would harm companies, while many Democrats say DHS enforcement is the only way to properly address cyber vulnerabilities ...

The Coming Cyberwar With Iran?
Voice of America (blog)
Iraq's defenses were paralyzed, allied bombers faced no serious opposition, and the US became the first-ever nation to launch a documented cyber-attack. Since then, war and conflict – like many other things – have increasingly moved online.

Voice of America (blog)

Can Insurance Cover Cybercrime Damages at Your Business?
Businesses have turned to cyber-insurance to mitigate risk. "Cyber Liability insurance was first launched back in 2000--today we're seeing increased interest in this area," said Stella Tse, managing director at insurance broker and risk management firm ...

Cyber knife treatment
The Nation Newspaper
The new cancer eradication option, Cyber Knife, has made possible many a thing that was previously considered impossible in radiology. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the CyberKnife system to treat tumours in the head, neck and upper ...

Overseas rivals increase cyber attacks on China
Cyber attacks on China from its overseas rivals rose from five million in 2010 to 8.9 million in 2011. Security experts have said that the country "only has itself to blame". According to a report by China's National Computer Network Emergency Response ...


Government aims to strengthen cyber security defense
Jakarta Post
The Communications and Information Ministry looks to strengthen the country's defense againstcyber threats by learning from other countries' experiences in an international conference on Internet security, slated to be held in Bali from March 25-31.

Business warned to wake up to cyber threats
Royal Gazette
That's the consensus following the Advisen Cyber Liability Insights Conference in London last week, which discussed the privacy and security risks facing businesses today. Speaking at the conference, Francis Kean, executive director of the FINEX Global ...

Pentagon goes on offense with new cyber weapons
The Hill (blog)
Military leaders have set aside $154 million for the department's new Cyber Command, which is the first ever combat command focused on network warfare, according to the report. The 24th Air Force and the Navy's Tenth Fleet are already conducting ...

Company confirms 1 premier cyber protection site invaded
Cyber security blogs and chat rooms were buzzing with news of the Chinese hack. Microsoft's Security Response Center responded with the following statement: “We continue to watch the threat landscape and we are not aware of public proof-of-concept code ...

New variant shows Duqu attackers still in operation
ZDNet (blog)
By Ryan Naraine | March 20, 2012, 8:20am PDT Security researchers at Symantec has flagged a new variant of the Duqu cyber-espionage Trojan, a clear sign that the attacks are still ongoing. The latest Duqu driver was compiled in February 2012, ...

Cyber war, is it really a war?
News Tribe (blog)
Although such methods are still being pursued during warfare but in modern time a new kind of war is introduced and being fought, the Cyber War. In the Cyber war, information technology and communication tools are used to attack the interests of enemy.

News Tribe (blog)

FOX News Radio
The Department of Defense is plowing a reported $3.4 billion into fighting cyber warfare because it is the new battlefield. One of the greatest threats out there: Duqu, a type of malicious software. Cyber investigators tell FOX that Duqu gets inside ...

FOX News Radio

Pentagon creating new-generation cyberweapon
According to the Washington Post, the US military is ramping up its cyber-efforts in anticipation of a possible showdown with Iran or Syria. The Pentagon had wanted to use cyber warfare technology during the NATO mission in Libya, but realized that it ...


US advising UK on cyber threat
US Secret Service agents have been drafted in to help Scotland Yard protect VIPs against cyberthreats. There is concern that terrorists and activists could use computer hacks to target VIPs and cause disruption during the upcoming Olympic Games and ...

NSA Science of Security 'Lablet' established at NC State (press release)
It is widely understood that critical cyber systems must inspire trust and confidence, protect the privacy and integrity of data resources, and perform reliably. To tackle the ongoing challenges of securing tomorrow's systems, the NSA concluded that a ... (press release)

Cybersecurity Bill Soap Opera
Network World
There was also a mock cyber attack staged in NYC to demonstrate the risks and consequences to Senators in a "real world" setting. So where do we stand on cybersecuritylegislation at this point? Who knows. There is probably a bit of back office deal ...

Russia's TV station web site down after showing documentary that sparked protest
The Russian faction of Anonymous has claimed responsibility for a cyber-attackon a Russian TV station's website. The outage follows a controversial documentary about Russian protestors produced by NTV. One of Russia's major TV channels, ...


To hackers, government users are phish in a barrel
After phishing, malware — in the form of viruses, Trojans, worms and logic bombs — was the next most common source of incidents. Totals from the report: Non-cyber incidents made up 9 percent, US-CERT said. Phishing scams attempt to lure people to ...

Pentagon accelerating cyberweapons research
Fort Worth Star Telegram
"We need cyber options that can be executed at the speed, scale and pace" of other military weapons, Kaigham Gabriel, DARPA deputy director, said in testimony last month to Congress. Pentagon officials, meanwhile, are developing a congressionally ...

Official: Gunman may have filmed acts
French Interior Minister Claude Gueant said surveillance footage from the school's security system indicated what seemed to be a video camera strapped to the assailant's chest as he opened fire Monday on adults and children, killing a rabbi, ...

Students Create Anti-Bullying Commercial
MyFox Phoenix
Like every high school in the country, McClintock High School in Tempe is trying to figure out how to tackle cyber bullying, so they challenged their students to come up with a way to attack it. “Words are stronger than people think,” says one of the ...

Costa Rica's presidential website hacked
Tico Times
The cyber-attack was attributed to a group called Latinhack, whose members have perpetrated more than 13000 attacks on various government sites in Spain, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Chile and the Dominican Republic. Chac√≥n said officials “have ...

