Retired judge joins fight against DoJ’s “outrageous” Megaupload seizures

Retired judge joins fight against DoJ’s “outrageous” Megaupload seizures | Ars Technica: "“It’s really quite outrageous, frankly,” the 74-year-old President Jimmy Carter appointee said in a recent telephone interview. “I was thinking the government hadn’t learned to be discreet in its conduct in the digital world. This is a perfect example on how they are failing to apply traditional standards in the new context.”"

Hacked companies fight cyber criminals
Known in the cybersecurity industry as "active defense" or "strike-back" technology, ... Securityexperts say they even know of some cases where companies have taken ... say companies are growing more aggressive in going after cyber criminals ...

Radware Unveils Attack Mitigation Black Belt Challenge
MarketWatch (press release)
Are you familiar with legitimate attack vectors for volumetric attacks? ... with the first of five weekly assessments comprised of 10 cyber security-related questions.

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Report Reveals Dramatic ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Outdated security methods that use a maze of disparate, multi-vendor, and stacked securitytools will only delay a cyber attack, providing numerous opportunities ...

Joe Lieberman's anti-leak law proposal is pure state tyranny
Death and Taxes
... some showing of intent and knowledge that a leak would harm the security of ... legitimize an Iranian or terrorist counter-cyber attack on us because we did it.” ...

Report: Risk from cyber attacks rising for utilities
PennEnergy- Energy News (press release)
The report, entitled "Cybersecurity for State Regulators," projects that a serious cyber attack on the U.S. could lead to significant and prolonged outages across ...

Study: Spend less on antivirus, more on catching cyber crooks
A Cambridge study concludes that spending on security products greatly outweighs the costs ofcyber crime and that it would be better to just go after online ...

Evolving cyber threats need a real time response
However, the attack on security company RSA highlighted the complex plans, ambition and strategic intent of cyber attackers. In this case it is almost certain RSA ...

Attack code published for 'critical' IE flaw; Patch your browser now
ZDNet (blog)
Companies; Hardware; Software; Mobile; Security; Research; Special Coverage ... means thatcyber-criminals now have access to copy the attack code for use ...

Obama Official 'clams up' when asked about potentially disastrous ...
Catholic Online
One was on the campaign of cyber-warfare against Iran and one on the ... Iranian or a terrorist counter-cyber-attack on us, because we did it," Lieberman said.

'Operation Payback' accused says he has no regrets
ABC Online
A member of Anonymous, the group that launched a cyber-attack on some of America's biggest corporations, has defended the action.

Experts See US Response to Cybercrime as Fragmented, Call for ...
07:19 GMT, June 18, 2012 NEW YORK | Top cyber security experts will join together at ... A recent increase in cybercrime spurred many cybersecurity experts to ...

Digital Shadows And OpenGamma Win Belfast Innotribe Startup ...
Digital Shadows won the title of "Top Startup" with innovation in cyber security. Digital Shadows has developed a B2B cyber monitoring service that continually ...

Watch your children while they surf internet
“Cyber attack through online games is a genuine threat, We have had a few ...which is one of the leading Internet security providers, agreed that parents and ...

Congress calls for 'complete, impartial, and fair investigation' into ...
Human Events
Obama's self-serving leaks are damaging national security interests. ... New York Times details of our successful cyber attack against Iran's nuclear program. ...“Olympic Games,” the code name for the highly-classified cyber operation, crippled...

Human Events

Arsonists target cake-maker Lisa
News & Star
Police say there is no evidence to suggest the arson attack and the cyber bullying are linked. They are still investigating the arson case but the inquiry into Ms ...

News & Star

US companies take vigilante view on hackers
Shawn Henry, the former head of cybercrime investigations at the FBI who in April joined new cyber security company CrowdStrike said that the goal was not ...


How much does cybercrime cost?
“As countries scramble to invest in security to minimise cyber-risks, governments ... Office's Office of Cybersecurity and Information Assurance suggested that the ...

Obama's Stuttering Covert War
American Spectator
The president would argue that under our outdated laws, a cyber attack isn't even an act ... Thecyber attacks on Iran are clearly an act of force to compel Iran to stop .... Moreover, this leak for political gain has undermined the security of Israel ...

Lieberman proposes special counsel for leaks probe
Sacramento Bee
Joe Lieberman says there should be a special counsel to look into allegations that the administration has leaked information on a U.S.-Israeli cyber-warfare ...

Android smartphones most vulnerable to malware attack: Symantec
Students IT Corner, PC Security, Linux Training and trips and tricks, discussion forum. ... It is worth noticing, with the passage of time, number of cyber attacks are ...

UK Gov Overspends on AV and under on Fighting Cybercrime
... systems to illicitly access or attack information and services used by citizens, business and ...the next four years will be allocated to create more cyber-specialists in the UK police force. ...Security Threats from Mobile Devices & Smartphones ...

US and China in Cyberspace: Uneasy Next Steps
Council on Foreign Relations (blog)
I was in China last week for a cyber dialogue sponsored by the China Institutes ...The Chinese felt their contributions to global cybersecurity, especially by the ...Information Security, the norms of behavior in cyberspace that China—along with...

Council on Foreign Relations (blog)

Lancope to Present on "Combating APTs with NetFlow" at FIRST ...
Sacramento Bee
StealthWatch is also a key component of the Cisco Cyber Threat Defense Solution ... 240 corporations, governments and universities to collaborate on cyber security. ... Do not attackother users; focus your comments on issues, not individuals.

