Cisco buys Czech cyber security firm

Cisco buys Czech cyber security firm - Silicon Valley Business Journal: "Cisco Systems is beefing up its security by picking up Cognitive Security, a Prague-based that uses artificial intelligence to detect cyber threats. Cognitive Security was founded in August 2009 and is led by CEO and founder Martin Rehak, who is also a researcher at the Czech Technical University. The Czech company opened a branch office in Silicon Valley in April 2010."

Time to Change the Rules of the Cyber-Security Game |
Cyber criminals and spies are breaking into companies and government agencies on a daily basis. The last few days have highlighted yet another series of such ...

Europe tops Microsoft cyber security policy report
The report said that, by identifying the underlying principles of certain policies that are correlated with over-performance in cyber security – such as intergovernmental frameworks for cooperation and voluntary codes of conduct – policymakers can ...

'Cyber-terrorism does not pose a significant threat to the Western security ...
The Voice of Russia
In this respect, at the moment, cyber-terrorism per se does not pose a significant threat to the Western security; cyber-crime does. Voice of Russia: How about the harm that a cyber-attack can cause to a state's economy or military infrastructure? We ...

The Voice of Russia

Obama's preemptive cyber attack disclosure a warning to China
The Obama administration's finding that the president has the power to order a preemptive cyberstrike stands as a warning to China, which remains unresponsive to U.S. efforts to curtail digital attacks from the country, cyber security experts say. The ...

When Luddites Handle Cyber Security, You End Up With American Law Firms
Above the Law
Cyber security is all the rage this week, with President Obama announcing that he's working on a new cyber war plan and the Internets freaking out that the Super Bowl blackout was really a Chinese hacking effort. Some of you probably assume the ATL ...

Above the Law

Pentagon expands cyber defense amid daily attacks
CBS News
Despite its imposing facade, the U.S. Federal Reserve could not stop the latest attack. On Sunday, hackers broke ... General Michael Hayden, who headed the CIA and National Security Agency, sayscyber enemies can do much greater harm. He said hackers ...

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