Blowback and collateral damage of cyber-warfare

The blowback and collateral damage of cyber-warfare - Business ...
By Simon Black
With President Obama recently bragging that the US had a hand in Stuxnet, concerns are growing over the potential blowback, collateral damage and future of cyber-warfare. The Asia ...“One researcher using the system,” according to a recent Washington Post story, “found that a nuclear particle accelerator at the University of California at Berkeley was linked to the Internet with virtually no security.” All's fair in ... Also, if we attack infrastructure, civilians are at heightened risk. Knocking ...
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DHS demos cyber attack to help sway lawmakers to pass a cyber bill
The Homeland Security Department showed lawmakers and staff how easy it is to ... said he expects the cyber bill to go to the Senate floor for debate no later ...

Panetta Warns Against Cyber Attacks On US
RTT News
... the possibility of a cyber attack paralyzing functioning of the U.S. government as ... added that the Defense Secretary remained concerned about the security of ...

U.S. companies still not being honest about cyber attacks
In the short term, disclosing a cyber attack arms law enforcement and cyber securitycompanies with actionable information to help squelch potentially ...

Scores of US firms keep quiet about cyber attacks
Henry said the FBI was working on 2000 active cyber cases when he retired from ... its understanding of attack techniques, said Moss, the chief security officer of ...

How the U.S Can Avoid a 'Cyber Cold War'
Former White House Cybersecurity Chief Howard Schmidt discusses the challenges of combating ... Slideshow: Quiz: Separate Cyber Security Fact From Fiction ...


Cybersecurity bills doomed without vote by July, says Lieberman
The Cybersecurity Act of 2012 -- which includes language from the ... give the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regulatory powers over companies that own ... In April, the House passed the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and...

Cyber Security Bill May Evacuate Congress
As a major cyber security bill wends its way through the congressional ... until the time is right to cripple our economy or attack a city's electric grid with the touch ...

DOD's top brass blast sequestration, emphasize cyber in Senate ...
Defense Systems
A "cyber Pearl Harbor is a real possibility, defense secretary warns. ... Defense Systems: Information Technology and Net-Centric Warfare ... process and to stress the importance ofcybersecurity legislation, among other issues in the ... Security ...

Malware Targets Vulnerable Admin Accounts
Wall Street Journal (blog)
Increasingly, sophisticated cyber attacks are using so-called privileged accounts, ... Litan points to the highly sophisticated attack on RSA, the security division of ...

Cybergeddon: Did US help develop dangerous new computer virus?
Christian Science Monitor
Bonner takes on "zombies" in the social security system, health care and now ...Russia dismisses claims of fueling Syrian conflict with attack helicopters (+video)... John Bumgarner, a cyber warfare expert who is chief technology officer of the ...

Christian Science Monitor

Lieberman warns July is deadline for cybersecurity bill
The Hill (blog)
In April, the House passed its own cybersecurity bill, the Cyber Intelligence ... on voluntary information-sharing and would not mandate any security standards.

Senate Appropriators Grill SecDef About Cyber, Pakistan, And, Yes ...
AOL Defense
Graham also raised the issue of a "Pearl Harbor in the making" in the form of cyber-attacksabotaging vital infrastructure, "releasing water from dams" and the like ...

Sandia opens new facility dedicated to cybersecurity research
Defense Systems
Defense Systems: Information Technology and Net-Centric Warfare ... support the advancement of cybersecurity, essential to the security and stability of the ... Sandia has received accolades for its successful Center for Cyber Defenders (CCD) ...

Accused LulzSec Hacker Charged in Cyber Attacks
International Business Times
Accused LulzSec Hacker Charged in Cyber Attacks ... known as a "botnet," to steal confidential information, deface websites or attack servers. ... National Health Service, the Arizona State Police, and technology-security company HBGary Inc.

NY Senator's Survey Reveals Alarming Results About Cyber Bullying
CBS Local
Sixty eight percent said they've been personally cyber bullied or witnessed another... The measure is expected to define cyber bullying for the first time making it ...

CBS Local

Understanding America's Comprehensive National Cybersecurity ...
ZDNet (blog)
INITIATIVE #5 — Connect current cyber ops centers to enhance situational ... The NationalCybersecurity Center (NCSC) within Homeland Security is helping ...

Accused British hacker charged in US over LulzSec attacks
Next story in Security 'Hippie chimp' DNA may shed light on our dark side ... known as a "botnet," to steal confidential information, deface websites or attack servers. ... LulzSec, an offshoot of the international hacking group Anonymous, has ... the ...

The Global Cyber Warfare Market 2011-2021 - Country Analysis ...
Sacramento Bee
It covers the key technological and market trends in the Cyber Warfare market. ... 2.1.1 Cyber security in the US expected to attract increased funding despite defense .... Do not attack other users; focus your comments on issues, not individuals.

THE CHUBB CORPORATION : American Bar Association Endorses ...
Chubb's CyberSecurity for Law Firms covers losses that typically are not covered by a lawyers professional liability policy, including cyber breach notification ...

Experts warn of shortage of US cyber professionals
The Express Tribune
Symantec CEO Salem warns of US national security threat. ... NEW YORK: Leading cyber experts warned of a shortage of talented computer security experts in ... the first undergraduate honors program in cybersecurity with the University of...

The Express Tribune

Symantec warns of cyber attack threats on mobile devices
Business Mirror
Symantec warns of cyber attack threats on mobile devices ... manager for systems engineering, in a recent briefing on the Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR).

How the US Can Avoid a 'Cyber Cold War'
IDG News Service
How the U.S Can Avoid a 'Cyber Cold War' ( Internet Security Government ) As U.S. diplomats seek to elevate issues such as Internet freedom and cybersecurity ...

