Obama Ordered Stuxnet Cyber Attack Against Iran

Obama 'ordered cyber attack'
Herald Sun
A Pentagon spokesman, Captain John Kirby, declined to comment in detail on the article but said that President Obama and Defense Secretary Leon Panetta have put a priority on the cyber realm. "As we've said many times and the president and secretary ...

Obama Ordered Stuxnet Cyber Attack Against Iran, Initiative Code-Named ...
International Business Times
By Kukil Bora: Subscribe to Kukil's RSS feed There have been a lot of talks regarding the involvement of the United States and Israel behind a Stuxnet cyber attack, but with no concrete evidence to confirm the same. However, a latest report tends to ...

International Business Times

Obama 'ordered Stuxnet cyber attack on Iran'
President Obama ordered the Stuxnet cyber attack on Iran as part of a wave of sabotage and espionage against the would-be nuclear power, according to a new book citing senior Washington sources. By Christopher Williams The computer virus, ...


Obama's Cyber Warfare Could Usher In The Real Deal
By Kate Knibbs President Obama is leading an unprecedented cyber attack on Iran, underlining how crucial technology is to modern warfare. Obama accelerated a plan started in the Bush era called "Olympic Games" -- a plan to cripple Iran's uranium ...


Cyber Avengers: THOR thumps HULK attack tool
By William Jackson A mild-mannered security researcher at Imperva last month released the HULK, which can enable a single computer to launch a denial-of-service attack that can bring an unhardened Web server crashing down in a matter of minutes.

OMB alumni to suggest revisions to cyber section of A-130
One of the areas A-130 needs updating is in the roles and responsibilities it assigns for cyberoversight. Reeder said one example of how the circular is out-of-date is it doesn't mention the Homeland Security Department and highlights the General ...

US unleashed Stuxnet cyber war on Iran to appease Israel – report
If Iran's enrichment program remained unhindered, Israel would be prompted to launch a pre-emptive military attack on it and trigger a major regional war, Washington believed, as several US officials told the newspaper. Launching a secret cyber attack ...


Cyber criminals using new tricks for break-ins
Sacramento Bee
Cyber experts say criminals have moved on and are using new methods. A cyber security banking official told a House committee Friday that criminals are now sending emails claiming to be from someone other than your bank. Newer scams use The National ...

Weekly Cybersecurity Roundup: Tinba Trojan v Flame Malware; Obama's Cyber ...
CIO (blog)
This week's cybersecurity roundup has stories on the Tinba Trojan and Flame malware; increased US cyber attacks on Iran; a popular tool meant to provide online anonymity that's installing spyware on users' machines; and more. Tiny Trojan May Pose More ...

Obama ordered increase of cyber attacks on Iran, official says
WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama secretly ordered cyber attacks on the systems that run Iran's nuclear program be increased during the early days of his presidency, FOX News Channel confirmed Friday, citing a senior national security source.

Cyber-Attacks and Secrecy
Lawfare (blog)
By Matthew Waxman Let me add to the comments so far on David Sanger's extensive report in today's NYT about US-Israeli cyber-attacks against Iran's nuclear program. One of the most provocative paragraphs is this one (with my italics): Mr. Obama, ...

Lawfare (blog)

New 'Flame' malware discovered
MANILA, Philippines – Security software firm Kaspersky Lab recently discovered a new malwareused as a cyber weapon to attack certain countries. Worm.Win32.Flame or “Flame” has the ability to steal data such as e-mails, audio recordings, photos, ...

US and Israel unleashed Stuxnet, says New York Times
Network World
A New York Times report this morning appears to confirm what has long been suspected by many: that the United States and Israel were responsible for the Stuxnet cyber attack against Iranian nuclear facilities. The cyber attack against Iran was a ...

Tough Guy Leaking
Administration defenders will undoubtedly insist that unleashing cyber warfare was all necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons and impeding an Israeli attack — even though the US Government acknowledges there is no evidence that Iran ...

Book links US to cyber-attacks on Iran
The report links the United States to the 2010 Stuxnet virus attack on Tehran's computer systems, adding that Israeli cyber experts were part of the cyber-bomb's development team. Prior to this week's Flame attack, the Stuxnet virus was considered the ...


Stuxnet part of US 'Olympic Games' cyber-weapons programme
As has been suspected for other alleged cyber-weapons, the attack vector was USB thumb drives, the simplest way to sneak malware into sensitive facilities. By the time President Obama was in office, new variants of the attack had been devised and ...

