Israel says it is not behind the Flame cyberattack

Israel: We aren't behind the Flame cyberattack
"One of the most alarming facts is that the Flame cyber-attack campaign is currently in its active phase, and its operator is consistently surveilling infected systems, collecting information and targeting new systems to accomplish its unknown goals," ... 

In Case of Cyber Attack...?
Discovery News
But what are you supposed to do in the event of a cyber attack? Although a large-scale cyber attack has yet to hit American shores in a publicly disruptive way, the news of yet another majorcyber attack to hit Iran, dubbed "Flame," raises the question ...

Israel Denies Affiliation With Flame Malware Cyber Attack
There's been other speculation that the United States is behind the attack. Oneanonymous official from the US reportedly told NBC that it was our government instigating the cyber attacks yet had no first-hand knowledge to back it up.


Iran targeted by Flame malware in 'most complex' cyber-attack yet
By Lee Kaelin The Duqu and Stuxnet malware heralded in a new era in cyber warfare, and broughtcyber-espionage to the forefront of security experts minds. In many ways this has also resulted in the general public becoming increasingly sensitive to the ...

Israel rejects link to malware cyber-attack
Updated News
Security experts said it was still too early to pinpoint the source of the attack. Mr Ya'alon, who is also Israel's minister of strategic affairs, discussed the attacks on Israel's military radio station, Army Radio. “There are quite a few governments ...

Updated News

Cyber terror targets utilities
Security experts have warned that electric installations like the one run by the Kansai Electric Power Company in Japan might be vulnerable to cyber attack. (AP) Data trails do tell tales - True crime. Now R482.95 Dubai - Global energy infrastructure ...

Senator questions delay in reporting TSP cyber breach
By Jolie Lee One senator is asking why it took nine months for the Thrift Savings Plan board to find out about a sophisticated cyber attack that compromised 123000 TSP participants' accounts. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) also wants to know why Congress ...

Super-virus Flame raises the cyberwar stakes
Publicly unveiled this week, the bug is one of the most potent cyber weapons ever spotted in the wild. Security professionals say it marks a new milestone in the escalating digital espionage battle. Flame's complexity and power "exceed[s] those of all ...

Iran: 'Flame' Virus Fight Began with Oil Attack
On the cyber front, Iran says it has sharply boosted its defenses by creating special computer corps to protect crucial online infrastructure. Iran also claims it seeks to build its own Internet buffered from the global web, but experts have raised ...

Nine Principles to Boost Cybersecurity
White House and Industry Botnet Group team up to increase cyber-defense through botnet detection. By Travis Hessman The White House pushed cybersecurity back into the forefront this week by taking a stand with key industry groups against one of the ...

Dollars and Senseless: The Real Financial Impact of a Cyber Attack
Network World
The sooner an attack is identified, its vector and target understood, and action taken to deal with it, the happier the C-Suite will be. By John Linkous on Thu, 05/31/12 - 10:32am. The security industry has long debated the potential impact of a ...

The world's scariest computer virus
Sydney Morning Herald
Comment Welcome to the new frontier of cyber-espionage, and remember this name: "Flame" — a mysterious new cyber spy tool that hit the headlines this week. Its code is 20 times larger than Stuxnet, the mysterious computer worm that temporarily ...

Analysis: Serco Cyber Attack Compromises Thousands Of Government Employees
The federal government has notified more than 100000 employees about a cyber attack that may have compromised their personal information. The attack involved a computer of a government contractor Serco Inc., which helps administer the Thrift Savings ...


White House, DHS, Commerce release cyber 'code of conduct'
The Industry Botnet Group (IBG) — coordinated by the White House Cybersecurity Office and the Departments of Commerce and Homeland Security — has posted nine broad principles in fighting botnets, including coordination of cyber responsibilities ...

Senator asks for details in Thrift Savings breach
Washington Post
“I want to assess the process and time frame whereby this attack was discovered and addressed,” Collins wrote, noting that her committee oversees cyber-security issues government-wide. The FBI has declined to comment on when the breach was detected.

Iran Threatens U.S. As New Cyber Super-Weapon Strikes
AINA (press release)
There is also the potential for sabotage because it can potentially delete information and change settings on computer systems, opening up doors for attack. Some cyber experts think it was deployed in February or March 2010, while others think it has ...

SOPA, CISPA and Other Cyber Laws: The Impact on Business
Business Insider
Rules that strengthen security and protect intellectual property may sound good for business at first, but some critics are concerned proposed laws like the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), Protect IP Act (PIPA), Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act ...

