China's Huawei banned from NBN

China's Huawei banned from NBN
The Australian Financial Review
The federal government has banned Chinese technology giant Huawei from participating in multibillion- dollar tenders to supply equipment to the national broadband network because of concerns over cyber attacks originating in China.

Attempted cyber-attack holds up NDP vote
(THE CANADIAN PRESS) UPDATED 8:50 pm TORONTO — An attemptedcyber-attack on the NDP's electronic voting system Saturday forced party officials to delay the process of choosing the next federal New Democrat leader for several hours, frustrating voters ...

Attempted cyber attack holds up cross Canada voting for next leader of NDP
South Asian Observer
Party officials have isolated two IP addresses that were at the root of an attempted cyber-attackon the party's electronic voting system, causing extensive holdups and aggravating voters both at the convention in Toronto and across the country.

Attempted cyber-attack holds up NDP leadership vote
CP24, Canada
The selection of the next federal NDP leader has been delayed for hours due an attemptedcyber-attack on the party's electronic voting system. Laptop computers sit idle as people await the results of the third round of voting during the NDP leadership ...

Caribbean needs to get clicking on cyber security
Stabroek News
By David Jessop | 0 Comments | Features, Sunday | Sunday, March 25, 2012 Most Caribbean Governments and companies have yet to take seriously the threat posed by cyber attack. This is despite signs that the region is not immune to the actions of those ...

NDP investigating possible cyber attack on voting website
Global Edmonton
There is no evidence, however, that would suggest any kind of cyber-attack, a senior New Democrat said. Leading into this weekend's convention, organizers expressed nothing but confidence in the system. The company contracted for the convention, Scytl, ...

NDP technical difficulties result of cyber-attack (blog)
Lavigne, however, said “failsafes” built into the processes of Scytil, the company hired by the NDP to conduct the vote, ultimately prevented anything more serious than a cyber-slowdown. Spokeswoman Sally Housser further noted the party has not ...

Banks lose $245m in cyber fraud
The Citizen Daily
A senior official of Cyber Security Africa has warned that cases of suspected fraudsters have penetrated electronic financial transactions in the region.Mr Sammy Kioko said that a survey, conducted by Deloitte last year, indicates that banks in Kenya, ...

Panetta Visits NSA, Cyber Command Leadership
Department of Defense
By Army Sgt. 1st Class Tyrone C. Marshall Jr. WASHINGTON, March 24, 2012 – Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta met today with the leader of the National Security Agency and USCyber Command, said Pentagon Press Secretary George Little.

Oman meeting to discuss cyber defence for region
Khaleej Times
The 'Cyber Defence Summit', on April 2 and 3 and touted as the biggest initiative yet aimed at protecting the region's vital national infrastructure and virtual boundaries, is endorsed d by ITU-IMPACT, the largest cyber security alliance of its kind ...

Mulcair wins NDP leadership race
Sault Star
It was a painful day as delegates both on the convention floor and at home were victimized by ahacker attack on the system used for voting. The cyber assault delayed voting for several hours and left party officials red-faced and delegates fuming.

ICDL Foundation unveils 'IT Security' module
Trade Arabia
With it, ICDL will intensify and support government efforts to educate the general public on the best practices of cyber safety, said a statement. Sixty five per cent of adults have fallen prey to cybercrime globally; the incurred costs of which amount ...

NDP leadership vote down to Thomas Mulcair and Brian Topp
National Post
After an hours-long delay due to an apparent cyber attack on the NDP online voting system, Quebec MP Thomas Mulcair pulled into a strong lead in the party leadership race with support of 43% on the third ballot. Long-time NDP organizer Brian Topp had ...

National Post

'Outside mischief makers' responsible for technical difficulties: NDP
Vancouver Sun
... the attack were seeking to hack into the voting system. Lavigne, however, said “fail-safes” built into the processes of Scytl, the company hired by the NDP to conduct the vote, ultimately prevented anything more serious than a cyber-slowdown.

Opinion: Mulcair's win is bad news for sovereignists
Edmonton Journal
We do know that some New Democrats were either deprived of their right to vote or discouraged from exercising it by long delays in voting that resulted from an external cyber-attack on the party's computers. When even a single voter has his or her vote ...

