Risk of boomerangs a reality in cyber war

Risk of boomerangs a reality in cyber war
Much of the code used to build the virus is old and available on the Internet, said Becky Bace, chief strategist at the Center for Forensics, Information Technology and Security at the University of South Alabama. Flame could have been developed by a ...


Cyber Threat Projection and the Insider Threat: Stuxnet Edition
Yesterday's revelations by the New York Times, which seem to lay to rest any remaining doubt about US involvement in the Stuxnet cyber attack on Iranian nuclear facilities, suggest that “projection” and “insider threat” should take on new meaning in ...

cyber-battles raise fears of cyber-blowback
it was a fascinating, fascinating story. and it details how the united states now today had a covertcyber attack that basically attacked center parts of the centrifuges and literally caused them to spin out of control. we found the same thing in the ...

IDF admits to using cyber space to attack enemies
Jerusalem Post
By YAAKOV KATZ Military reveals for first time that it uses cyber space to gather intelligence,attack enemies and conduct various military operations; announcement comes week after discovery of new virus attack on Iran. The IDF uses cyber space to ...

US was 'key player in cyber-attacks on Iran's nuclear programme'
LONDON - The US was the principal player in the most sophisticated cyber-attack ever known and has been orchestrating a campaign against Iran designed to undermine the country's nuclear programme, it has been claimed. According to anonymous senior ...

Obama ordered cyber attack on Iran: NY Times
Ahlul Bayt News Agency - abna.ir
(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) - The origins of the cyber weapon have long been debated, with most experts concluding that the United States and Israel probably collaborated. The current and former US officials confirmed that long-standing suspicion Friday, ...

Ahlul Bayt News Agency - abna.ir

Report Ties Cyber Attack to America
Daily Disruption
The report verifies the suspicions of computer security experts who discovered and forensically examined Stuxnet in 2010. They reasoned that the technical expertise and human intelligence sources needed to create and deliver what was described as the ...

​​Cyber Attack 2.0, the Flame Trojan
ARC Advisory Group
Today, a new area has been started. ,In May 2012 a high sophisticated cyber weapon called „Flame“ has been unleashed. According to virus experts, Flame has similarity to Duqu and Stuxnet, but it attacks specific geographical regions and it watches out ...

Homeland Security warns businesses about new cyber weapon
Kaspersky Lab cyber security experts believe that a nation-state was likely behind the latest attack. On their website it states: "The virus is not designed to steal money from bank accounts, and is much more complex than anything commonly used by ...

Government role in Stuxnet could increase attacks against US firms
The dramatic report in The Times described how President Obama, and his predecessor President Bush, had overseen the development of a secret and highly sophisticated US cyber campaign to disrupt and degrade Iranian nuclear capabilities.

Flame: A glimpse into the future of war
Meanwhile, the US Cyber Emergency Response Team says there's no evidence that Flame is related to Stuxnet or Duqu or that it targets industrial control systems. (PDF) And the Department of Homeland Security declined to answer questions about Flame ...

Super-spy virus, Flame, has 650000 lines of code
San Francisco Chronicle
Almost two years after a bug called Stuxnet wrecked some of the country's uranium-enrichment equipment, Tehran asked security researchers for help in fighting off a new cyber-attack. The virus, known as Flame, has 650000 lines of code and can monitor ...

Cyber weapons - a real threat
It involves a complex targeted cyber attack that collected private data from countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon and Egypt. The BBC quoted senior reserachers from Russiansecurity firm Kaspersky Labs as saying that the ...

Cyber War 5 Pros and Cons of the US Using Cyber Weapons
Earlier this week the New York Times published an article on Obama's use of cyberweapons since he took office. Besides the revelation that he has been more aggressive using them against Iran than people suppose, via an operation known as “Olympic ...


Computer experts warn about cyber warfare
Press TV
After the failed cyber attack on Iran's nuclear facilities by the so-called Stuxnet computer worm in 2010, the appearance of a new super virus has raised many questions about the reliability of anti viruses that are commonly used worldwide.

Press TV

Cyber strikes a 'civilised' option: Britain
Pre-emptive cyber strikes against perceived national security threats are a "civilised option" to neutralise potential attacks, Britain's armed forces minister said Sunday. Nick Harvey made the comment at the Shangri-La Dialogue security summit in ...

'Flame' virus fuels political heat over cyber threats
KPLU News for Seattle and the Northwest
He personally signed on to the ITU's cybersecurity alert on Flame. A US security consultant anxious to be seen as politically independent might be reluctant to do that. Carr, the author of InsideCyber Warfare, says the Kaspersky endorsement ...