Cyber-activist group Anonymous vows to disrupt Montreal Grand Prix
Montreal Gazette
The activist hacker group, best known for taking down the websites of the FBI and the US Department of Justice this year, has vowed to wreak havoc on Montreal's Grand Prix race, which starts next week. The group said the attack is in opposition to ...

Industrial control companies creating threat information sharing center
Government Security News
Private sector industrial control companies are moving to create an information sharing and control center to provide more protection against systemic Cyber attack on infrastructure systems from sophisticated malware like Flame, Duqu and Stuxnet.

Who Is Behind Super Cyber Spy Tool?
iStockphoto/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- Cyber security experts around the world are racing to dissect Flame, the largest cyber espionage program ever discovered, as clues in the code and vague statements from Western officials fueled speculation as to ...

World Powers Play Blame Game With Flame Virus
U.S. News & World Report
According to Kevin Coleman, author of The Cyber Commanders Handbook and a senior fellow with the Technolytics Institute, the virus' authors would have to be "really stupid" to allow it to be traced back to them, and they clearly were not.

Exelis' David Fastabend On Pentagon-DHS Cyber Program, Recent Industry Event
The departments of Defense and Homeland Security expanded their voluntary cybersecurityinformation-sharing program with the defense industrial base earlier this month. All industrial base companies are eligible to participate in the DIB Cyber ...

Flame malware uses geotags to pinpoint photo location
PC Pro
By Stewart Mitchell The Flame malware attack that has hit the Middle East and has been touted as a cyber espionage weapon can hunt down location information in pictures, according to one security expert. Flame has been dubbed as the biggestcyber ...

PC Pro

Flame virus a new age cyber spy tool
Mother Nature Network
(Photo: AFP) The Flame computer virus that smoldered undetected for years in Middle Eastern energy facilities confirmed fears that the world has entered a new age of cyberespionage and sabotage. Internet defenders on Wednesday were tearing into ...

Mother Nature Network

World War 3.0: The First Global Cyber-War
Stuxnet was the malware believed to be behind the cyber-attacks on Iran's nuclear program in 2009 and 2010. Stuxnet was said to have been written through a partnership between Israel and the United States. Adding to the cyber-security concerns was an ...

Iran says Flame virus threatens its national security
Defense Systems
By Defense Systems Staff The data-mining virus Flame appears to have dug its way into the computers of top Iranian officials in what is likely the most formidable cyber intrusion into Iranian computer systems since the crippling Stuxnet virus attack ...

Warnings of 'war' serve to focus minds
Financial Times
Shawn Henry is a cybersecurity expert who retired recently as executive assistant director of the FBI's Criminal, Cyber, Response and Services Branch. He told the Washington Post newspaper this year that at least half a dozen countries with offensive...

Financial Times

Agency warns of Flame virus
"This is the most serious (cyber) warning we have ever put out," said Marco Obiso, cyber-securitycoordinator for the UN's Geneva-based International Telecommunications Union. The confidential warning will tell member nations that the Flame virus is a ...

White House Announces New Efforts To Fight Botnets
Huffington Post
The Obama administration on Wednesday announced new efforts to disrupt networks of infected computers that help cyber criminals send spam messages, commit identity theft, steal financial data and siphon intellectual property.

Iran's discovery of Flame malware turning into political hot potato
PC Advisor
By Ellen Messmer | Network World US | 30 May 12 With Iran's computer-emergency response center now decrying Windows-based cyber-espionage software known as Flame (or alternately Flamer or Skywiper) it says it discovered infecting its oil-ministry ...

The Coming Crisis: Flame: Israel rejects link to malware cyber-attack
By Lynsey
Israel has dismissed suggestions that it might be behind the Flame cyber-attack. Several media reports linked comments ... Security experts said it was still too early to pinpoint the source of theattack. Mr Ya'alon, who is also Israel's minister of ...
The Coming Crisis

Massive Cyber Attack in Middle East Believed to Be State Sponsored
By uprooted Palestinian
Massive Cyber Attack in Middle East Believed to Be State Sponsored · A new computer virus, named "Flame," is being called possibly the most massive cyber attack in history—targeting primarily Iran, it seems, although the following RT report ...
Uprooted Palestinians

U.S. preparing for cyber wars | Medill National Security Zone
By mgrbenick
This is just one example of how cyber warfare tactics have the potential to impact hundreds of thousands of citizens, succinctly and swiftly, without inflicting more traditional forms of violent aggression. Congress has to balance protecting the nation's infrastructure and citizens with the potential for violating personal rights and privacy in the proposed Cybersecurity Act of 2012. Congress's aim is to help the U.S government investigate cyber threats and ensure the security of networks ...
Medill National Security Zone

