Taking cybersecurity seriously

We must all take our cyber-security seriously
The Guardian Blogs (blog)
It has been a fragile week for cyber-security, with system breaches affecting a quarter-of-a-million Twitter accounts coming on the heels of online assaults against both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, apparently by highly sophisticated ...

Danger does not compute in cyber war
Sydney Morning Herald
THE number of serious cyber attacks investigated by Canberra's defence spy agency doubled last year, new figures show, as security experts warn of dangerous complacency in the Australian community about data protection. Cyber specialists say many ...

Sydney Morning Herald

Cyber Attacks: when will they constitute acts of war?
Asian Tribune
The news of the cyber-attack launched at Twitter, the micro-blogging site, on Friday, which resulted in the exposure of usernames, encrypted passwords and email addresses of more than a quarter of a million users, came hard on the heels of a catalogue ...

Asian Tribune

Businesses Facing Increasing Cyber Threats: Security Experts
Disastrous cyber-war attacks that could be life threatening are not far off if the government and businesses do not take action soon, security experts warned ...

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