Cyber Security Expert Warns Of Shortage Of Security Pros In US
On Wednesday a leading cyber expert warned that a shortage of talented computersecurity experts in the United States could prove a challenge to protect ...


Pressure Mounts For Cybersecurity Bill As Negotiations Stall
Threatpost (blog)
Pressure Mounts For Cybersecurity Bill As Negotiations Stall ... Comprehensive legislation to reform the Federal government's cyber security laws was given top ...

Warning: Shortage of Cyber Experts Means Networks in Danger
Leading cyber experts warned of a shortage of talented computer security experts in the United States, making it difficult to protect corporate and government ...

Comment: Building a Risk-aware, Cyber-secure Culture
Infosecurity Magazine
Using technology solutions to complement your security awareness ... The IBM X-Force 2011 Trend and Risk Report identified three increasing cyber attack ...

Who is behind the 'Flame' malware?
New Europe
At the end of May, the security company Kaspersky Lab discovered this ... used by the United States and Israel to attack Iran's nuclear program in 2010. With this information, speculations of which country was behind these cyber attacks started...

New Europe

Northrop Grumman Awarded Cybersecurity Contract
Space Daily
Northrop Grumman has been awarded a cybersecurity contract to develop, integrate and ...president and general manager for Northrop Grumman's Cyber Intelligence division. ...Cyberwar - Internet Security News - Systems and Policy Issues ...

Alleged UK, Lulzsec associate indicted for US Cyber attacks
Government Security News
Alleged U.K, Lulzsec associate indicted for U.S. Cyber attacks ... computer-related offenses and of distributing botnet programs to attack other Web sites, ... and exploiting securityvulnerabilities on victim computers, conducting DDoS attacks, ...

Panetta Warns of US Defense Budget Disaster
Voice of America
US National Security Leaks Roil Capitol Hill ... about the possibility of a majorcyber attack that he says could paralyze U.S. government and financial systems. ...“I'm very concerned that the potential in cyber to be able to cripple our power grid ...

Voice of America

Senators attend hacking demonstration
The Hill (blog)
Several senators attended a demonstration put on by Homeland Security ... In April, the House passed its own cybersecurity bill, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing ...

IIA reviews iCode cyber security war
CSO Magazine
The cyber security “war” as he describes it, includes development of a strategy ... of practice for ISPs to deliver better security and safety for Australian Internet users. ... ill-considered attack on a competitor, regulator or even a fellow colleague.

Australia-NATO sign cyber-security pact
FutureGov Magazine
Two years ago, an attack disrupted the Parliament House website.” Australian ... Terrorism,cyber attacks, and piracy present global security challenges.

Cyber hack attack demo – CNN Security Clearance - Blogs
By suzannecnn
CNN Intelligence Correspondent Suzanne Kelly gets an inside look at the most common form ofcyber attack at a demonstration by the Department of Homeland Security.
CNN Security Clearance

Senators, DHS host briefing to promote cyber bill » FISMA Focus
By jim
“I'm as confident as I can be that this will come up no later than July,” Lieberman told reporters at one of two cyber briefings by the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday. ... Under Lieberman's 2012 Cybersecurity Act, certain companies operating the nation's electric grid, water supply and other critical systems would have to meet cybersecurity standards approved and enforced by DHS and share with the government all instances when they come under cyber attack.

How the U.S Can Avoid a 'Cyber Cold War' - Information Policy
By Mikhail Doroshevich
Speaking at Gartner's annual security and risk management summit, Schmidt warned against allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good in cybersecurity talks with foreign nations, "because people just fundamentally don't agree." ... While the Cold War watchwords "mutually assured destruction" are an imperfect analogy -- a cyber assault on critical infrastructure hardly carries the same threat to human life as a nuclear attack -- Schmidt is concerned that a similar dynamic of ...
Information Policy

SmartContracting: SmartContracting Daily Intel for June 14, 2012
By Professional Services Council
Federal News Radio: DHS demos cyber attack to help sway lawmakers to pass a cyber bill ...Labels: Afghanistan, Austerity, budget, cybersecurity, daily intel, DHS, DoD, OFPP. smart contracting, workforce development ... acquisition reform (7) competition in contracting (7) executive compensation (7) private security (7) suspension and debarement (7) Guest Blog (6) cloud computing (6) contingency contracting (6) daily news roundup (6) workforce planning (6) FFRDC (5) Washington ...

Secretary Clinton with Indian Foreign Minister Somanahalli Mallaiah ...
By Editor5
Stronger and more effective cooperation in counterterrorism, homeland security, cyber security, and intelligence in recent years is an important aspect of our strategic partnership. India's interest in further access to Headley and Rana in accordance with our legal procedures for the investigations into the Mumbai terror attack of November 2008 was raised. We recommend the broad portfolio of cooperation in clean energy. I also sought a liberal U.S. regime for gas exports to India , which ...

Closer Ties | Maritime Security Review
By Mark Lowe
The United States and India agreed on Wednesday to deepen cooperation in the defence industry, maritime security and cyber security, with Washington highlighting what it said was a “closer convergence” of strategic interests. US, India eye ...
Maritime Security Review

War News Updates: U.S. Secetary Of Defense Panetta Warns Of US ...
By War News Updates Editor
THE PENTAGON - U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says he is very concerned about the possibility of a major cyber attack that he says could paralyze U.S. government and financial systems. The warning came as Panetta cautioned U.S. ...
War News Updates

Obama ordered cyber attack on Iran: NY Times - Tehran Times
The origins of the cyber weapon have long been debated, with most experts concluding that the United States and Israel probably collaborated. The current and ...

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