5 Ways to Prepare for Cyber War

5 Ways to Prepare for Cyber War
ABC News
The president's call for a more serious approach to the growing threat of full spectrum cyber war, or "cybergeddon," came just a week before Mandiant, an American cyber security firm, released a 60-page report detailing a Chinese military unit in ...

IDF says engaged in 'constant cyber battle'
According to Moskovitz, the military diligently counters cyber attacks that threaten the IDF's secureoperational computer systems – systems which in turn facilitate weapons systems used by the troops on the ground, and whose failure holds soldiers ...

Tom Still: Assessing the threat of cyber attacks
Wisconsin State Journal
In the emerging world of cyber-warfare, the most pervasive threats may come from nests of sophisticated computer hackers in Shanghai, Tehran or Pyongyang. The release Monday of a private report that tracked 141 ... During his State of the Union address ...

Roundtable I: Cyber Security, Syria, and Iran
ABC News
Roundtable I: Cyber Security, Syria, and Iran. Rep. Mike Rogers, Rep. Eliot Engel, George Will, and Christiane Amanpour. 24:22 | 02/24/2013. Share: Transcript for Roundtable I: Cyber Security, Syria, and Iran. Good morning and welcome to "this week.

Cyber space is China's cold war
The Canberra Times
When British Prime Minister David Cameron agreed a new cyber-security pact with his Indian counterpart Manmohan Singh last week, he was not just seeking to protect the highly sensitive personal data of millions of British households that is stored by ...

The Canberra Times

Cyber-security risks in energy sector highlighted
Gulf Times
“Qatar's progress in cyber- security in the energy sector; a vital sector for Qatar's national economy, is being recognised the world over. The balanced anti-cyber threat mechanisms based on a modern regulatory framework and the adoption of an ...

Gulf Times

Investigation continues in Central Hudson cyber attack
The Register Star
“We are continuing to work with the New York State Police and we've brought in a cyber securityforensic expert to assist us in the investigation,” said Central Hudson Spokesman John Maserjian. “At this point we do not have any evidence that ...

Auditor Adam Edelen Concerned With Kentucky's Cyber Security; Vows to Monitor
Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelen found a dozen issues with the state's cyber security efforts in the 2011-12 fiscal year—and he's vowing to closely monitor the state's measures in that area in the coming months. The findings were reported in Edelen's ...

Cyber experts: no one's safe
Boston Herald
Security experts warn that the recent cyberattacks on Apple and the New York Times are only the highest-profile examples of an escalating problem that threatens American businesses and undermines national security. “A new frontier for ... “It's not ...

Hackers circulate tainted version of China cyber ... - Yahoo! News
From Yahoo! News: BOSTON (Reuters) - Unknown hackers are trying to infect computers by capitalizing on strong interest in a recent report by a security firm ...

Cyber Security Expert Discusses U.S. Vulnerabilities at Naval ...
A cyber expert addressed the Naval Academy Feb. 19 to address how computers are playing a major role in nearly every asp.

Scramble to increase cyber security has nothing to do with Chinese ...
Obama administration officials seemed to go out of their way to downplay the notion that the policy is aimed at troublesome China while unveiling a strategy ...

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