Pentagon to increase cyber security force

Pentagon's new massive expansion of 'cyber-security' unit is about everything ...
The Guardian (blog)
This Cyber Command Unit operates under the command of Gen. Keith Alexander, who also happens to be the head of the National Security Agency, the highly secretive government network that spies on the communications of foreign nationals - and ...

The Guardian (blog)

Pentagon to increase cyber security force fivefold - report
The decision to expand the security force was also made late last year. The US suspected that the attacks were orchestrated in Iran, and some officials stated the deep-rooted concern that full-on cyber warfare was emerging between the two countries.


US Defense Department plans to quintuple cyber security forces
Press TV
The US Department of Defense is embarking on a colossal expansion of its cybersecurity forces from the current number of 900 to 4,900, US defense officials say. Based on the decision, the Pentagon is planning three separate forces under its Cyber...

Press TV

Unseen, all-out cyber war on the U.S. has begun
A cyber war has been brewing for at least the past year, and although you might view this battle as governments going head to head in a shadow fight, security experts say the battleground is shifting from government entities to the private sector, to ...

Pentagon to boost cyber security force
Reuters UK
The plan, which would increase both military and civilian staffing at U.S. Cyber Command, comes as the Pentagon moves toward elevating the new command and putting it on the same level as the major combatant commands. The official said no formal ...

Downgrade for cyber security white paper
The Australian
Last week, Julia Gillard nominated the threat of cyber attack as one of the defining national securitychallenges of our age, along with the rise of China. To help tackle the threat, the Prime Minister announced the creation of the Australian Cyber ...

Pentagon plans to expand its cyber-security force
Minneapolis Star Tribune
WASHINGTON - The Pentagon has approved a major expansion of its cyber-security force over the next several years, more than quadrupling its size to bolster the nation's ability to defend critical computer systems and conduct offensive computer ...

US approves major boost for cyber security
The US has approved a five-fold expansion of its cyber-security force over coming years to increase its ability to defend critical computer networks, The Washington Post reports. Citing unnamed officials, the newspaper says the Defense Department's ...

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