A Weapon We Can't Control

A Weapon We Can't Control
New York Times
If it continues, contemporary warfare will change fundamentally as we move into ... which will inevitably seek out and attack the networks of innocent parties. Moreover, all countries that possess an offensive cyber capability will be tempted to ... 

Two Members Of Hacker Group LulzSec Plead Guilty To Cyber Attacks
Two British men accused of taking part in high-profile cyber attacks by hacking ... to attack Sony Pictures, FBI affiliate Atlanta Infragard and IT security company ...

Lack of cyber plan leaves US vulnerable
Federal Times
... companies under frequent attack in cyberspace, and with incidents of cyber ... of the Department of Homeland Security's National Cyber Security Division ...

NASA CIO Linda Cureton to Keynote Co-Located Cloud, Cyber and ...
MarketWatch (press release)
The Cybersecurity Conference focuses on the essential defensive security ... on mobile, cyberand cloud initiatives across government," added McKinnon.

Florida Tech University Online Launches New Master's Degree and ...
MarketWatch (press release)
"Cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and much more sophisticated," says ... attackmodels, host and application security, network security, cryptography, ...

China's Huawei seeks cyber coop
... warned data would be “vulnerable to attack again and again” because technology will develop faster than security. “Cyber security is a common issue that the ...

Collapsing U.S. credibility
The first is from Columbia Professor and cyber expert Misha Glenny, who explains the significance of the first ever deployment of cyberwarfare — by the U.S. ...

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Awards ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Dubbed "Mobile Armour," the project focuses specifically on driving security ... with coverage against the largest attack surface for cyber-breach attacks aimed at ... Invincea Labs accomplishes this mission through its own cyber security ...

Defense or offense
InformationWeek India
Countries today are launching cyber attacks -- and not just for intelligence gathering. ... carry out industrial espionage, attack military installation, damage civilian infrastructure ... That is the reason cyber security personnel are always paranoid.

UK LulzSec members plead guilty to hacking charges
Computer Business Review
... of hacking collective LulzSec have pleaded guilty to a string of cyber attacks on a ... The pair plotted to attack a huge number of websites including, the UK ...

Middle East Internet Users Relatively Unaffected By Flame And ...
Middle East Events (press release)
Another major security breach that has drawn tremendous media attention has ... the region thisattack raises serious questions about the security of such services. ... “Once the loader has downloaded the actual virus, cyber criminals gain the ...

Scots teenager admits hacking SOCA site in 'denial of service' attack
Jake Davis, 19, admitted conspiring to carry out a 'denial of service' attack on the ... called cyber-attacks on government agencies and multi-national companies.

Trademark outfit goes after cyber squatter
25 Jun 2012 07:28 | by Nick Farrell in Rome | Filed in Security MasterCard ...According to the JD Journal, Kenzey claims to be a member of Cyber Warfare and Russian Cybercrime Hacking and ... Chinese servers attack top US websites ...


Huawei calls for global cooperation in data protection
ZDNet Asia
Founder of Chinese telecom giant, which has faced security concerns in the US ... data would be "vulnerable to attack again and again", because technology would ... "Cyber security is a common issue that the whole industry has to face," the ...

Huawei urges cybersecurity cooperation
ZDNet Australia
The company has denied that it is a security threat, and said it is owned by its ... on Australia's National Broadband Network (NBN) due to concerns about cyber ...

Stuxnet's 'kill date' arrives: 24 June 2012
CSO Magazine
Whether or not Stuxnet achieved its goal, the 'cyber weapon' that rattled Iran's ... It is one of three known pieces of malware security researchers believe were ... the first small attack was launched under then US President George W. Bush.

LulzSec members plead guilty to hacking offences
Digital Spy UK
Two UK men have admitted that they helped carry out cyber attacks on high-profile websites through their involvement with hacking ... Anonymous claims responsibility for Home Officecyber attack ... Teenager wins cyber security competition ...

Scots Lulzsec hacker admits attacks on US and UK government ...
Jake Davis, 18, confessed to launching a string of cyber-attacks on majors institutions, ... Their name stood for Lulz Security - where “Lulz” is a play on words of the ... with high traffic - known as a DDoS attack - in order to render them unusable.

Manila Bulletin
... of terrorists, and cyber warfare which can be used to cut off a city's electricity, ... President Obama meets with his security officials on counter-terrorism once a ... States of America is going to defend ourselves against those who attack us.

DDoS insurance? Sorry you're not covered for that…
This is a guest post by Miguel Ramos, Senior Security Consultant at Neustar, a provider ... in reality an attack on a website will typically threaten the hosting company's network. ... Like any other type of warfare, cyber attacks evolve constantly.