Espionage fanning the Flame of cyber crime
IT News Africa
Security software experts describe Flame as a highly sophisticated virus and professional cyberespionage tool that is designed to leverage off various attack formations (including trojans, malwareand worms) and vulnerabilities to infect applications ...

Stuxnet was work of US and Israeli experts, officials say
Washington Post
Even after software security companies discovered Stuxnet loose on the Internet in 2010, causing concern among US officials, Obama secretly ordered the operation continued. Overall, the attackdestroyed nearly 1000 of Iran's 6000 centrifuges ...

Obama order sped up wave of cyberattacks against Iran
Washington: From his first months in office, President Obama secretly ordered increasingly sophisticated attacks on the computer systems that run Iran's main nuclear enrichment facilities, significantly expanding America's first sustained use ofcyber ...


Anonymous Claims Attack on Facebook
PCWorld (blog)
By John P. Mello Jr., PCWorld Jun 1, 2012 8:15 AM The notorious hacker collective Anonymous is claiming responsibility for sporadic service failures around the world at Facebook on Thursday evening. “Some users briefly experienced issues loading the ...

Report: Obama ordered Stuxnet attacks on Iran
The newspaper interviewed US, Israeli and European officials currently and formerly involved with thecyber attack program, it said. Stuxnet was discovered in July 2010, when a Belarus-based securitycompany detected the worm on computers belonging to ...

What If Jason Bourne Were a Cyber Weapon?
Slate Magazine
At the moment, the United States is highly vulnerable to a malware attack from a Stuxnet-like virus. And some security experts think it could cause as much economic and humanitarian damage as anattack with nuclear weapons. The advent of intelligent ...

'Obama secretly ordered cyber attacks on Iran'
Soon after the start of his term in office, US President Barak Obama secretly began ordering sophisticated cyber attacks on computer systems that run Iran's main nuclear enrichment facilities, The New York Times reported Friday.


The world's scariest computer virus
Bangor Daily News
By Tim Maurer and David Weinstein, Foreign Policy Welcome to the new frontier of cyber-espionage, and remember this name: “Flame” — a mysterious new cyber spy tool that hit the headlines this week. Its code is 20 times larger than Stuxnet, ...

Obama Administration Admits Cyberattacks Against Iran Are Part Of Joint US ...
Business Insider
Administration officials revealed to Sanger that the Stuxnet virus was developed by the National Security Agency (NSA) and Israel's Unit 8200 (ie Israel's secretive cyber arm) to "become the attacker from within" Iran's nuclear facilities.

Business Insider

Cyber war: once again putting civilians on the front line
SC Magazine UK
When policy-makers start waving their hands about a definition, you should immediately suspect foul play, and "cyber war" is a term that seems to have almost as many definitions as it has proponents. An acceptable one is: “Using attacks against an ...

US ordered Stuxnet cyberattack against Iran, says NYT investigation
The Verge
By Tom Warren on June 1, 2012 04:48 am 44Comments Although it's widely believed that the US and Israel were behind a Stuxnet cyber attack, there hasn't been enough solid evidence to confirm the two countries involvement.

Flame Malware Raises Need for Open Talk on Use of Cyberweapons
Threatpost (blog)
But the point that's most interesting also is the one that likely will go unaddressed for the foreseeable future, and that is, the need for a serious, open discussion on the use of cyber weapons. The Stuxnet, Duqu and Flame episodes have stirred up a ...

Obama Ordered Sped Up Wave Of Cyber Attacks Against Iran
Huffington Post
US. Might be time to go back to reading real books and seeing people in person. Personal privacy no longer exists and will only get worse with the achievements gained from cyber warfare. Still, one of the few things Obama has done I applaud.

