Cyber warfare

Cyber warfare
Jerusalem Post
Indeed, there is good reason for the rising interest – and deployment – of cyber warfare. After all, there are many appealing aspects to cyber warfare. Instead of wreaking mass destruction and snuffing out human life, countries can instead attack ...

Obama's virus wars: mutually assured cyber-destruction
The Guardian (blog)
A former senior Israeli government minister has told us that, just as Sanger confirmed Stuxnet was created in partnership with the IDF's Unit 8200 cyber warfare unit, Flame was created by similar figures in Israel. Stuxnet's main purpose was to ...

The Guardian (blog)

One step away from a cyber Pearl Harbor
Russia & India Report
The program of cyber attacks, begun in the Bush administration and code-named Olympic Games, has been accelerated by President Obama. The attack plan became public after the combat malware, which was later given the name Stuxnet, escaped Iran's Natanz ...

Addressing the cyber threat cannot be voluntary
The Hill (blog)
The House bill is a good first step to improving the nation's level of cyber security. But the cyberintrusions into natural gas pipeline company computer networks that were publicized last week demonstrate the inadequacy of the House's voluntary ...

UN warning on cyber war risk
Gulf Daily News
The comments by the head of the UN's telecommunications agency came a week after Flame, one of the most complex cyber attacks to date, was uncovered. Dr Hamadoun Toure told the BBC that he did not suspect the US of being behind the attack.

Germany reveals secret techie soldier unit, new cyberweapons
However documents delivered to the German federal defence committee did reveal that the unit has been operating for six years since 2006, a year before the cyber-attack on Estonia and four years before the discovery of the infamous Stuxnet worm.

Google to Warn Gmail Users of Possible State Sponsored Cyber-Attacks
Google said the warning about state-sponsored cyber-attacks do not mean a particular account has been hijacked, only that the company believes may be targeted. Google is warning Gmail users that the company believes may be targeted in state-sponsored ...

Fake Security Certificates Approve Flame Malware to be Microsoft Software
SPAMfighter News
From one fresh assessment of 'Flame' by Microsoft, enormously used in a cyber-attack, it has been shown that the malware had been certified with fake security certificates masquerading as Microsoft. reported this dated June 4, 2012.

Readout of Secretary Napolitano's Participation in Cyber Workforce Event
During the event, Secretary Napolitano announced that the Homeland Security Advisory Council will launch an effort focused on cyber workforce development. The new task force, co-chaired by Jeff Moss and Alan Paller, will consider strategies that may ...

Cyber War: North Korea Is Getting Dangerously Good At Knocking Out Networks
Business Insider
AP North Korea's abilities to wage a devastating cyber war are behind only those of the United States and Russia, after the isolated nation has devoted more than thirty years toward development and research, a South Korean expert has claimed.

Business Insider

Govt seeks to protect websites from 9 July Anonymous attack
The Indian government is seeking to batten down the hatches against the 9 June cyber attackplanned by the Anonymous Internet activist group over content censorship, besides seeking to track those said to be behind the campaign.

Former defense, intelligence officials urge quick Senate action on cyber bills
Daily Caller
The competency of the Department of Homeland Security exercising jurisdiction over civilian cyber networks was also called into question, as the agency would have to expand its workforce in order to adequately address the nation's cyber threats in its ...

Daily Caller

Why The UN Cares So Much About Flame Malware
The ITU's document, which is labeled as an internal FAQ about the Flame malware, goes on to describe many of the agency's broader aims in dealing with the increasing emergence of cyber espionage tools and weapons. Ensuring cybersecurity is a top ...


North Korea Wages Cyber War against South Korea
A defiant North Korea has reportedly been preparing for cyber warfare for more than two decades. It is allegedly capable of launching serious attacks including denial of services and hacking. Even a distributed denial of service (DDos) attack on South ...

After his eponymously-named lab discovered Flame, "the most sophisticated cyberweapon yet unleashed," Eugene Kaspersky believes that the evolving threat of “cyberterrorism” could spell the end of life on Earth as we know it.


Stealth war revealed
Ahram Online
The Russian cyber security software maker Kaspersky Lab was the first to leak the attack, in which the "Flame" virus was used. In a detailed report, the company said that the goal of the attack was to gather intelligence about Iran's nuclear intentions ...

Flame malware makers send 'suicide' code
BBC News
Like many other security firms Symantec has kept an eye on Flame using so-called "honeypot" computers that report what happens when they are infected with a malicious program. Described as a very sophisticated cyber-attack, Flame targeted countries ...

