Why the United States Can't Win a Cyberwar

Why the United States Can't Win a Cyberwar
Slate Magazine
“I am very concerned,” he stated, “that our strategy is too reliant on defensive measures in cyber space, and believe we need to develop the capability to go on the offense as well … I believe that cyber warfare will be the key battlefield of the 21 ...

A Cybersecurity Treaty Is a Bad Idea
U.S. News & World Report
How would any country address serious issues in treaty compliance and verification for cybercapabilities? A cybersecurity treaty would be unworkable if it went much beyond the existing constraints on the use of force found in international laws, ...

CISPA vote delayed: Internet Defense League call to action
ZDNet (blog)
Insiders expected the Senate to vote on the much-contested cyberspying bill CISPA (Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (PDF)) when it convened from Memorial Day recess. But now the week is over - and still no CISPA vote.

ZDNet (blog)

Social Networking - A Playground for Cyber Criminals
SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)
By Cory Marchand As a Security Analyst, I witness very sophisticated Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) attacks as well as low level cyber criminals attempting to steal bank information, credit card data and website login credentials.

Anonymous brings down Cert-in.org, site finally back up
For those not in the know, Cert-in.org is India's premier agency that deals with cyber security and it is the national nodal agency for responding to computer securityincidents as and when they occur. Anonymous used the DDoS attack to completely flood ...


US's Holder Names Two Prosecutors to Lead Leak Probes
President Barack Obama's administration has been accused of leaking information about a US cyber attack against Iran's nuclear program and Obama's personal role in directing drone attacks against terrorists to boost his election-year national security ...

Election Night Website Attack Came From Offshore IP Address, Officials Say
By CITY NEWS SERVICE Finding the ultimate source of an off-shore cyber attack on San Diego County's main website on election night will be a huge challenge, an expert at the Supercomputer Center at UC San Diego said today. A firewall in the county's ...

In waging cyber war, battlefield becomes blurred
San Francisco Chronicle
I'll simply say that cyber warfare is far from the risk-free gambit we might be lured into believing it to be. In fact, the seemingly innocuous nature could be the very thing that makes it particularly dangerous, because it makes it so tempting.

Cyber attack on Iran Oil Ministry traced to US: Official
Press TV
The head of Iran's cyber police says the perpetrators behind the recent cyber attackon the Iranian Oil Ministry have been traced to the US. Kamal Hadianfar told reporters on Saturday that two suspicious American IP addresses were identified in the ...

Press TV

Cyber Security Workshop being held for small businesses
Nashua Telegraph
By DAVID BROOKS Cyber Security Workshop, for people involved with small businesses. It is not targeted to tech professionals. When you're letting small businesses know about cybersecurity, it's not hard to find horror stories to grab their attention.

The US Launched the “Most Sophisticated Cyber-Weapon Ever” but Most Likely Can...
Daily Deal Media
Apparently the President has stepped up the covert cyber-attacks against Iran that is believed to have begun during the Bush administration. One attack temporarily took out nearly 1000 of the 5000 centrifuges Iran used to purify uranium, ...

Daily Deal Media

Govt site taken down in censorship protest
Times of India
... certain incidents of internet censorship in India , hacker collective Anonymous attacked andbroughtdown the website run by Computer Emergency Response Team India (CERT-I n), the country's premier agency dealing with cyber security contingencies .

Flame Malware Creators Send Code To Kill Itself
Gadget Helpline (blog)
Towards the end of last month it was announced that researchers had discovered what was thought to be the most complex targeted cyber-attack ever seen, designed specifically to steal private data from countries such as Israel and Iran.

IT ministry says 'Anonymous' is lying, its website running fine
Times of India
NEW DELHI: Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN), the country's premier agency dealing with cyber security contingencies, said that its website was neither attacked nor brought down on Saturday. Hackers allegedly belonging to the group called ...

Hackers and Honeypots: Getting Things Done
Smart Data Collective
It's always been fashionable in the cybersecurity industry to throw up our hands and call cybercrime an intractable problem. We don't have the technical skills to match hackers, attribution is impossible in cyberspace, we don't have the legal ...

Malware attacks on Mac OS X on the rise
The security company said that the Mac operating system is increasingly coming under targeted attack by cyber criminals. In the first quarter of 2012, over 70 new pieces of malware that target the Mac were uploaded to Kaspersky's anti-virus database, ...


Learning from LinkedIn
Press Herald
Even the best password recovery questions can be pretty easy for cyber-intruders to answer. In the 2009 study, more than 40 percent of account-holders' acquaintances were able to guess the answers to "What is your pet's name?" "Where were you born?

Press Herald

Stuxnet: The worm that turned Obama into a hypocrite?
Mail & Guardian Online
The president who made a stirring declaration about internet freedom authorised a wave of cyber-attacks on Iran. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao in Beijing on Friday.