Flame set to attack Pyongyang anytime
Weekly Blitz
by News Desk Flame, a new generation cyber spy tool may attack North Korean cyber world anytime during the month of June-August. Though computer users around the world are terming 'Flame' virus as one of the most dangerous cyber crime tools, ...

Weekly Blitz

Will revelations over U.S. Stuxnet involvement lead to foreign policy snags?
Still, at a TED talk in February of 2011, security expert Ralph Langner stated that, “The leading force behind Stuxnet is the cyber superpower - there is only one, and that's the United States.” [That speech can be seen in the sidebar.] ...

New cyber weapon: Suspicion falls on Israel, United States
Middle East Online
Flame computer virus that smoldered undetected for years in Middle Eastern energy facilities confirm fears world has entered new age of cyber espionage, sabotage. By Glenn Chapman - SAN FRANCISCO The Flame computer virus that smoldered undetected for ...

Middle East Online

McCain accuses White House of anti-Iran operation details leak
News Tribe
By Katrina Jones - Jun 3rd, 2012 (No Comment) Washington: US Senator John McCain criticised the role of the White House after details of a cyber attack against Iran had been leaked. “Again we see these leaks to the media about ongoing operations, ...

News Tribe

Anonymous strikes back
Barr and two other security firms made PowerPoint presentations that proposed, among other things, disinformation campaigns to discredit WikiLeaks-supporting journalists and cyber attacks on the WikiLeaks website. He dug out his fake Facebook profiles ...

Cyber strikes a 'civilized' option: Britain
Britain's Minister of State for the Armed Forces, Nick Harvey, speaks about the "New Forms of Warfare: Cyber, UAVs and Emerging Threats" at the Institute for Strategic Studies, or IISS Shangri-la Security Summit, Sunday June 3, 2012 in Singapore.


Deadly virus
Khaleej Times
It is obvious that the entire Middle East has entered a new dimension in global cyber warfare, with the discovery and deployment of the sophisticated Flame virus. Flame is actively being used as acyber weapon attacking several institutions in about ...

Flame attack: details emerging slowly
The malware is best described as a cyber-espionage toolkit, and is written partly in the Lua scripting language with compiled C++ code linked in, with five different encryption methods and a SQLite database to store structured information.


The Stuxnet Story and Some Interesting Questions
Lawfare (blog)
In this post, however, I want to look at the substance of the story and spend some time thinking about what it tells us about cyber capabilities and about the state of the law relating to the cyberdomain. To begin with, in drawing any conclusions, ...

Cyber watchdog website hacked
Deccan Chronicle
By Amar Tejaswi Even after a series of government defacements by Anonymous, Indian Computer Emergency Response Team, the country's primary cyber incident response agency, said it is not “disturbed by the hackers' acts”. Even so, the hacker group ...

Software flaws let hackers crack security files
But his campaign, aimed at winning a little-known hacker contest last year, points to a digital age paradox. The code that unleashed a communications revolution has created vulnerabilities for societies dependent on code for national security and ...

The hacktivism phenomenon
Malta Independent Online
by Ron Kelson, Pierluigi Paganini, David Pace The last years have been characterised by the escalation of operations conducted by hacktivist groups, such as the famous Anonymous, which have expressed social dissent through cyber attacks.

Canada defends military drone attacks
Sacramento Bee
MacKay also urged countries to share intelligence and technology to battle cyber attacks that shut down energy, communications and transport infrastructures. "The consequences of cyber attacks haven't really washed over us as to just how devastating ...

Jerusalem - Israel Admits To Using Cyber Space To Attack Enemies ...
By admin
Jerusalem - The IDF uses cyber space to gather intelligence, attack enemies and conduct various military operations, the military revealed on Sunday in a posting on its official website. The rare announcement was ... Military Intelligence Unit 8200, the equivalent of the US National SecurityAgency and already responsible for signal intelligence, eavesdropping on the enemy and code decryption, is responsible in the IDF with offensive cyber capabilities. Defending military networks is...
Vos Iz Neias (Yiddish: What's News?)

Grok Computer Security: The Cyber Cold War has Started
By Michael Berman
One hacker's odyssey to understand computer security ... The 5th wave nations are all incredibly vulnerable to cyber-attack and as Anonymous and others have shown, no one has even a modestly effective defense. IMHO, the MAD risk of ...
Grok Computer Security

“Olyimpic Games” and boomerang effect, it isn't sport but cyber war ...
By paganinip
The uncomfortable truth was disclosed by The New York Times that could have shed light on one of the most disturbing questions of global security landscape. The article is ... The development has been conducted with intensive collaboration of the the NSA and the secret Israeli 8200 unit, a complex work of intelligence to realize a dangerous cyber weapon able to attack SCADA system in Natanz plant. Striking are .... From → Cyber warfare, Intelligence, Malware, Security. Comments ...
Security Affairs