BBC News

Compromise Cybersecurity Bill Being Negotiated, Lieberman Says
... backed by President Barack Obama would put the Homeland Security Department in charge of setting cybersecurity requirements for critical systems such as power grids and transportation networks while encouraging companies to share cyber threat data.

Defense, intell heavyweights urge Senate action on cyber bills
“We have spoken a number of times in recent months on the cyber threat — that it is imminent and that it represents one of the most serious challenges to our national security since the onset of the nuclear age sixty years ago,” they wrote.

Iran Is Serious About Cyber (blog)
These groups include the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), the Iranian Cyber Army, and Basij, a paramilitary militia that helps maintain internal security. Their goal is the defeat of “Westoxification,” the Iranian term for the harming of ...

Cyber hacking: Warning: Insecure networks
Herald and News
Miller's iPhone offensive showed how anything connected to networks can be targeted for attack. Posted: Friday, June 8, 2012 12:00 am | Updated: 10:19 pm, Thu Jun 7, 2012. “We have built our future upon a capability that we have not learned how to ...

Congress Eyes Crackdown Over Leaks About Secret Programs
PBS NewsHour
David, the cyber-weapon attack on Iran was code-named Olympic Games, right? DAVID SANGER, The New York Times: That's right. JEFFREY BROWN: It started under President Obama, but ramped up under President Obama. And you referred to it as a far more ...

Could DoD cheapskatery create cyber-peril?
DoD Buzz
More and more contracts, particularly for IT and cyber services but in other areas as well, are being written so that the winner is the lowest cost bidder who meets minimum technical qualifications. In addition, under the banner of acquisition reform, ...

Israel identifies cyberspace as key battlefield
Sydney Morning Herald
The article said the military is incorporating cyber warfare activity "in completing objectives at all fronts." It also talked of future "clandestine" activity. Earlier Israel had admitted using cyber weapons to attack its enemies.

Sydney Morning Herald

North Korea ships malware-infected games to South Korean users, uses them to ...
ZDNet (blog)
By Dancho Danchev | June 7, 2012, 1:33pm PDT Summary: Seoul's Metropolitan Police Agency has intercepted a cyber attack plot orchestrated by North Korea's Reconnaissance General Bureau, which successfully shipped malware-infected games to South Korean ...

ZDNet (blog)

Cybersecurity: Chief Executives and top leaders must take responsibility to ...
eGov monitor
The report suggests that while the hyperconnected world offers many benefits, it also creates newsecurity risks, offers less time to react to threats, and requires new levels of global cooperation. Because cyber risk affects privacy, national security ...

North Korea ships malware infected games to South Korea
A report has been published in the Korean publication called JoongAng Daily the claims Seoul's Metropolitan Police agency has foiled a cyber attack plot orchestrated by North Korea. South Korea alleges that the cyber attack plot was instituted by North...


LinkedIn Passwords Stolen, Posted Online; Lack of Security the Cause
Some of the passwords were connected to LinkedIn accounts, where security experts believe the hackers obtained the huge list of passwords. Russian hackers are suspected to be behind the cyber attack, but the exact culprits have not been identified.


Obama 'ordered cyber attack on Iran'
British Forces News
A new book quotes secret meetings in the White House situation room, giving new details about how the virus got onto systems critical to Iran's nuclear programme. Stuxnet targeted the Iranian nuclear programme by rapidly speeding up or slowing down ...

Seoul Police Stop North Korean Cyber Attack — Daily ...
By Doug Isenberg
According to an independent report published in Korea's JoongAng Daily, Seoul's Metropolitan Police Agency has intercepted a cyber attack plot orchestrated by North Korea's Reconnaissance General Bureau, which successfully shipped ... Daily News

Cyber Insurance – LinkedIn suffers from a hack attack….but what ...
By Scott
Many businesses think that they are too small or they beleive their business will not be of any interest to cyber-attackers, so it's believed that physical security can be more relaxed, this could not be further from the truth. There are people in this ...
Macbeth Chartered Insurance Brokers...

Estonia as a Cyber Trafalgar |
By admin
Given the current scale of cyber crime, the attack might have gone unnoticed by the global security community today, and even back then an attack of that magnitude would occur every three weeks, with the largest cyber attack at that point ...

