US government debates action over Chinese cyberattacks

Better Late Than Never?

US government debates action over alleged Chinese cyberattacks | ZDNet: The new National Intelligence Estimate will address cyberattacks as a threat to the economy -- often seen when you consider not only the problems caused by downtime, but also in relation to the money organizations and businesses have to spend in order to defend against and repair the damage left by cyberattackers. One U.S. official said that it will "cite more directly a role by the Chinese government in such espionage," according to the news agency. In addition, the report is expected to address ways to pave the way for diplomatic and trade measures against the government unless the situation is placed under control. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said this week: "We have to begin making it clear to the Chinese that the United States is going to have to take action to protect not only our government's, but our private sector, from this kind of illegal intrusions."

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