Think tank proposes establishment at NDCP of cybersecurity institute
Business Mirror
He also holds the chairmanship of the Technical Working Group (TWG) on cyber security and of the Committee on Special Alumni Concerns. At the same time, Aradanas suggested the creation of a Presidential Task Force on ICTDev and Cybersecurity that will ...

Lawmakers suspect intelligence leaks emanate from White House
The recent leaks regarding a US cyber-attack against Iran's nuclear-program computers and the so-called "Obama Terrorist Kill List" created even more outrage than two previous leaks that endangered one "intelligence asset" and caused another to be ...

Obama administration scrambles to show it's not leaking national security secrets
Alaska Dispatch
... selecting terrorist targets for drone attack (“kill lists”), US cyber-attacks designed to hamper Iran's nuclear capability, and an agent who infiltrated Al Qaeda in Yemen, posing as a suicide bomber. White House and administration national security ...

Attorney General Eric Holder Assigns Two Prosecutors to Look Into Document Leaks
International Business Times
Another article is an excerpt from David Sanger's new book, "Confront and Conceal: Obama's Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power," and it describes Obama's plan to accelerate cyber-attack on Iran's nuclear program. The United States' use of ...

International Business Times

Six ways to choose secure passwords and remember them all
Partly to depend on the security mechanism that institutions and regulators put in place and mostly by taking certain measures yourself. Regulators, including Reserve Bank of India, have done their bit by putting in place necessary security measures, ...

The Prospects For A Prosperous Lockheed Martin
Seeking Alpha
Lockheed manufactures the most advanced fighter jets along with increasing its capabilities in cyber security and unmanned vehicles, giving it the best arsenal of products available to a constantly upgrading military. With a receding economy in the ...

Netizens root for freedom
Deccan Herald
FSMK Executive Member Vignesh Prabhu said that the police term circulating cartoon as cybercrime and booked cases under the IT Act. It is an attack on constitutionally-guaranteed freedom. Equally worrying is the tendency to issue blanket orders ...

The burden of proof
Malaysia Star
As a result, if the average Malaysian was framed as the target of a covert cyber attack, it is very unlikely that he would have sufficient resources to prove his innocence, if only computer forensic evidence was considered. He would have to depend on ...

8 Best E3 Showings (and Contest Reminder)
Many hack the network as a form of cyber-terrorism, and you, playing as the protagonist Aidan Pierce, are using it to fight a formidable foe. The main gameplay mechanics involve shooting and hacking, with the latter being a far more important component ...

Cyber Attack On Iran Traced To US
By Alexander Higgins
The head of Iran's cyber police says the perpetrators behind the recent cyber attack on the Iranian Oil Ministry have been traced to the US.
Alexander Higgins Blog

Utility regulators investigating preparedness for cyber attacks on 'the ...
By jim
“There are hundreds of attempts everyday to break into the grid, and if there is an outage based oncyber security, it could affect so many things that people don't realize,” Mays said. Power lines throughout the country are ... The IURC will do just that: Cooperate and coordinate with both government and private electric providers in Indiana to analyze the state's preparedness for a cyber security attack and determine if more needs to be done. “We just want to make sure that the utilities...

US govt caught in Iran cyberattack by whistleblower-Reuters « FACT ...
By facthai
The USA, bulwark of Internet freedom for the world, created a computer virus with Israel to target Iran in a sophisticated cyber-attack. The US just fired the first shot in a ... should be discussing cyber-attacks.” “The U.S. will now be blamed for any sophisticated, malicious software, even if it was the Chinese or just criminals,” added Jason Healey, who has worked on cyber-security for the Air Force, White House and Goldman Sachs, and is now with the Atlantic Council research group.
FACT - Freedom Against Censorship...

Top 30 Passwords That Were Cracked From the LinkedIn Cyber Attack
By Carl Pierre
Recently, business-networking platform, LinkedIn, has been embroiled in a cyber security scandal that involves the theft of millions of passwords that belong to their users, a problem that has the company under heavy scrutiny. The company ...

U.S. communication equipments subject to China cyber espionage ...
By paganinip
Another disturbing aspect is that the remote control capability of transmitting devices may be exploited over time for purposes of cyber espionage in military and civilian, stealing technology, trade secrets and other confidential information. ... Another reason of concern is that also Iran's securitynetwork relies on Huawei technology, and U.S. analysts fear that the Iranians could access to the same backdoor to compromise U.S. defense. ... From → Cyber warfare, Intelligence, Security ...
Security Affairs

Giraldi : In the Land of the Blind | My Catbird Seat
By Philip Giraldi
That a president can declare secret war on a country that does not threaten it, that the federal government can create mechanisms to attack the entire world electronically while at the same time making plans for depriving its own people of the ability to share ideas ... One headline article described in some detail how the United States is building up its ability to engage in cyber warfare, referred to as Cyber “Plan X,” a “new phase in the nation's fledgling military operations in cyberspace.
My Catbird Seat

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