Wag the Cyber Dog - Imperva Data Security Blog
By Rob Rachwald
Today's NYT details how the US cyber attack program was first created under the Bush Administration and extended by Obama. I raised a point in the blog, “Cyber attack is now preferable to a military attack.” The assertion behind this point?
Imperva Data Security Blog

Assoluta Tranquillita: Cyber Wars Flame on
By The Brat
Organizations must adapt their approach to cyber security according to the U.K.-based InformationSecurity Forum (ISF). The warning comes in the wake of the latest state-sponsored cyber attack, Flame, which is regarded as one of the most ...
Assoluta Tranquillita

Escalating cyber security up the political agenda | ICT Pulse
By mmarius
In the final day of the CTU-organised 10th Ministerial Seminar, the discussions sought to galvanise Caribbean countries to more decisive action on cyber security. ... of not only being subject to attacks, but also the source of attacks. However, taking the argument further, Mr. Richardson indicated that as a region, and as individual states, the Caribbean could be used as pivot (or jump-off) points to attack our strategic or key trading partners, such as the US, UK, Canada and Europe.
ICT Pulse

Cyber warfare in the Middle East: Voice of Russia
By N. Scherbakova
One of the most alarming facts in this cyber attack is that its users persistently monitor the affected systems, gather information and select new targets for achieving their aims. The virus flame is not designed for earning money and does not ...
Voice of Russia, News

Meet A Cyber Spec Ops Warrior: thj35t3r | SOFREP
By A SOFREP Reader
The SANS Report can be found here: The Jester Dynamic: A Lesson in Asymmetric UnmanagedCyber Warfare. The most common attack that will disable a website is known as a Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS attack. Essentially, this is ...

Obama 'sped up cyber-attacks' on Iran's nuclear program: report ...
By Peter Beaumont, The Observer
President Barack Obama's administration has taken direct responsibility for a rapid acceleration incyber-attacks against Iran's nuclear programme. According to anonymous senior administration sources quoted in the New York Times, Obama ...
The Raw Story

NYT: President Obama Grew Concerned About Stuxnet Cyber Attack
By Amit Chowdhry
Hillary Clinton and Meir Dagan announced in January 2011 that Iran's ability to enrich uranium for developing bombs had been set back. The Stuxnet computer worm was one of the most resourceful tools used to prevent uranium enrichment.
Pulse2 Technology and Social Media News

Wake up Anonymous, the world is getting used to you! | Security Affairs
By paganinip
What is happening to Anonymous? His media energy seems to be at risk addiction just when majorsecurity firm are beginning to consider it as one of the most dangerous cyber threat. The feeling that comes from outside is that the group of ...
Security Affairs

US created Stuxnet – went to 'cyber war' with Iran on Obama's orders
By Admin
It is understood the US created the Stuxnet worm to attack Iran's nuclear power facilities but escaped into cyberspace. According to ... According to The New York Times, the use of the cyberweapons has actually prompted soul searching among Obama and his cyber warfare team about whether the use of the weapons could actually allow terrorists and warring nations to justify the use of cyber attacks. Stuxnet ... Don't forget to answer the Security Question before you post comment.
Blog Archive » President Obama: The (Unilateral) Cyber Warrior
By Julian Ku
According to the article, the President was aware that he was breaking new ground in expanding and defining the rules (and perhaps the laws) of cyber warfare. Mr. Obama, according to participants in the many Situation Room meetings on ...
Opinio Juris

Saideman's Semi-Spew: Riddle Me This: What Counts as War?
By Steve Saideman
I am more focused on the latter today: given that the US has been pushing for NATO to consider a cyber-attack as an act of war that would activate Article V's attack upon one is equal to attack upon all commitment, these attacks upon Iran are ...
Saideman's Semi-Spew

Doug Ross @ Journal: Another day, another leak of highly classified ...
By directorblue
Another day, another leak of highly classified information designed to benefit Obama 2012: Details of the Stuxnet cyber-attack on Iran revealed. Sophos Naked Security Blog summarizes another leak of highly classified information published ...
Doug Ross @ Journal

The spin on Iranian centrifuges | The Zingularity
By Stephen "DarkSyde" Andrew
Reports have appeared that the US ran a cyber war program infecting the networks that manage Iranian centrifuges with computer viruses intended to slow down. ... Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power, author David Sanger alleges that Stuxnet, which eventually wrecked hundreds of uranium centrifuges in Iran in 2010, was created by cyberweapons experts at the US NationalSecurity Agency in collaboration with 'Unit 8200′, a cyber operation of Israeli intelligence .
The Zingularity

BBC News - Flame: Israel rejects link to malware cyber-attack
Israel dismisses the suggestion that it is behind the Flame cyber-attack which was uncovered this week.

The Flame cyber attack: How one worm changed the discourse on ...
Retired generals, including some who had only the most tenuous connection to cyber warfareduring their service, stepped in front of media microphones this ...

Frequently Asked Questions About the Lieberman-Collins Cyber ...
Cybersecurity threat indicators are the types of data that a company can share with the ...

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