NDP Leadership: Voting delays caused by 'outside interference'
Toronto Star
The party blamed the fiasco on an attempted cyber-attack, in which mischievous Internet users clogged the NDP's voting website. “The only thing that we know is that the delays that were being caused were caused by those outside the system who were ...

Toronto Star

The Budget Battle
The Cutting Edge
Cybersecurity. DHS continues to increase its cybersecurity budget at a rapid clip, showing a growing focus on cybersecurity within the homeland security enterprise. The President's budget requests $769 million for the National Cyber Security Division ...

The Cutting Edge

Mulcair moves closer to NDP crown amid delays with online voting system
A lengthy, second round of voting — delayed, apparently, by an attempted cyber-attack on the party's online voting system — pushed Mulcair's support among the party faithful to 38 per cent, an undeniable sign of momentum but still well short of the ...

Thomas Mulcair elected new leader of NDP
National Post
Party spokesman Brad Lavigne said the system had been hampered by an apparent cyber attack, but he said the votes had not been compromised and that the attack had only served to delay the process. NDP staff said all candidates had been aware of the ...

National Post

NDP says it knows IP addresses it has linked to cyber-attack (subscription)
The NDP knows the two IP addresses they say were used to sabotage their leadership race in acyber-attack Saturday but have yet to determine the hackers' identities. Party president Rebecca Blaikie says a computer program repeatedly accessed the ...

Mulcair moves closer to NDP crown
Guelph Mercury
The Montreal MP and leadership favourite was stuck with 43.8 per cent of the votes after a drawn-out, day-long drama that included delays caused by an attempted cyber-attack on the party's online voting system. Brian Topp, the veteran party strategist ...

Mulcair takes NDP crown after long race, long day
Hamilton Spectator
Efforts are underway to track down the identity of the mysterious cyber-vandal who managed to delay and... TORONTO He was said to be the front-runner to succeed Jack Layton as leader of the New Democratic Party. And, in the end, his six challengers ...

Mulcair stresses unity after winning NDP leadership
680 News
The results came after four lengthy rounds of voting that were plagued by delays and technical glitches, at least partly due an attempted cyber-attack on the party's electronic voting system. The crowd of supporters surrounding Mulcair erupted in ...

NDP voting delays caused by hackers, says Cullen campaign manager
Global Edmonton
TORONTO - The selection of the next federal leader of the NDP has been delayed for hours due an attempted cyber-attack on the party's electronic voting system, according to the campaign manager for Nathan Cullen.. Jamey Heath, campaign manager for ...

Mulcair Wins Third Ballot at NDP Convention
580 CFRA Radio
The vote was delayed due to a cyber attack on the company handling the online voting for the New Democrats. The party claims the outcome of the vote was not affected by the cyber attack, but admits it did slow down the voting process.

SouthCoast business in brief
The event is being organized by Dr. Fahri Karakaya and features speakers Suzanne Stark-Mello, Ph. D. in computer science from the University of Rhode Island, speaking on digital forensics; Tal Achituv, cyber security consultant, on cyber attacks and ...

Mulcair will have to bring his team together
Toronto Sun
Well, after four rounds of balloting, a cyber attack on the NDP online voting site and more than 60000 votes cast, Mr. Israel is now Ms. Palestine's boss. And while party unity is a top priority for any leader, caucus unity is the first and urgent ...

Mulcair nearly there: NDP favourite takes 43.8 per cent in third-round vote
Lethbridge Herald
Cullen's campaign manager confirmed prior to the third-ballot results that the party's chief electoral officer had informed them of an attempted cyber-attack that slowed the online voting system, but failed to compromise the results.

NDP leadership: Thomas Mulcair is new leader of federal New Democrats
Toronto Star
... stations at the convention in Toronto and many more took to social media to complain about being unable to vote online, with party brass — after pleading for patience — eventually charging that they had been victims of a deliberate cyber attack.

Toronto Star

ICDL's new 'IT Security' certification programme to arm computer users against ...
Zawya (registration) (press release)
Recent high profile cyber incidents in the region have highlighted the increasingly complex, sophisticated and organized nature of cybercrime. According to a Symantec Internet Threat Report 65% of adults globally have fallen prey to cybercrime; ...