Iran Threatens U.S. as New Cyber Super-Weapon Strikes « Iran Aware
By iranaware1
The latest known cyber attack on Iran happened in late April. Iran announced that its oil industry was being targeted by foreign hackers, specifically its Oil Ministry and its Kharg Island terminal where the majority of Iran's oil is exported from.
Iran Aware

Cyber Security Act of 2012 threatens Internet privacy
By Munazza Fairooz Khan
Although the bill claims to be a measure to reduce cyber-terrorism and regulate cyber-crime, its provisions infringe on Internet freedom and privacy and directly attack civil liberties. The Cyber Security Act of 2012, which was introduced on ...
People's Blog for the Constitution

Cyber Attacks: How Prepared Are You? - Edwards Wildman
Cyber ATTACKS: HOW PREPARED ARE YOU? With barely a day passing without a reported breach of corporate information security, the threat to companies is all too real: a well-targeted cyber attack, together with an increased risk of ...
Litigation News and Events

SOPA, CISPA and Other Cyber Laws: The Impact on Business
By Small Business News
Rules that strengthen security and protect intellectual property may sound good for business at first, but some critics are concerned proposed laws like the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), Protect IP Act (PIPA), Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act (CISPA), and Anti-Counterfeiting ... The CyberIntelligence Sharing and Protection Act could let government agencies gain access to customer data from Internet service providers and websites if that data represents a threat to cyber-security.
Small Business News, Tips, Advice...

Security Alert 2012-05-31: New Cyber-Attack Flame Spreads in Middle
By jackie
A new cyber attack worm called "Flame" is emerging in Middle Eastern government, AegisLab has collected several Flame or Skywiper virus samples. For preventing from being attacked, we advice our customers remember to update the latest ...
AegisLab Security Blog - English

When Is Electronic Espionage an 'Act of War?" – flyingpenguin
By David Willson
General Alexander, the Director of NSA and CYBERCOM commander, stated, “China is stealing a 'great deal' of military-related intellectual property from the United States and was responsible for last year's attacks against cyber security ... .”[1] Secretary of Defense Panetta said, “Well, there's no question that if a cyber attack, you know, crippled our power grid in this country, took down our financial systems, took down our government systems, that that would constitute an act of war.”[2]...

QinetiQ To Provide DOT Research Center Cyber Services
By Gino Troiani
Work under the $4.7 million task order includes evaluating cybersecurity tools and techniques and developing standards for security systems. Analysts and engineers will address cybersecurityrequirements, evaluate cyber tools and ...

Americans Stand with Israel: 'Flaming' Attack on Iran
By BeeSting
The CEO of Kaspersky Lab says Flame is 20 times as complex as the Stuxnet malware that did serious damage to Iran's nuclear program, making it the most sophisticated cyber attack on record. Experts agree that Flame was most certainly created by a government, drawing immediate suspicion... Ryan Mauro is's National Security analyst and a fellow with the Clarion Fund. He is the founder of and is frequently interviewed on Fox News. Posted by ...
Americans Stand with Israel

Researchers Found Backdoor in FPGA Chip Used By US Military ...
By VOGH Reporter
VOGH- VOICE OF GREYHAT| Leading Resource of Cyber-Security & Hacking News. VOGH-News... In other words, this backdoor access could be turned into an advanced Stuxnet weapon to attackpotentially millions of systems. The scale ...

Uncle Sam admits monitoring you for these 377 words:
By Simon Black
Cyber security. Botnet DDOS (dedicated denial of service) Denial of service. Malware Virus Trojan Keylogger Cyber Command 2600. Spammer Phishing Rootkit Phreaking Cain and abel. Brute forcing. Mysql injection. Cyber attack. Cyber ...
Sovereign Man: Offshore Business,...

Flame virus a new age cyber spy tool | The Raw Story
By Agence France-Presse
SAN FRANCISCO — The Flame computer virus that smoldered undetected for years in Middle Eastern energy facilities confirmed fears that the world has entered a new age of cyber espionage and sabotage. Internet defenders on Wednesday ... Gathering intelligence on targets and then crafting viruses to exploit specific networks as well as the habits of people using them is “certainly in vogue” and is an attack style heralded by the Stuxnet malware, Marcus said. Stuxnet, which was ...
The Raw Story
By midnight rider
Front Page Mag: Iran Threatens U.S. as New Cyber Super-Weapon Strikes Posted by Ryan Mauro Iran is threatening to attack U.S. bases in the region with its missiles if it is attacked, but the reality is that the regime is already under attack.
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