Cyber Warfare Apocalypse – Experts warn End Of the World as we ...
By Off Grid Survival
future cyber solider Cyber Security expert Eugene Kaspersky is making some dire predictions of what the future has in store, and it's not very pretty. Kaspersky, co-founded of the Kaspersky Lab, is warning of an emerging cyber threat that in his words — could spell “the end of the world as we know it”. ... On top of an attack that would likely shut down the internet, a number of the top cyber experts in the world are warning that attacks on our infrastructure might be just around the corner.
Off Grid Survival - Wilderness...

Internet freedom protest or mere cyber attacks! - CIOL News Reports
Though Anonymous Group claims their cyber offensives are protests against censorship of internet, many ethical hackers argue that those attacks have exposed the other side of India's IT ecosystem, including the Indian government. ... of following reasonable security practices, but yes there are rules how ISPs will block websites on government request through CERT-In or it also can be blocked by a judicial order,” said Mumbai-based Cyber law expert and advocate Prashant Mali.

Increasing concerns on cyber warfare capabilities ... - Security Affairs
By paganinip
Increasing concerns on cyber warfare capabilities of the North Korea. by paganinip on June 8th, 2012. nk-map. According the news published on Korea JoongAng Daily web site North Korea cyberarmy has been tracked attempting cyber ...
Security Affairs

Readout of Secretary Napolitano's Participation in Cyber Workforce ...
By jim
WASHINGTON | U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano Jun. 6 met with industry and small business representatives at the White House to discuss the Department's current efforts to secure cyberspace and develop the cyber ...

Hacking Expose!: Germany reveals secret techie soldier unit, new ...
By d3ck4
However documents delivered to the German federal defence committee did reveal that the unit has been operating for six years since 2006, a year before the cyber-attack on Estonia and four years before the discovery of the infamous Stuxnet worm. "The initial capacity to operate in ... The broader category of information warfare can be divided into "electronic warfare" such as jamming enemy radar and cyber-warfare, attacking a target's cyber-infrastructure. "There is no clear dividing ...
Hacking Expose!

' Suicide' code sent by Flame malware | Ubergizmo
By Edwin Kee
Just like how the other security firms do it, Symantec continued to keep a keen eye out on Flame by relying on the “honeypot” method – which would mean having computers that will report on what happens in the event of an infection by a malicious program. Flame has been described as a very sophisticated cyber-attack, where it has targeted countries like Iran and Israel, with the intention of stealing large amounts of sensitive data. The latest bit of news involving the “suicide” ...

Northrop adds Australian company to grow cyber offerings ...
Northrop Grumman Corp. will broaden its cybersecurity and mobile product offerings with the acquisition of privately held M5 Network Security Pty Ltd., an Australian company. Financial terms of the deal, which is expected to close later this ...
Washington Technology: News and Blogs

Anonymous takes down MTNL website | The Hacker News
By (THN Reporter)
The Hacker News Reader! Get Free THN MAGAZINE, Most Informative IT Security Magazine [  Leading resource in providing information & updates to security experts and hackers worldwide.  Anonymous ... Liberal Party websites take down. Quebec Liberal Party websites take down in massive Cyber Attack ...
The Hacker News [ THN ]

Subsea World News - Norway: Kongsberg Protects IT Systems with ...
By Subsea World News
“Kongsberg Maritime needs the most advanced SCADA security system available to protect our customers against cyber attacks and serious malware threats, such as Stuxnet,” said Stein Arne Riis, Product Manager, Product Development, Kongsberg Maritime ... The NSP provides a unique solution securing any such portable storage devices to be used safely with the SCADA systems, adding a critical line of defense against one of the most common yet effective cyber attackstrategies.
Subsea World News » FBI Investigating Stuxnet Leak
By Sam Churchill
Senator Dianne Feinstein has called for Capitol Hill hearings into the leak since 'disclosures of this type endanger American lives and undermine America's national security.' It moved from conspiracy theory to a cybersecurity bombshell when the New York Times reported that the Bush administration authorized the cyber weapon program codenamed Olympic Games and President Obama continued increased cyberattacks on Iran nuclear facilities, reports Network World. “A number of ...

Russian malware hunter warns dangerous cyber attack could be ...
The Russian malware hunter whose firm discovered the Flame virus said Wednesday there could be plenty more malicious code out there, and warned he ...

Middle East Fights 'Flame' Cyber Attack « Cybersecurity News
While the US was recognizing the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, the Middle East was busy tracking reports of a potentially serious cyber attack spying on its ...

LIGNET: Cyberattack Leaks Have Put US in Danger
The recent report in the New York Times on cyber attacks on Iran 's nuclear program appears to have exposed a groundbreaking U.S. national security initiative ...

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