Zawya (registration) (press release)

For the record: The abandoned Scytl table (subscription)
But after repeated delays resulting from what some are calling a “cyber-attack,” the company's representatives appeared to have abandoned their information table. (Though of course it's the end of a long day.) But they were here for sure as evidenced ...

Thomas Mulcair wins delay-ridden NDP leadership race in Canada
Shanghai Daily (subscription)
After a gruelling 12 hours - with four ballots cast and drawn out by hours-long delays from an attempted cyber-attack - Mulcair thanked his opponents, family, campaign team and supporters in his victory speech. "We are celebrating today the victory for ...

Yaffe: Where will Tom Mulcair take the NDP?
Victoria Times Colonist
A plan for 90 minutes of voting time between ballots was badly hampered by computer-related delays possibly related to an external cyber attack. “This is unfortunate,” admitted party president Rebecca Blaikie. Additionally, several final video ...

US Experts say: Government Networks constantly hacked | Security ...
By paganinip
While the cyber security experts analyze the progress made ​​in countries like Russia and China and emerging realities like India and Iran, they alert us regarding the vulnerabilities of the main U.S. structures. ... The only feasible goal right now is trying to mitigate the threat reducing the intrusions, the experts report that US are under a massive attack that day fails to penetrate defenses raised to the protection of the infrastructures. ... From → Cyber warfare, Intelligence,Security ...
Security Affairs

Cyber Security: New Threats, New Opportunities | Oriental Review
By Editorial
Cyber Security: New Threats, New Opportunities. As early as 10-15 years ago it seemed that all the apocalypses-like scenarios of the “digital Pearl Harbor”, depicted by some American researchers, would always be not more than a fantasy.
Oriental Review

Panetta Visits NSA, Cyber Command Leadership - Military Avenue ...
WASHINGTON, March 24, 2012 – Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta met today with the leader of the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command, said Pentagon Press Secretary George Little. “Today Secretary Panetta visited the National Security Agency and U.S. CyberCommand at ... According to Little, Panetta said he was deeply impressed by team efforts to defend America against cyber attack. “The secretary acknowledged the critical and important work that the Cyber ...
Military Avenue Recent Articles

Security authorities worry that North Korea could resort to cyber ...
By editor
Security authorities worry that North Korea could resort to cyber terror or jam GPS signals and communication lines ★Maximum Security in Place for Nuclear Summit -Daily News Korea · ANALYSIS, ARCHIVE, ECO-FINANCE, REGION, STRATEGY ... Anti-aircraft artillery and surface-to-air missiles will also be stationed at strategic points to prevent a 9/11-type attack. Securityforces have gathered profiles of 4000 terrorist suspects from intelligence agencies around the world and are ...

Protect your PIN says fin.INFOSEC event – Digital QATAR - The ...
By Sarah Spendiff
Aldi Wahid, VP of Cyber Security Responsive Services at CyberSecurity Malaysia brought insights on how to share financial security information across institutions and news of the very latest in cyber threats. According to Wahid, phishing scam ...
Digital QATAR - The Hotspot for...

ONTD_Political - Canada has a new opposition leader
By sammy sue
... at the convention in Toronto and many more took to social media to complain about being unable to vote online, with party brass — after pleading for patience — eventually charging that they had been victims of a deliberate cyber attack.

“Cyber Pearl Harbor” — A Real and Growing Threat | The Americano
By Editor
Could the unthinkable happen? The answer is yes. Manuel Cereijo / The Americano. In recent years, a wave of highly sophisticated computer viruses and cyber-attacks has created newsecurity threats that policymakers and analysts are just ...
The Americano

Episode 628 – Weekend Wrap-up with Dr. b0n3z | InfoSec Daily
By Dr Bones
Security 504: Hacker Techniques, Exploits & Incident Handling – Matt Romanek. When: June ....Samuel Najera, spokesman for the Mexican Episcopal Conference, said its web page on the papal visit was blocked by "a cyber attack." "We have ...
InfoSec Daily

Real Cost of a Cyber Attack - Video on
A new survey reveals malicious hacking of government and corporate data accounted for more ...