AlienVault Selected by AlwaysOn as a OnDemand Top 100 Winner
MarketWatch (press release)
"AlienVault recognizes that cyber attacks are a global concern and that we must all work together in order to be more secure. Our innovative Open Threat Exchange community-sources threat intelligence so that an attack on any member of our global ...

Foreign Ministry Appoints Cybersecurity Coordinator
RIA Novosti
Analysts do not rule out a next move to establish a paramilitary division at Russia's Defense Ministry, similar to the US Cyber Command. There are plans to bring in more women into the government that will be formed after Vladimir Putin's inauguration.

Cyberwar: hype or reality?
Naked Security
by Lachlan Urquhart on March 19, 2012 | Leave a comment Internet security is a hot political topic at the moment. Governments are instrumenting changes to protect key infrastructure from both foreign and domestic network attacks.

Naked Security

U.S. Accelerating Cyberweapon Research
San Antonio Express
The agency also has launched new cyber-development initiatives, including a “fast-track” program. options that can be executed at the speed, scale and pace” of other military weapons, Kaigham Gabriel, DARPA deputy director, said in testimony last month ...

US Speeds up Development of New Cyber Weapons
Prensa Latina
19 de marzo de 2012, 12:33Washington, Mar 19 (Prensa Latina) The Defense Department currently speeds up the developing of a new generation of cyber weapons able to disrupt the enemy's military networks, even when such networks are not connected to the ...

China aiming to disable US defenses
In a 136-page report titled “Occupying the Information High Ground: Chinese Capabilities for Computer Network Operations and Cyber Espionage,” the commission asserted that Chinese advances in cyberwarfare were specifically targeting US military systems ...

Invincea: Protection against cyber breach
By admin
... governments today: cyber-breach. We believe that the security industry desperately needs innovation in the area of prevention and have built our company to drive this innovation while focusing on the largest attack surface for breach: the user. ... This platform focused on the two primary attack vectors used by organized cyber-crime, nation states, and hacktivists to dupe users into becoming unwitting accomplices to breach – the web browser and PDF reader. Our philosophy was and ...
Crucial Point LLC

Latta announces cyber security seminar « The VW independent
By Dave
BOWLING GREEN — U.S. Representative Bob Latta (R-Bowling Green) will host a cyber security seminar in conjunction with the FBI's Counterintelligence Division and the Federal Communications Commission on Friday, March 30, from 9 ... and the bipartisan Communications and Technology Cybersecurity Working Group, I know the importance of this issue and want to make sure that businesses in northern Ohio are informed and well-equipped to deal with cyber attacks,” said Latta.
The VW independent

US Nuclear Defences Are Attacked 10 Million Times A Day – How ...
By kwright
The nuclear labs are under constant attack, the Department of energy is under constant attack.' 10 million is ... Due to the continued increase in cyber attacks the NNSA, as well as many other government departments, are calling on their cyber security budget to be increased from $126 million in 2012 to $155 million in 2013. In his recent book 21st Century Chinese Cyber Warfare, Lieutenant Colonel Hagestad discusses the threats that the US faces from state sponsoredcyber attacks.
IT Governance Blog on IT governance,...

Small firms 'easy targets' for cyber crime » FISMA Focus
By jim
A recent survey of 1900 small businesses around the globe by internet security firm Symantec found the firms were plainly aware of cyber threats. They singled out ... “You can attack a business from anywhere – even through the mail room.

Drone for freedom or cyber threat? The Pirate Bay idea | Security ...
By paganinip
Security Affairs. Read, think, share … Security is everyone's responsibility ... Don't forget that this technologies can be hacked and used for several purposes by cyber criminals or hostiles governments. I'll be thinking wrong but when I think ...
Security Affairs

NSA Science of Security 'Lablet' Established at NC State
By Matt Shipman
Formal methods will be applied to develop formal notions of security resiliency. End-to-end system analysis will be employed to investigate resiliency of large systems against cyber attack. The lablet's work will draw upon ideas from other ...
NCSU News :: NC State News and...

Beijing SHOTS » Cyber threat from abroad on the rise
By yangjingmin
Cyber attacks on China launched from bases overseas surged in 2011, rising to 8.9 million computers affected from 5 million the previous year, according to a network security report. Japan was the source of most attacks (22.8 percent), followed closely by the ... Kang Kai, the owner of Thinkmo, a website dedicated to learning English in Tianjin, said his website suffered at least one attack every month. “As a small Internet company, we can't afford to employ a big maintenance team.
Beijing SHOTS

Securing Cyber-Physical Systems
The first part of the talk will cover the unique and fundamentally new challenges and solutions required for securing cyber-physical systems. The second part of the talk will focus on new mechanisms for securing cyber-physical systems.
UMBC ebiquity research group...

HBGary's Greg Hoglund: The Art Of RAT Hunting In the Enterprise ...
By Paul Roberts
A year after the devastating hack of his firm HBGary, Greg Hoglund sat down with Threatpost editor Paul Roberts to talk about battling sophisticated malware within the enterprise - and how most organizations get it wrong. ... Paul Roberts ( Threatpost): We're talking at the Kaspersky Lab Security Analyst Summit here. You just gave a really interesting .... Then with the rogue hacking threats, I seriously believe we're gonna see a cyber terrorist attack pretty soon. Someone's gonna pop a ...
threatpost - The First Stop for...

Small firms 'easy targets' for cyber crime |
By marketmaker
UK govt to announce new cyber security strategy. The government is set to announce new measures to tackle cyber crime on Friday as Britain's internet and electronic communications network comes under increased attack from hackers and ... - Market News & Analysis

Cybersecurity malware hackers computer viruses | Homeland ...
For the past several weeks amateur cybersecurity experts have been searching for malware, defending against cyberattacks, and raising firewalls as part of ...

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