Antiwar.com Newsletter | June 24, 2012
Antiwar.com (blog)
Iran Detects 'Massive Cyber Attack' After Failed Moscow Talks: Iranian officials say they have ...Kelley Vlahos investigated a biblical threat to national security.

Flame cyber weapon found in Middle East
Arab Times Kuwait English Daily
Cyber security experts said the discovery provides new evidence to the public ... that it canattack infrastructure, delete data or inflict other physical damage. ... a cyber warfare expert with the non-profit US Cyber Consequences Unit think tank.

Security threats explained: Hacktivism
Computerworld Australia
Advanced perimeter defence and improved security policies needed say experts. ... With the increasing threat of cyber crimes, protect yourself and stay informed ... likened the hacktivism climate to civilians being the target of warfare. ... “Currently ...

Qualys to Assist Organizations With EU Cookie Directive Compliance
MarketWatch (press release)
These web applications are often the main attack vectors for cyber attackers. ... amounts of ITsecurity data, discover and prioritize vulnerabilities and malware, ...

Lawyers Get Vigilant on Cybersecurity
All Things Digital
... are being forced to master a subject few studied in law school: cybersecurity. ...on communications, and regard even text messages as potential security threats.... former executive assistant director of the agency's criminal, cyber, response ...

All Things Digital

The Future of Cyberwarfare
Mother Jones
Doesn't it seem plausible to you that the cyber-assault is not yet over and thus we face immediate questions looking forward? Won't somebody fairly soon try to ...

Lets get ready to rumble
SC Magazine UK
As anyone who has been following the news for the last few months will realise, the SSL certificate has now become a key target in the cyber attack arsenal.

Avoiding a two-front war... By Ali
Turkey blames Syria for jet attack, consults NAT . ... and will provide annually $ 3.6 billion for supporting the Afghan National Security Force. ... Cyber warfare together with satellites and drones have technically altered the balance in favour of ...

IRAN: Don't Stop Trying, Or Denying
Strategy Page
June 21, 2012: The government warned Iranians to brace themselves for a massive Cyber Warattack by the U.S., Britain and Israel. It was recently leaked in the ...

Royal Bank of Scotland-Nat West computer glitch: Computer says no
It also highlights our lack of what security analysts refer to as “resilience”: the ability to ... succeeded, our country would have suffered a technological heartattack. ... to circumvent the cyber-defences of banks and other businesses with ease.


The 'cyber war' era began long ago | Security Affairs
By paganinip
Cyber warfare is combat in cyberspace and includes computers, the Internet and the “sphere of human thought” (Noosphere, Social Media). Cyber operations can be Kinetic (physical destruction) and ... In this category there are tools and software designed to generate traffic to overload a system and adversely impact its services with a temporary effect (for example, Denial of Service attack) without actual software or hardware damage. Medium potential is any malicious intrusion that is ...
Security Affairs

How to stop your website or blog from getting hacked | Valuable ...
By Sonja Jefferson
Hacking incidents are on the rise. Reduce the risk and protect the content on your website and blog with these 7 basic security controls. ... In a recent BBC new article Small Firms Are Easy Targets for Cyber Crime a hacker claims that small firms are 'fair game' because they often have limited defences in place and are so easy to attack. More and more websites are getting hacked. I hear alarming stories almost every day. It's a real wake up call: every business, whatever its size needs ...

Today is probably a funny blogging day — Marginal Revolution
By Tyler Cowen
Hasn't the US military already issued guidlines about how it would respond to a cyber attack(with a physical response)? Reply. Andrew' June 25, 2012 at 8:31 am. We just crapped on any moral high ground, as we have done with the drone ...
Marginal Revolution

"friday-lunch-club": "We talk about Iran as a huge threat. But we ...
By G, M, Z, or B
The US has probably more of our infrastructure systems linked to the internet — and thus potentially vulnerable to cyber attack — than any other country in the world. The software is now out there, and we have ostentatiously established the precedent that it can be used in peacetime for essentially political or national security purposes. If your local power ... The theory seems to be that we can conduct economic and cyber warfare against Iran as we wish, but they can do nothing to us .

Do Contagion & Prey/Predator Models Explain Increase in ICS Vulns?
By Dale G Peterson
The extension to cyber security vulnerabilities is once a new type of attack is successful on patient zero, it will be tried on other similar software or systems. The more systems that are susceptible to this attack, the more the attack methodology ...
Digital Bond's SCADA Security Portal

US, UK, Israel plan cyber attack on Iran after Moscow talks - Press TV
“Based on obtained information, the US and the Zionist regime (Israel) along with the MI6 [the British intelligence service] planned an operation to launch a ...

Doug Ross @ Journal: How the "Flame" cyber-attack targeted ...
How the "Flame" cyber-attack targeted Windows Update. The recently discovered malwarecalled "Flame" has been termed "one of the most complex threats ...

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