Cybersecurity: Cyber Crime Protection Security Act (S.2111) -- A ...
10 Cybersecurity: Evaluating the Administration's Proposal, Hearing Before the ...Cybersecurity: Protecting America's New Frontier, Hearing Before the ...

Digging into Verizon DBIR: Hacking, Malware, Cyber-Threats
PC Magazine
"That distinction alone offers quite a number of hints on where to focus our attention as securityprofessionals," said Qualys CTO Wolfgang Kandek. While malware remained prevalent, most of the attacks involved some form of hacking, ...

Napolitano: Cyber threat 'right in front of us'
By William Jackson Cybersecurity is a top priority in the Homeland Security Department's fiscal 2013 budget request, and spending for it would get a 74 percent boost while overall department funding would remain flat in the coming year.

US cyber-tsar: Tackle jailbroken iPhones
By Tom Espiner, ZDNet UK, 24 March, 2012 12:00 @tomespiner Businesses should not let employees use jailbroken iPhones on corporate networks, according to White House computer security specialist Howard Schmidt. Schmidt, who advises President Barack ...


What the LulzSec Bust Says About Cyber Criminal Investigations
SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)
Understandably, the majority of law enforcement, white hats, and journalists rejoiced at the FBI's newfound cyber prowess. After months of embarrassment through denial of service attacks, major data leaks, and website defacements, it looked as though ...

Avoiding Cyber Threat Amnesia
SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)
By Bob Gourley My involvement in the non-profit educational and research organization CyberConflict Studies Association over the last several years has led me to an observation about federal policy makers and cyber security.

Report: 'Hacktivism' on the rise
Daily Caller
The Verizon 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report notes that this is a reversal in previous trends of cyber-criminals stealing data primarily for financial gain, which poses new problems for companies who now have to be wary of their political stances ...

Daily Caller

Pentagon developing cyber warfare rules
Infosecurity Magazine
Information security and education organisation, the SANS Institute has praised the Pentagon's newly-unveiled US cyber security strategy for its focus on innovative training and active defence. Over 24000 sensitive files were stolen from a US defense ...

US Military Goes on Cyber Offensive (subscription)
By ZACHARY FRYER-BIGGS | Comments “I can assure you that, in appropriate circumstances and on order from the National Command Authority, we can back up the department's assertion that any actor threatening a crippling cyber attack against the United ...

VN sees rise in cyber crime
Viet Nam News
HA NOI — Cyber crime in Viet Nam had become more sophisticated with many IT networks being targeted, said the director of the IT department at the Ministry of Public Security, Nguyen Viet The, during the two-day Cloud Computing and Security World 2012 ...

Security fears see Huawei banned from NBN
SC Magazine Australia
It quoted a security analyst as saying companies tendering for the NBN were given detailed technical information about the network which would be dangerous in the hands of any organisation planning a cyber-attack. Critical infrastructure operated by ...

US Military Has Already Succumbed To Cyber Threats
Security experts told the Senate Armed Services Subcommittee this week that foreign spies have penetrated computer networks of the US military. Experts from the US National Security Agency and government labs said the penetration was likely so complete ...


Local company playing key role in adding Internet domains
Chicago Sun-Times
“I've been involved in cyber security for 15 years, and my position is that cyber is a new theater of war” in addition to the historic theaters of land, sea and air, said Schmidt, who spearheaded Microsoft's first internal “malicious” testing of ...

Hacktivists Steal More Data Than Criminals.
Sky News (blog)
2011 was the year of the Hacktivist according to data security experts Verizon. Their Data Breach Investigations Report released this week shows a dramatic rise in cyber-hacking for purpose of political and social objectives.

Zappos CTO: hacking detected 'while it was in progress'
But Arun Rajan, the chief technology officer at, says that Zappos data security personnel in Henderson, Nev., detected the cyber intruder while the attack was in progress and quickly thwarted the attack before the hacker was able to obtain ...

Duqu variant uncovered
SC Magazine
... detection by security products. "A new instance of Duqu along with an updated encryption algorithim shows that the team is still very active," Robert M. Lee, a cyber space officer with the US Air Force, told on Friday in an email.