Of bloggers, malice trolls…
Zambia Daily Mail
The story would have been interpreted as a direct or veiled attack on free expression, ... However, this incident regarding bloggers and cyber bullies could send ...

Zambia Daily Mail

CorreLog Announces IBM z/OS Integration to McAfee ePolicy ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
... time allowing CISOs using the ePO platform to extend cyber-threat coverage across ...CorreLog, the leader in software solutions for IT security event correlation, ... Twitter, University of Nebraska, Utah Department of Health, another attack at ...

Watchdogs Get a Whiff of Google's Government Privacy Policy
"Internet Explorer has improved its cybersecurity in leaps and bounds, but because it's one of the most widely ... June 26: Cyber Security: The Perfect Storm.

Hard National Security Choices
Lawfare (blog)
Over the weekend, we learned that the June 1st attack on a U.S. outpost in Khost ... Secrecy in military and intelligence matters, including cyber, is vital to protect ... And the AP has this story on the "new weapons" of American warfare: drones ...

National Lab Seeks Cybersecurity Research Partnerships
Signal Magazine
... in the newly opened Cybersecurity Technologies Research Laboratory (CTRL). ... to run experiments and freely discuss a wide range of cyber research issues.

Rules for robot-war
Thus, malware like Stuxnet and Flame have apparently been launched ... The advantage this kind of high-tech warfare offers is deniability. Also ... carried out by Israeli agents against Iranian nuclear scientists – cyber-attacks ... Only a UN Security ...

Dousing the Flame
The Japan Times
... virus, dubbed "Flame," have raised alarms about a new era of cyber threats. ... and securityinfrastructure — it remains a largely unregulated domain; worse, ... the world that have only the remotest of connections to the source of the attack.

Hard-drive horror
Budapest Times
The recent discovery of the Flame malware is the latest in a series of revelations about malicious software that suggest cyber war is already a reality. ... Laboratory of Cryptography and Systems Security (CrySys Lab) at Budapest University ... year ...

Op-Ed: E3 games exploit real fears in a tumultuous world
Ars Technica
Cyber terrorism, sexual assault, and torture headline upcoming titles. ... Business of Technology Ministry of Innovation · Security & Hacktivism Risk ... as 2009 Modern Warfare 2 has players leading the interactive slaughter of dozens of innocents ...

Experts show how 'Flame' malware fakes Windows
CSO Magazine
Security researchers have published detailed information about how Flame malware spreads... IIA reviews iCode cyber security war. 4 ... of making a more direct but ill-considered attack on a competitor, regulator or even a fellow colleague.

Dramatic increase in cyber threats and sabotage – report » FISMA ...
By jim
Outdated security methods that use a maze of disparate, multi-vendor, and stacked securitytools will only delay a cyber attack, providing numerous opportunities for a more advanced and modern cyber adversary to attack cyber security ...

CIA's Hacktivists May Have Had Access to Flame and Stuxnet
By Susanne Posel
Josh Corman, director of security intelligence for Akamai, who has studied Anonymous, explains that Anonymous members will leave the group “if there is no organizing principle, if they grow frustrated that they are not having enough impact ... Eugene Kaspersky, of the Russian Kaspersky Lab, has made the connection between Flame and Stuxnet and the cyber-attack on Iran by the US and Israel. ... The Global Elite's Digital Agenda Played Out as Censorship andCyber Warfare Mon.

Chemical Facility Security News: Congressional Hearings – Week of ...
By PJCoyle
This week the House is back in Washington, but even with both houses of Congress in town we have to stretch some to find hearings that might be of interest to the chemical security andcybersecurity readers of this blog. There is another appropriations hearing ... There will be nothing here directly mentioning security, either cyber or chemical, but there could chemical safety issues addressed that could have a potential to affect facility security matters; or maybe not. The Appropriations ...
Chemical Facility Security News

Palin doesn't mention Romney in address to conservative bloggers ...
By Jonathan Easley
National security leaks which led to news reports documenting the administration's “kill list” of suspected terrorists and a cyber attack on Iran's nuclear program sparked congressional anger and led to charges from GOP lawmakers that the ...
Top News

National Security Leak
By A. Jay Adler
You can check on your own whether they are the same or different hands that have been tying themselves in knots for some years now over the threat of Chinese (and others') cyber warfare against the U.S. Is the thought, seriously, that if the U.S. ... of cyber warfare are among those concerned also about a nuclear weapons program in the arsenal of a tyrannical, eschatological theocracy, but who warn of the dangerous consequences of any conventional attack on Iranian facilities.
the sad red earth

Leak Investigation: Joe Lieberman Calls For Special Prosecutor ...
By The Huffington Post News Editors
Senator Joseph Lieberman, chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder's appointment on June 8 of two federal prosecutors to investigate the suspected leaks did not go far enough. ... The secrets, revealed in media stories, have included reports on U.S. cyber warfare against Iran, procedures for targeting militants with drones and the existence of a double agent who penetrated a militant group in Yemen.
The Huffington Post | Full News Feed

War News Updates: What Is America's Cyberwar Policy?
By War News Updates Editor
Read more .... My Comment: I have been covering military/intelligence/national security issues for years .... and even I cannot properly articulate America's cyberwar policy. So this policy may be very secret .... hence the confusion .... or confusing and contradictory to begin with .... hence all the questions. My prediction .... a debate on our cyberwar policy will only start after we have experienced a 9/11 cyber attack. Posted by War News Updates Editor at 2:00 PM · Email ThisBlogThis!
War News Updates

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