Stealthy cyber security startup Morta Security

Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock And Norwest Back Stealthy Cyber Security ...
Stealthy cyber security startup Morta Security is announcing seed funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Greylock Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, Data Collective, Larry Link, and Peter Wagner. While the company did not disclose the amount raised, we ...


More Cyber Security Training is Needed
A report from Techworld published on Feb. 12 highlights the need for more cybertraining in the U.K., and it is not the only country that has noticed this. The National Audit Office (NAO) points out that the lack of adequately trained individuals ...


Cyber Security In 2013: CISPA Bill, Obama Executive Order May Counteract ...
International Business Times
... Obama Executive Order May Counteract Chinese Cyber Hacking. (Photo: Reuters) The US has been suffering from a "maintained and sustained" cyber attack from China focusing on economic intelligence. Sponsorship Link ... The CISPA bill hopes to limit...

International Business Times

National Cyber Security Strategy Launched
Kenya on Tuesday announced the launch of the country's National Cybersecurity Strategy and Master Plan(NCSMP). The NCSMP will be part of the National ICT Masterplan that will be launched on Thursday this week. The launch was held at the Sarova ...

Qatar to setup cyber security system
Staff Major General Saad bin Jassim Al-Khulaifi, Director General of PublicSecurity and Chief of Police, said that the MOI is creating an organised legislative environment and IT infrastructure to counteract cyber crime, Gulf Times reported. ACyber ...

National Audit Office warns UK needs more skilled cyber-crime fighters
BBC News
The number of IT and cyber security professionals in the UK has not increased in line with the growth of the internet, the watchdog said. Labour said the report highlighted the lack of support for "the next generation of British cyber security experts ...

BBC News

IT Breaches and Cyber Security Risks Increasing for Texas Small Businesses
GlobeNewswire (press release)
NEW YORK, Feb. 12, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Small businesses in Texas are growing more concerned about their IT risks. Hiscox, the specialty insurer providing US small businesses with the simplest way to purchase customized business insurance ...

UK lacks on cyber security professionals
New Europe
The number of IT and cyber security workers is not growing in the same line as the Internet, explained the watchdog, which was warned by government, education and business representatives, and explained that "the current pipeline of graduates and ...

New Europe

Budget 2013: Nasscom demands cyber security important components of ...
Economic Times
... competitiveness in the Budget 2013. NEW DELHI: The National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) has recommended cyber securityprovisions for important component of national security and competitiveness in the Budget 2013.

Economic Times

Microsoft Takes a Closer Look at Cyber Security and Malware
The threat of cyber-based attacks on US infrastructure is so serious that President Obama is expected to finally unveil his executive order on cyber security sometime after his State of the Union address. The State of the Union address will take place ...


Bad cyber security bill CISPA heading back to the House
Rumors of CISPA's demise were apparently greatly exaggerated, according to various privacy rights advocates and organizations today. CISPA, or the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, initially sought to give American companies more legal ...


US target of sustained cyber-espionage campaign
China is the top cyberthreat to the U.S. and has been intensifying attacks on U.S. businesses to identify data that will help the country gain economically, according to a recently obtained nationalsecurity document. Over the past five years, the ...

US said to be target of massive cyber-espionage campaign
Washington Post
A new intelligence assessment has concluded that the United States is the target of a massive, sustained cyber-espionage campaign that is threatening the country's economic competitiveness, according to individuals familiar with the report. The ...

With cyber attacks on the rise, is your company's data secure?
The Guardian (blog)
On one dark day in 2007, HM Revenue and Customs Service (HMRC) lost computer disks with the details of 25 million benefit recipients. When an organisation publicly endures an IT security disaster of this magnitude, corporate leaders take notice, says...

The Guardian (blog)

US getting cyber-robbed "every single day," Rogers says
CBS News
Mike Rogers, R-Mich., is set to introduce a cyber security bill "as early as this week," the House Intelligence Committee chairman said today on "Face the Nation." "We're getting robbed every single day," Rogers said during a panel discussion on the ...

Confronting Cyber Barbary Pirates
Wall Street Journal
Russia used cyber warfare against Estonia and Georgia. Last week, cyber spies infiltrated hundreds of thousands of Twitter accounts, getting access to ... In their 2008 essay "Freedom of the Cyber Seas," published in CSO Magazine, a security trade ...

Wall Street Journal

'Lax practices' to blame for cyber-attacks
The European Commission has finally published its long-awaited cyber security strategy, which reflects the realisation that cyber-attacks are not a purely military matter. Any conflict ... One-third of all UK small businesses suffered a cyber-attack ...

As Attacks Mount, Governments Grapple With Cybersecurity Policies
All Things Digital
Long in coming — cyber security has simmered in the background of the national security policy agenda for at least two years — the new order will create a set of standards that private companies operating critical infrastructure, such as power plans ...

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