The US must hone its message on fair play
China Daily
High on the US agenda, conveyed by US Vice-President Joe Biden, were concerns over China's trade practices, human rights and cybersecurity, yet at the same time US officials were pressing for more Chinese investments in the US to help boost the US ...

FCC, Internet providers join hands to get rid of botnets
Times of Oman
A single hacker can remotely control thousands of machines, using them to send spam aimed at stealing personal or financial data. Policymakers are eager to get industry more involved in policing botnets and preventing security problems from slowing the ...

This WEEK in the European Union
Brussels has been slow off the mark in tackling cyber crime as it struggles to keep up with a fast-changing online world. It was prompted to think properly about the issue by the large-scalecyber attack against Estonia in 2007.

Akamai CEO sets $5 billion revenue target by 2020
Chicago Tribune
The Bangalore office gives a first-hand experience: In a circular room, young employees kept a vigilant eye on giant screens, looking out for cyber attack as data streamed across from clients' websites, which register more than 10 billion hits per ...

Pro-China hackers target Tibetan activists with malware
By John Leyden • Get more from this author Pro-China hackers have started spoofing security firm AlienVault's email address in spam messages in an attempt to infect pro-Tibetan recipients with malware. The move follows days after the security tools ...

Intelligence community: Iran poses 3 threats to US
Because of its experience in having a portion of its nuclear program attacked by the Stuxnet cyber-worm, the Iranians have embarked on a billion dollar effort to establish a cyber command on its own. It will be a dedicated cyber command under the ...

Megan Piper Porn Star: Anonymous Hackers Launch 'Operation Lulz Prom' In ...
International Business Times
Anonymous has yet to take any action against the school, which they accuse of "demonizing sex workers." Based on their previous cyber-protests, the operation will likely involve targeting the website(s) of the school with a proxy DDoS attack to knock ...

International Business Times

Commission keen to create EU cybercrime centre
The agency, which is expected to open in 2013, will also be responsible for training national experts on cyber crime and form part of the EU police agency Europol. The EU executive sees the cybercrime centre as the focal point in co-ordinating national ...

'Hacktivism' Targeting Prime Companies
TopNews Arab Emirates
Next point that was made clear in the Verizon 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report highlighted that the earlier trend where cyber-criminals were stealing data to earn some financial gains, is not the trend of today but the hackers are trying to pose ...

TopNews Arab Emirates

Good intentions gone bad
The Canberra Times
It appeared JACS was not the target of the cyber attack, with many posts referencing the ''Australian Justice Department''. A number of tweets by members ofAnonymous were directed towards the federal government, despite featuring the ACT government ...

The Canberra Times

Issa Unveils Draft Bill to Reform FISMA
Unlike the more comprehensive Cybersecurity Act of 2012 from the leaders of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the SECURE IT Act from a group of leading Republican senators [see Compromise in Air over Cyber Bill], ...

The woman with all the secrets: the case file on the NSA's Fran Fleisch
Local 10
He recently assumed more responsibilities when Director Keith Alexander took on the extra job of heading US Cyber Command, which is dedicated to the growing national security threat posed by those using keyboards and servers as their weapons of choice.

Salient Federal Solutions Extends Offer for Shares of ATS Corporation
Sacramento Bee
... a leading provider of information technology, engineering, and intelligence analytic services to agencies in the intelligence, defense, homeland security, and cyber domains, today announced that ATSC, Salient, and Salient's wholly owned subsidiary, ...

Documents reveal NYPD infiltrated liberal political groups and monitored activists
The Star-Ledger -
Investigators with his Cyber Intelligence Unit monitor websites of activist groups, and undercover officers put themselves on email distribution lists for upcoming events. Plainclothes officers collect fliers on public demonstrations.

The Star-Ledger -

Bring Your Own Device to Work
Furthermore, because people often use their phones, tablets, and laptops to access social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which cyber criminals increasingly attack, many managers and CIOs aren't wild about the idea of letting their employees use ...

Why Cyberwar Will be the Next Big Threat
16:13 GMT, March 23, 2012 You don't need to be a cybernaut to see why attacks on America's information networks will be the next big security challenge that policymakers face. You just need to be a student of recent history. Why did Al Qaeda attack the ...

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