The Progressive Mind » US unleashed Stuxnet cyber war on Iran to ...
By admin
The top-secret massive sabotage targeting Iran's Natanz uranium enrichment facility was arguably the first episode of a new age of warfare, similar to the first use of nuclear weapons or the first military drone attack, according to an investigation by the New York Times. The newspaper ... Launching a secret cyber attack on Iran and making Israelis part of the operation both bought more time for sanctions and gave Israel's hawks a tangible alternative to trying to bomb the Natanz plant.
The Progressive Mind

Britains armed forces minister deems 'cyber strikes' a 'civilized ...
By Agence France-Presse
Nick Harvey made the comment at the Shangri-La Dialogue security summit in Singapore in relation to reports that the US had launched cyber attacks to cripple Iran's nuclear programme. “I don't know about the specifics and I'm not going to ...
The Raw Story

Is Stuxnet The First Shot In A Cyberwar? | Tech 4 Business
By Jose Ricardo
Code-named “Olympic Games,” the cyber campaign was discovered in 2010 when a programming error enabled the code to escape onto the Internet. The worm was subsequently dubbed, “Stuxnet” by the security community. With a potentially ... “In conventional warfare, the technology was at least somewhat preserved,” he said. “When the bullets ... So while I don't worry about Iran being an immediate threat for cyber attack, I do see them developing that capability.” In addition, there ...
Tech 4 Business

Israel Hints at Involvement in Cyber-Attack against Iran ...
By Editor
The virus is being called the Flame, and Israel's Vice Prime Minister, Moshe Ya'alon, stated that the cyber-attack is expected and justified given Iran's history of making threats. He also added that Israel prides itself on its technological ...
Israel's News & Views Blog

War News Updates: War In A Thumbdrive
By War News Updates Editor
"You're seeing an evolution of warfare that's really intriguing," said Phil Lieberman, a securityconsultant and chief executive of Lieberman Software in Los Angeles. "Warfare where no one is dying." Read more .... My Comment: Maybe no one dies in a cyber attack (a dubious assertion at best) .... but there will be casualties from the blow-back .... and it will probably not involve a thumb drive. Posted by War News Updates Editor at 10:45 AM · Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to ...
War News Updates

US and Israel Created Stuxnet, Lost Control of It: Cyber Terrorism as ...
By Hayden
In 2011, the US government rolled out its “International Strategy for Cyberspace,” which reminded us that “interconnected networks link nations more closely, so an attack on one nation's networks may have impact far beyond its borders. ... Cyber attacks and espionage? Arming insurrections against sovereign nations for political reasons? Violating sovereign airspace to conduct bombings? Check, check, and check. The American government does it each and every day and is the very ...
Truth is Treason

IDF admits to using cyber space to attack enemies | IsraPort.org
By admin
Military reveals for first time that it uses cyber space to gather intelligence, attack enemies and conduct various military operations; announcement comes week.

eConflicts: News - Obama Ordered Use of Stuxnet, Acceleration of ...
By Daniel Ventre
eConflicts, blog about cyberconflicts, cyberwar, cyberdefense, cybersecurity, information warfare ...According to a soon-to-be-released book by The New York Times' chief Washington correspondent, David Sanger, President Obama secretly ordered - and decided to accelerate - cyber attacks against systems that powered Iran's prime nuclear enrichment facility, namely its Natanz plant. The famousattack, as we all know, ... Report - UK: new Cyber Security Strategy. ► November (29) ...

Israel Matzav: Breaking: IDF admits to engaging in cyberwarfare
By Carl in Jerusalem
The IDF uses cyber space to gather intelligence, attack enemies and conduct various military operations, the military revealed on Sunday in a posting on its official website. The rare announcement was the first time the IDF officially admitted it ...
Israel Matzav

The U.S. and Israel created the Stuxnet virus - TYWKIWDBI
By Minnesotastan
Yet the US had just gone on the cyber-attack, and everyone knew it. Speculation has long swirled around government-backed hackers from nations like China and Russia, especially, who have been suspected of involvement in espionage, ...
TYWKIWDBI ("Tai-Wiki-Widbee")

New Cyber Attack On Middle East Was State Sponsored
New Cyber Attack On Middle East Was State Sponsored. Wednesday, 30 May 2012 02:43 Eric Blair. This article was written by Eric Blair and originally ...

Massive cyber attack on Iran came from U.S., report says | Tulsa World
Massive cyber attack on Iran came from U.S., report says. By LOS ANGELES TIMES Published: 6/2/2012 2:28 AM Last Modified: 6/2/2012 5:39 AM ...

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